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  • Author: Will Slator
  • Published: August 8, 2022

Part 1.


**If you’re worried that watching adult videos and fapping off are negatively affecting your life, then this might be the most important video you ever watch.


**I want to share a unique “easy and effective “ “nofap” method you can use to more easily  stop watching adult tube sites today.


**Most importantly, the techniques I will be sharing with you are designed to help you to quit without relying solely on willpower, without putting excessive restrictive controls on yourself…and without having to hide from your phone, computer or social media.


**Let me quickly explain how we use “first principles problem solving” to reboot your mind and body to help you stop watching adult entertainment. First principles problem solving is a different way to think about problems. This is the same mental model that Elon musk used to build a rocket with SpaceX


**At first, Elon was told it would cost 65million dollars to build a rocket…bear with me because it will all make sense in a minute. But what Elon did is he decided to ignore what society said to him, instead he broke things down to its first principles.


**He calculated the individual cost of a rocket…….the materials, the staff, setting up the company, and he soon realized that it was just a fraction of the price at 2 million dollars.


**Now at BRAND NAM, we use a similar reasoning to help men more easily reboot their mind and control their urges to fap. We ignore the people who say quitting requires willpower, and restrictive controls, and hiding from any sort of remotely arousing  image.


**Although These methods can help, but they’re still trying to fix the problem by “reasoning from analogy” rather than first principles


**Instead, we approach the problem from first principles and fix the issue at the root cause.


Now this is very important because unless you fix the problem at the root cause, you’re always going to have urges that are difficult to control, and you may be fighting a losing battle for the rest of your life.


**In this video I’m going to show you how “solving from first principles” makes it much easier to quit, without solely relying on willpower and without feeling like you’re giving up something or feeling like you’re missing out. Without having to constantly fight cravings and urges, or feeling like you NEED to “release” and you’re about to relapse.


**When looking at quitting with a first principles mind-set: Firstly, you begin to see that using will power and using restrictive controls requires a lot of effort long term and almost always fails in the end, we call this a relapse.


**Secondly, you’ll realize there’s a much easier way, that gets to the real root of the issue and also provides you with a tonne of additional side benefits… which I’ll explain in just a moment.


Make sure you keep watching as I’m going to explain this easy method later on, how it works, and why it gives men such incredible additional “superpowers”


**Now, I know this sounds a little hard to believe and I know you’re probably skeptical but stick with me for a bit, this will all start to make sense soon. I’m about to show you a positive, optimistic way to easily attack and destroy this bad habit, that doesn’t solely rely on will power, and is designed to work for the long term, so you may never have to worry about relapsing ever again…


**Before I get to that part of the video, I want to tell you a story about one of my best childhood friends, Ben…Ben was one of my best friends at high school. He was always good at sports and with girls…… These things came easy to him. He was the guy getting “lucky” before anyone else and while everyone else in our grade was still figuring out how to talk to girls. 


**After school he ended up marrying his high-school sweetheart and settling down. People who knew him, envied him, and from the outside his life was as picture-perfect as they come.


**Then slowly things changed for Ben…He became less sociable, making no effort to catch up with his close friends, myself included.  This was a guy who, a few years ago, was the life and soul of the party.


**After a few more years we lost contact. I knew he’d had kids, from his wife’s Facebook posts, but Ben had basically become a recluse. 


**Then, a few years later I saw another facebook post from his wife Hailey. They’d divorced. I messaged Hailey to catch up and see if I could find out what had happened.


**To my horror, Hailey explained how Ben had become addicted to x rated content and had basically neglected his family.


**It started slowly she said, but month by month Ben had changed from fun-loving, active, caring and passionate husband and dad, to a man who wasn’t half the man she had married. 

Hailey suspected what he was watching, but never really brought the topic up with him.


**They rarely were intimate anymore and he was having issues  getting it up when they tried. Then one night Hailey went out with her friends, leaving him at home to babysit their two young kids.


**Hailey arrived home a little earlier that evening to find the 2 kids downstairs by themselves.  The youngest child was sitting on the kitchen floor crying.


**She immediately wondered where Ben was, but she didn’t call out to him, as a horrible thought went through her mind. Quietly she went upstairs to his office. 

**When she opened the door, she didn’t want to believe what she saw.  Ben was sitting there staring at the computer screen, in the middle of a hardcore scene while his youngest kid cried downstairs.


