Hey, I am Sumit, I am 23, and it’s nice to see you here.

I know you are here to know who I am, what I do, and how I started this website. I will give you every info about it, but first, let me tell you something,

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So let’s begin,

I created this website in September 2018 with little to no knowledge. I didn’t even know, what is Hosting, Domain, WordPress, and SEO. But I love to learn new things, and I saw it as a challenge, and here I am sharing the story with you.

The name Mr Mind Blowing is pretty unique.

But it is not my idea, one of my friends gave me this idea and at first, I discard it, but he was adamant and now I know why he wanted to name this site Mr Mind Blowing.

During the initial days, I was struggling to get even 10 visitors a day, I thought, I have done something wrong, maybe my site isn’t indexed properly in Google, however, soon I discovered that it is pretty common. Websites generally take 6 to 8 months to get some traffic from Google.

This site begin to get traffic after 8 months, then one of my posts “Benefits Of Not Fap” got featured in a post published by TheGuardian.com, After that, things started to go crazy. I saw a flood of traffic on my blog.

Everything was going well, but then something happened, I broke my streak after 103 days. Then, I completely stopped publishing posts on this website for months, my site traffic went down by 60%. I thought it is over.

Our Mission

The world needs more men with internal and external mastery in every area of their life. We want to help men learn to harness their most powerful resource, their sexual energy and use it to enhance their life and improve the world.

Who is Jakob Wulfe?

Jakob Wulfe is the inventor of the Lifeforce Mastery program which teaches men the secrets to sexual transmutation and quitting porn without using too much will power. he has been studying sexual transmutation for over 7 years.

Why Lifeforce Mastery?

A man’s sexual energy is his lifeforce and most powerful resource. Very few men learn how to master this energy. Instead, we often end up wasting it through reckless ejaculation. Not any longer. Learn how to harness this internal power and see your life improve. Not only this, a man who has harnessed his energy is a force for good in the world.