10 NoFap Effective Tips: Beat The Addiction

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: April 25, 2021
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We all aim for 90 days, but only a few of us reach this milestone. Why it is so difficult? Well, only one person knows the answer, and it is you. You make it harder.

Porn is killing you internally, you are becoming its slave. Every day you make promises to yourself, that you’ll not watch it today, but you end up spending a big chunk of your time watching it. But you are not alone, sadly. There are countless people like you exist, who also are in the grip of this addiction.

And, you will not be shocked to know that websites like this (Mr Mind Blowing) don’t even receive one percent of the traffic compared to porn sites.

They receive traffic in millions, and that tells how badly we are addicted to it.

When a person catches a porn addiction, he loses everything. That is why I decided to bring this list that may help you in overcoming your addiction.

In this article, I am gonna discuss the tips that can help you in completing 90 days. So stick to the very end.

1: Download A Porn Blocker

A good porn blocker app keeps you away from porn. It reminds you that you are on a journey. There are some pretty good apps available, however, I recommend you use Covenant Eyes, it is a tool that blocks millions of porn sites and saves you from falling off the wagon.

2: Limit Non-Veg Food

Non-veg foods such as chicken and eggs are a great source of protein, but it may not be good for you if you want to stay on NoFap for longer. According to various reports, chicken and eggs contain amino acids carnitine and Vitamin B6 and B5, which improve blood flow. In both men and women, this is key for sexual response. It not only helps to get the blood flowing to the right places, but it also helps to maintain desire for longer.

Eggs are good if you can control those sexual urges that blast after eating them. But, if you can’t control them, then it is okay to avoid them as much as you can.

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3: Pray To God

Make promises to God, praying will make you feel better, and it will certainly help you in tackling urges. Praying to God generates hope that this time you will pass this challenge.

4: Use Your Free Time Effectively

Successful people always see time as money. They work their ass off to be in that place where they are right now, and that makes them different than others.

Effectively using your time is beneficial for you in many ways. You can complete your pending work, you can learn something new, or you can read a book. But, fapping isn’t a good way to use your free time at all.

Fapping only gives you guilt. It sucks your energy and puts you in a state where your mind stops working.

5: Pushups And Chinups

One of the easiest to do exercise and also most effective in boosting your strength. regular push-ups and chin-ups increase your muscle, cut down fat, and keeps your heart healthy.

Most importantly, exercises like pushups release serotonin into your body which makes you feel happy, ultimately, you don’t fap.

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6: Discuss It With Your Friend

Does your best friend know about your addiction? If your answer is no, then let him or her know, tell him that you are battling an addiction.

Challenge them, ask for their help, tell them what you’ve done the whole day. Taking your friend’s help is amazingly effective in beating addiction.

Opening up about your addiction decreases the tension and releases and sense of relief which makes you feel better afterward.

7: Join A Community

You can join a Facebook or messenger group. You can also create a group in which you can add your friends. In that group, you can discuss tips, how many days you’ve passed, and many more things.

Groups like these can certainly help in decreasing urges. These groups also keep you on track for longer.

8: Learn How To Control Your Mind

Addiction develops when the urge to masturbate hijacks parts of the brain that reward behavior and provides benefits for the body.

It’s all the game of mind. If you can control it, you can do anything. Here is a great article for you published by Healthline about it.

9: Instantly Stop Porn Related Thought

We normally don’t take it seriously when the first porn thought pops up in our mind, but it may become worse over time if you don’t stop it asap.

Your mind will stop thinking about something else rather than porn. It will only think about sex which will push you to watch porn and masturbate.

To stop that,

  • Splash water to your face
  • Listen to a song
  • Pushups
  • Go outside
  • Talk to your friend

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10: Learn How To Meditate

Meditating daily will strengthen your willpower muscle. Meditation gives you practice having power over your urges so you can make intentional choices about which to follow and which to let pass.

Wrapping Up Things.

Porn and masturbation are increasing the distance between you and your dreams. It is giving you depression and pushing you to masturbate more and more. Wake up, understand it is not in your favor. I know there are many reputable sites that say masturbation is healthy. But you are here because you know it isn’t healthy at all, in fact, it gives many negative effects on the body.

Start tour NoFap journey today. Stay on track if you have already started. Porn will not provide you the money to live your dream life, hard work will.

Thanks for reading!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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  1. i enjoyed reading your post but I strongly disagree with your 2nd point. Feeling Horny is a sign of healthy hormones and testosterone. If you have a low libido, generally your hormone levels are skewed in a negative way

    Eating foods that support libido also support your overall health and wellbeing. You shouldn’t be trying to supress it and eliminate it. it should be channeled through physical activity and other hobbies.

    Your other points are great though

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