**Hailey was shocked by just how intense the scenes were Ben was watching, but she felt even more heartbroken that he’d chosen that rather than spend time with his children.


**He’d ignored the cries of his youngest child to be alone with his computer. For Hailey, it captured the feeling she’d felt growing over the last few years.


**A lack of love and caring for her and her kids. A feeling that Ben was bored by her and their life together, and that his passion for her had gotten weaker and weaker…. just like his  performance in bed.


**She told me all this crying on the phone, and I couldn’t help but be moved by it. 


Part 2.


**For the modern man, adult videos can be one of the most sinister and dangerous traps we face.

No, it won’t kill you, like a drug addiction might, But fapping will slowly suck the energy out of your life in a much more subtle and insidious way


**Watching these types of videos literally drains your lifeforce, a man’s most valuable resource. Your lifeforce is what’s needed to be the best version of yourself, to be the best partner, husband, father, and friend. It’s what powers you towards your goals and to succeed at your mission in life


**You’ve found your way to this video, so I’m guessing you’re someone who really cares about being successful in life.  I’m guessing that maybe you’re already successful, and that you have a path you are already on, and a mission that inspires you.


**But maybe you feel like there’s something holding you back from reaching your potential and reaching your goals?


**If that’s you, and you feel like this bad habit might be one of the things holding you back, then I want to show you how to use your most valuable resource, your sexual energy and convert it into Lifeforce energy to help you achieve your life’s goal.


**Ben, and other men like him, lost so much because of it , when they could have gained much,…. much more if they had learnt the secrets to harnessing their masculine energy…. instead of wasting it.


**Ben and other men like him are the reason I started Brand name . I couldn’t help Ben, I didn’t get a chance to…But I still have a chance to help others, and that’s what this video Is for.

**One of the reasons watching tube sites and getting stimulating yourself can be such a dangerous trap is that it’s so subtle. Watching may seem like an innocent hobby at the start, but what I’ve found from talking to hundreds of guys who struggled with  this,..… is that it can be even more dangerous than alcohol or drugs because it starts a downward spiral that happens completely in private. This makes  this potential uncontrollable desire much more subtle than something like alcohol addiction,…and that’s why it’s much more dangerous in the way it can affect YOUR life.


**For example, if friends saw you drinking too much, or being out at the bar every night… or turning up for work late, hungover, they would call you out on it. 


**There would be a very real social pressure to reduce your alcohol intake. It’d be hard to hide from friends and family for too long.


**Fapping off is different though. We watch it alone. We can watch it anywhere, easily, and leave no trace of having done so.


**Have a big night of drinking, and it’ll be hard to hide from those who care about you. But watching adult content and continually fapping off is much easier to hide. Because of this, we can form habits around watching it which slowly suck the energy out of life.


**Life slowly gets less colorful. You slowly feel less motivation, less passion and less energy. You feel slightly more numb to the world, week by week. Single guys notice less burning desire to go out and meet new women. 


**One of the worst things about continuous watching is how subtle it is. You don’t get a hangover from  it as a reminder it’s bad for you. You can’t spend your paycheck browsing free tube sites like you would if you were out drinking. But, ever so slowly, it will suck the life out of you, out of your relationships, and out of your life, just like it did to Ben.


**Watching this stuff gives men depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and lack of energy. It’s something I knew I had to escape from.  But the willpower method has never worked for me. The urges and cravings are simply too strong.


*It wasn’t until I started looking at the problem from a first principles perspective, that everything changed for me…You see, the reason it’s so difficult to give up watching adult content is that us men have this incredible resource called our sexual energy, but we were never taught how to use it.


**For men   who end up getting caught in the viscous cycle of watch, flap, repeat, they typically get “snared” because this energy gets ‘trapped’ below the waist as purely sexual energy. Many of us were taught that feeling desires to have a woman and wanting to release was wrong.


**This only made things worse because we just felt like we needed to quickly get rid of that energy.


**What I’m going to show you is how to convert that energy and change it, inside your body, into lifeforce energy, that can be used to power success in all areas of life.


**Some ancient teachings call this “sexual transmutation.” Converting this powerful energy into a higher form. For me it doesn’t matter what you call it…


**If you never learn how to harness your  lifeforce energy, you’ll  end up wasting it on lonely internet tube sites and fapping sessions. 


