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  • Published: November 12, 2019
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Before taking the nofap challenge, I was a slave, I mean I was not in my control, whenever I felt depressed, I busted my nut and slept, that was my life.

But the question is what changed after completing the nofap challenge? the answer is simple, “everything”.

The first time I masturbated when I was in 7th standard, I was just a 12 year kid discovering some exciting facts about the body. Never thought it’s going to become an addiction, and I’m gonna create a blog on it.

So the story continued from 7th standard to 9th and one day after masturbation a liquid came out of my penis and I got scared, oh my god what is this? I googled it and found that’s normal.

When I found it’s normal, omg I continuously masturbated. It became a habit for life.

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When I Was 14 Year Old

I became really skinny and weak. My friends used to call me a match stick. I thought I’m skinny because maybe I’m not eating much but that was not true, I was like everyone else, a normal kid.

I think excessive masturbation makes you weaker and skinnier but I don’t have any scientific reason for that. Maybe some of you might agree.

16-18 Years Old

My height was increasing normally like every other kid until I reached high school, suddenly my height stopped increasing. I was weak, small, and not confident.

Not quickly but slowly I was becoming depressed and insecure about my height and weight.

In College

nofap review

I used to like a girl her name was Shreya, she was really pretty but I didn’t have that courage to go and talk to her or ask her to hang out sometime with me.

Days past but the habit of jerking off stuck with me.

I tried some techniques to build confidence but those techniques didn’t last long. I thought it’s over and this is how I gonna spend my entire life, like a loser.

In the 2nd year, my friend introduced me to Shreya and oh my god I was so nervous while talking to her, I didn’t need any introduction of her but she wanted to know about me, I wanted to say lots of things to her but I kept quiet, lots of thoughts were crushing in my mind, I literally started sweating on that moment. That was a really bad impression.

How I Came To Know What Is Nofap

It was May 2017 when I took the nofap challenge for the first time. I was just watching random videos about how someone can boost their confidence, after scrolling a little bit I found one video titled ” NoFap 90-Day Experiment ► My Success Story 2017“.  After watching that video I felt motivated, I found that video very relatable.

I searched for more videos like this and came to know, there is a whole community that is suffering from porn and masturbation and wants to get out of this.

Through those videos, I understand what dopamine is and how porn affects it and makes you emotionless and hesitant. Basically, nofap helps to fix your brain’s rewarding system.

So when I first started nofap, I had full confidence, I thought I’m gonna pass this challenge in one go but I relapsed after day 12.

12 days without masturbation and porn was a pretty big thing for me back then because I never abstain from PMO for that long time.

Again I generated confidence for nofap and this time with full focus and determination. After 4 days I went off track again and relapsed, felt terrible, and disgusted.

I thought nofap is not for me, I should try something else like meditation and yoga.

Yoga and meditation need concentration which I required, so I failed in that also.

I know how it feels after a relapse, and that is why I have created a program that’ll help you quit porn and masturbation addiction, check out Reboot Cure (Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes)

 How I Successfully Passed One Month Without Fapping

nofap successful

Things were not going in my way, I was a depressed guy who wanted everything in life but doesn’t want to do any hard work that.

One day I was trying to fall asleep, lots of questions were popping up in my mind like what will happen if I complete the 90-day nofap challenge, will I become confident enough to go and talk to Shreya Rohan (Batch Mate) do?

I somehow convinced myself to take the nofap challenge again and this time it’s now or never. I challenged myself to complete 30 days of nofap challenge, not 90 days.

On the first day of nofap, I watched tons of videos related to nofap and learned lots of new techniques to save yourself from a relapse like the 5-second rule, take a cold shower, pinch yourself, etc.

Day 1,2,3,…6 passed, and then day 7 came, it was the hardest day I have ever encountered in nofap, literally the most difficult one to pass.

I started to notice some early benefits of nofap like smooth hairs, more energy, and the feeling of power. These benefits boosted my confidence.

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When I Entered Flatline

After day 12th of nofap, all feelings of porn, masturbation, and sex started to disappear.

Nothing was exciting to me, no libido, no hunger for sex, just silence, and I was getting thoughts like, is nofap really providing benefits or not, should I watch porn again.

I searched about it and found it is very common between fapastronauts and it is known as “nofap flatline”.

You don’t need to be scared because you will have to face this stage of nofap, it’s a part of the journey.

you will feel like you are at your lowest point. Throughout this challenge, there will be a period where you feel really low.

Your energy will be low and you will not have any sexual urges. You might also get cold or flu-like symptoms.

Don’t be scared because it is a part of the reboot process. You might face this phase once or twice but don’t give up because after a couple of days your mind will become stable again. However, The flatline may range from days to weeks.

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From Day 20 to 30

I made myself busy at that time. I was working on assignments, going to the gym and didn’t have enough time for porn and masturbation.

So finally I completed a month on nofap. After completing one month I realized, what I missed.

Nofap really makes you confident and PMO makes you lazy, weak, and shaky, there is no doubt about it.

From Day 31 to 50

Now it was easy for me to not masturbate, nofap makes you self-disciplined and provides you more control over yourself.

I would not say it was easy for me to complete 50 days on nofap but somehow it was less difficult compared to the first 30 days.

I remember I had a very tough day and I was sad. I was searching for something that can push me out of that emotion and I thought let’s break the streak, it’s already been 45 days now it won’t gonna affect you but suddenly I stopped myself from doing that. I don’t know how but I didn’t masturbate that night.

90 Days complete guide, build only for you, —–> Reboot Cure

Day 90 

I couldn’t believe it, “I Crossed the 90-day mark”. It was a little emotional for me.

I was a guy who used to spend hours and hours watching weird stuff just for fun, I was so into that shit that I didn’t even realize what I was missing.

Now Shreya is my friend and I talk to her every day and she knows there is something special about me and her.

Believe me, guys life is so fascinating if you have great vision. I know you feel guilty every time after fapping and it seems really impossible to quit this addiction.

It was impossible for me as well but made it possible because of some really helpful tips that helped me a lot whenever I felt like I’m going to relapse.

NoFap 101: How To Never Relapse Again- Proven Strategies

Day 100 And Still Going Strong

I don’t know when I’m gonna end this journey because I feel incredible, I’m happy, I’m confident, I work a lot, I eat a lot, I sleep a lot, and I enjoy my life a lot.

It is your life, you have to make it large, its a battle between you and that shitty thing that stops you from achieving great things in life. Eliminate that shitty thing from your life which makes your confidence level down because confidence is the most important thing for a man.

“Thanks For Reading”


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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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