**The first law of thermodynamics states that: “energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form into another.” If you’re addicted to this bad habit, you simply haven’t learnt how to convert that desire and build up of energy into lifeforce energy. That’s why will-power alone is rarely enough to quit in the long term. The  buildup of energy in the groin area simply leads to stronger and stronger cravings for a quick release.


**Your body is giving you this energy, you just need to learn how to transform it into lifeforce energy so you no longer feel the strong urge to quickly release it. Learning how to harness my energy was the 1 key that helped me to finally quit my overwhelming desire  to fap when nothing else had ever worked for me. And this was after years of trying.


**Since mastering it myself, I’ve gone on to teach what I’ve learnt to friends and then as a coach over the last 3 years.


**Since that time I’ve helped over 345 men quit without relying on will-power, using these simple techniques. And although I love coaching 1-on-1, I simply can’t help as many other men as I want to.


Part 3.


**My calendar is booked up for the next 8 months in advance and even then, if someone wants 1-on-1 coaching, I charge two thousand nine hundred dollars for a 3 hour package of my time.


**Luckily though, 1-on-1 coaching isn’t completely necessary in most cases, because I now teach men how to easily control and channel their desires and quit fapping in my program Lifeforce Mastery.


**I created this program for guys who have tried using willpower alone to quit before, but have felt like they’re fighting urges and cravings the whole time. Or, they’ve felt like they’re missing out when they don’t watch …


**What my clients have found, just like myself, is that by converting their sexual energy into lifeforce energy they can, One: more easily quit watching it without relying on will-power and two: get a massive boost in lifeforce energy which overflows into other areas of life, like success in relationships, health and career. 


Simply use this method and you’ll get higher levels of confidence, charisma, charm, energy and motivation than you ever thought possible.


**Let me ask you, how do you feel when you release after a solo session? Do you feel lazy?…tired? Irritable? Uninspired? Guilty? Lonely? slightly depressed? That’s because you lost much of your masculine energy through releasing.


**I’m going to show you how to take all that energy and turn it into pure lifeforce energy using a simple but powerful step-by-step formula that I teach my clients.


**In addition to that, I’ll also show you the steps to achieve “Lossless climax”. Lossless climax means you can have all the pleasure of a normal climax, with none of the downside that comes with releasing, and that’s just 1 of the modules in the Lifeforce mastery program.


**Some of my clients took that extra life force energy and converted it into more passion and intimacy in their marriage. Some men used it to hit their fitness goals and get ripped and shredded.


**Yes, the health benefits from sexual transmutation are very real and many have said that this program helped them burn extra body fat, gain muscle and boost their  energy*.


**Glowing skin, thicker hair and disappearing dark circles are just some of the reported extra side-benefits others have experienced from this method. Plenty of guys have used it in their careers to earn more, quit their jobs and start their own businesses with renewed higher levels of energy and ability to attract things into their life.


**Many of my students have found new creative streaks and started writing music, working on DIY projects and starting side hustles to bring in more income … 


**One guy Matt was a personal trainer, but struggled juggling his fitness goals and his controlling his cravings. After Lifeforce mastery, with the cravings gone, he took his personal training business to the next level and was making more than twice as much as the 6 months prior. He credits this to more confidence and higher energy levels from mastering his lifeforce energy.


**In fact, let me show you a few more of the emails I’ve received from clients who took the program…Jason from Miami wrote me:


**Moiz from Oregon said: 


**Patrick from London emailed me a few months after the program and wrote:


**One thing that is consistent about men who use the Lifeforce Mastery method is that life starts heading in an upward spiral. I see it with every guy who gives this method a fair try. 

The spiral goes like this…You access the Lifeforce Mastery program and learn my step by step method to start harnessing your sexual energy. Then, without relying on will-power you’ll be able to easily stop fapping. 


**This leads to more energy, motivation, passion and creativity.  Some men increase their income (Like Matt).  Some men meet and attract their dream girl (like Moiz)


**The guys already in relationships get a new passion for their partners, and the mental and physical energy to take the relationship to the next level.


**Always without exception, men who have been through the Lifeforce Mastery program channeling that new energy into other parts of their life. Life becomes much brighter.


**We call it the “upward spiral” because this one small success of harnessing hormonal energy leads to compounding successes in other areas of life.


**Once you know how to harness your energy and convert it into lifeforce energy, you’ll never want to go back to the way things were. You’ll be unplugged from the matrix and seeing life in a new way.


**Now maybe you’re wondering, but will this system mean I lose my drive because I’m converting it to lifeforce energy? No, not at all. 


**You will still feel “excited” but it’s just in a much more controlled and grounded form of energy. You’ll feel real grounded masculine energy flowing through your body rather than fleeting those urges that require a quick release.


**Mastering my energy, became the point in my life when I felt like I turned from a boy into a man. 


**Let me ask you a question… If you could increase your overall energy level throughout the day, by just an additional 10%, for the next year, would that be worth $1000 to you? Would you make that $1000 back just through increased productivity alone?


**My clients who use the lifeforce mastery method typically notice their energy levels increase by 30, or even 50%. 


**What would a 50% increase in energy, motivation and confidence be worth to you……compounding over the next ten years?


**What if you could get back all the time you spent browsing dirty websites on the internet? How much would that be worth to you? That’s the reason the lifeforce mastery method is so powerful. 


**Because you may be able to more easily quit, and at the same time, harness that energy and turn it into lifeforce energy. 


**It’s literally like having a cheat code in a video game, that gives you an unfair advantage and extra power.


**Some of the most successful men in history have been students of transmutation. Their success was the direct result of them learning how to harness the power of their masculine energy and convert it into more lifeforce.


**I can promise you, this method for transforming your energy will change your life, just like it has changed mine and thousands of my clients.


**Right now I’m accepting 30 new clients to join the Lifeforce Mastery program. 


**This program is as powerful as my 1-on-1 coaching which would cost you twenty-nine hundred dollars, except you get to unlock all the secrets from the comfort of your own home.


**Once inside our member’s area you’ll simply go through each module in your own time, step by step. You’ll follow along, practising a few simple, but counterintuitive exercises that allow you to start harnessing your sexual energy and changing it into lifeforce energy.


**By the end of the program, after a few hours of training you’ll have already started seeing and feeling the benefits for yourself. 


**This means that in just a few hours you’ll begin to notice less of an “itch” to watch. The feeling won’t be completely gone, but you’ll feel much less of an urge.


**Instead, you’ll start experiencing a new sense of energy, motivation and grounded masculine energy. I call this new feeling that you’ll get the “excitement for life” feeling.


**Instead of intense feelings for the fake-ness of pixels on a screen, you’ll start feeling excitement for your life and living life to the fullest.


**This is an almost instant effect of the exercises I’ll teach you within the program. These practices will unblock the flow of your energy, allowing it to turn it into the higher form of Lifeforce energy.


Part 4. 


**I created the Lifeforce Mastery program to replace me as the 1on1 coach. But what I’ve actually seen is that every single guy who takes the program, gets just as quick results from it as they would from my twenty-nine hundred dollar coaching program.


**Which is to say, they get life changing benefits within a few hours of going through the material and trying the techniques for themselves.


**The cravings slow down to a trickle and are replaced by that “excited for life” feeling. Let me put it this way… Do you remember a time in your life when you just felt good? You felt happy, energetic, socially savvy and confident?


**Think back now and remember your energy, motivation, charisma, charm and social savviness.

**When you go through the program and the craving gets replaced for a craving for real life, those feelings will start to return. 


**Except this time, you’ll be able to reach much higher heights, having unlocked the ability to harness your sexual energy. For any man, this is the real cheat code in life, and it’s all a few clicks away in the Lifeforce Mastery Program.


**Unfortunately, because I still do offer coaching and guidance from within our exclusive member’s area, there is a limited number of men that I can allow to join the program….


**Luckily instead of my twenty-nine hundred dollar coaching fee, Lifeforce Mastery is now only two hundred and ninety seven dollars when you join today and I reveal everything inside our exclusive member’s area.


**Hundreds of successful clients have each paid two thousand nine hundred dollars and have achieved complete freedom from this pointless addiction. Now you can learn everything they learnt in just a few hours for 1/10th of the price.


**However, today, you won’t even pay two hundred and ninety seven dollars, because I don’t want to let money stand in the way of YOU learning the real Life force cheat code. I’m going to massively discount the course this one time.


**Now you can get instant access to Lifeforce Mastery for just sixty seven dollars, and a few hours from now start seeing and feeling the benefits of harnessing your masculine power right away.


**You’ll be sitting in the same place you are now, but in just an hour or so, feeling less of an urge to watch it, and more energy and motivation  to excel in other areas of your life.


**I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars.. and thousands of hours to create this blueprint and you can learn it all, and unlock your own potential in just a few hours, for less than a hundred bucks.


**Right now, you CAN make the decision to make your life dramatically better,…. BUT I know we’ve never met and I don’t have the luxury of a track record with you. That’s why I’m going to make THIS an even simpler decision for you.


**Right now, you can get the entire Lifeforce Mastery program for a massively discounted sixty seven dollars and, if you find there’s any reason, any reason at all that you don’t like the program…


**I’m going to give you 60 days after purchase where you can get a 100% refund, and still keep the program. It’s as simple as that. 


**60 days to try the program, completely risk free before you decide if you want to keep it or not. And if you decide not, our team will happily refund every penny you paid, no problems.


**When I coached my clients 1on1 there was no refund policy, nor did anyone ever request a refund. 


**Many men said they would have paid 5 times as much for the results they got from the coaching. BUT since I can’t talk with you in person, I think it’s fair I offer this 60-day refund period so you can experience the benefits yourself stress free.


**But, I can almost guarantee that in a few weeks, or maybe even in a few days you’ll be emailing me, saying “Jacob, I can’t believe it man, this has changed my life!” or your money back and… I can’t wait to receive that email from you, because it makes this all worthwhile.


**So right now, what I want you to do is click the big button below this video. That will take you to the secure, encrypted order form where you enter your email address and payment details. 


**Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll receive an automatic email with your login details 


**You can then log in directly into the member’s area right away and start learning the secrets to transmuting your energy into lifeforce energy.


**You’re a few minutes away from unlocking the ultimate blueprint and breaking free from this horrible habit , whilst harnessing the power of your deepest energy source for unlimited success in relationships, health and wealth. 


**I can’t wait to see you inside so click on the big button below to get started. 


**Now, I cannot guarantee that this video, let alone this huge discount, will still be here tomorrow, so now is the time to get started.


**Don’t risk the very real downward spiral that happens when men continue to watch waste their most powerful resource through fapping. Learn how to master your energy and give yourself a competitive advantage that has powered some of the most successful men in history.


**Try these techniques yourself and  you’ll instantly feel less of a need to release


**If you’re sitting here right now feeling the urges, go inside the member’s area and try the step by step exercises yourself and you’ll feel instantly less cravings and more grounded.


**Try it, completely risk free. 


**So click the big button below and you’ll go to our secure, encrypted order form and within a few minutes you’ll have access to the entire Lifeforce Mastery blueprint. 


****PAUSE for 5 seconds in the edit****


**Here are some of the most commonly asked: How do I know this will work for me?


**Individual results vary. However, the lifeforce mastery coaching program has worked for every one of my clients who gave it a fair try and followed the coaching program as designed. I believe it has worked very consistently because it doesn’t rely solely on will-power and because it gets to the root of the real problem.


Lifeforce Mastery helps get to the root of the problem to prevent uncontrollable urges by very effectively transmuting that energy into Lifeforce.


**In the very unlikely event that you don’t find yourself easily quitting after going through the program then I invite you to ask for a full refund.


**How do I access the program?: The program is accessed via our secure member’s portal. Login details will be sent to your email after checkout so you can login and get started with the course right away.


**Will I lose my drive after taking this program? Absolutely not. Your drive will become more grounded and stable. Instead of having fleeting urges to release, you’ll feel grounded, masculine and controllable energy. This is the difference between fleeting, boyish energy, versus grounded, deep, masculine energy.


**I don’t have the money to spend on this program: Consider Lifeforce Mastery an investment in yourself. Most guys on average will save a few hours a week simply from not watching this stuff endlessly and being more productive at work. If you earn more than $15 per hour then the program may pay for itself within a few weeks  – at the latest. 


**If I have questions will I, Jakob answer them? Yes, myself and our team will be available inside the member’s area to answer any questions you might have and help you at any step along the way.


**Get instant access right now to lifeforce mastery and free asap, learning techniques you can apply instantly. Try it now, before all the spots fill up. Click the button below to get started.


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