NoFap Truth Science VS Reality: Is Science Always Right?

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: May 9, 2021
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According to many prestigious websites, masturbation regularly doesn’t harm you in any way.

They say, it is a natural process that deceases stress, releases feel-good hormones, and improves sleep.

According to them, it’s completely ok to masturbate daily. But, I want to ask a question here.

Why I am not getting the benefits they claim? Why every time after masturbation, I feel sad, I feel disgusted, stress rises, and why do I see the opposite of what they say?

They say they have done studies and researches on real people to find the benefits of masturbation.

Most of these studies only include a few hundred people. Why they ignore millions of us who say masturbation is killing them from inside?

Look what I have found after searching “Is masturbation harmful” in Google:

Google Snippet Answer

“Safest Sex” what a joke!

These sites are actually encouraging people to masturbate every day. According to them, masturbation blocks pain and makes you feel good (another lie).

The truth is after ejaculating, we feel more body pain and sadness. I know you also have noticed it many times.

Everything feels good till ejaculation, after that darkness rises.

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Why They Are Sharing This Wrong Information?

I am gonna share my personal view on this. There are two main reasons behind it.

1: It’s all business.

Stopping masturbation solves many problems in no time, such as hair fall, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, weakness, and many more.

If people stop masturbating regularly, many businesses may suffer loss. Especially, businesses that sell confidence guides, muscle gainers, and hair products.

These industries earn billions in revenue. let’s suppose half of us start practicing NoFap. Don’t you think their revenue will go down drastically?

If my hair stops falling, why would I need an expensive anti-hair fall oil, shampoos, or treatment?

Or, If my muscles start to grow faster without any supplements then it’s obvious, I am not gonna spend anything on purchasing muscle gainers.

I used to spend like two hundred dollars every year on these types of products. After starting NoFap, I spend like 50 bucks sometimes not even that much because now I don’t require these products badly.

I saved 150$ just by practicing NoFap, and it’s just my story. If one million of us stop masturbating, we could potentially save 150 million dollars, and that could be a huge loss for those businesses.

It’s just one million, what if 10 million of us or 100 million of us stop regular masturbation? Most businesses like these will suffer unimaginable loss, they may go shut.

You know whats the funny thing here. This article will not get ranked in Google. It is because I am covering a medical topic and Google only shows those who have authority to write about it.

These medical sites support each other, that is why we all struggle to find even a single article that shares the truth about masturbation.

I doubt that they have hidden those researches that state masturbation does provide disadvantages.

Some people will argue with me, they will send messages like masturbation is actually good, it gives this benefits and blah blah blah…

The truth is its not!

They also know the truth but they have been brainwashed by those medical sites.

I am not complaining all the sites are wrong. Actually, they are doing a great job in publishing articles that share information about diseases, but when it comes to masturbation, they try to show only the positive side of it.

2: Lack Of Research

All the research paper you’ll find on the internet about effects of masturbation on human, they are either too old or done only on a few people.

We need strong research badly. However, not many scientists or doctors are interested in it. Hopefully, things will change in the future.

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Benefits Of Masturbation According To Current Research And Studies: (Research Vs Reality)

  • Relives Stress
  • Improves Sleep
  • Releases Feel-Good Chemicals
  • Relieve cramps
  • Have better sex

Relives Stress

This is the most common benefit of masturbation you’ll find on medical sites. But the reality is totally different.

Masturbation does release stress only when you are in the process, once you finished releasing your semen. Regret and guilt hit you which increases the stress significantly.

Porn and masturbation waste a lot of time and that stops you from work, ultimately, the burden of that work increases time by time and causes stress.

Improves Sleep

Yes, it could be true for some people, but in my case (and many people like me), I don’t get the quality sleep that I want after masturbation.

When I go for sleep after masturbation, I encounter a lot of sleep breakouts. And, when I wake up, my head feels heavy and my eyes also don’t feel good.

The truth is, after ejaculation, we feel tired and that’s why we fall asleep a little quicker. You don’t need to masturbate daily just to get a night of good sleep, you can work hard in the gym, office, college, or school, and I guarantee you’ll get a good sleep.

Releases Feel Good Chemicals

Ok I agree, but for how long? Maybe 5 minutes. But what happens after that?

Well, A tight slap hits you and sends you into reality. It makes you realize that you were just watching some pixels.

Wake up, bro! The reality is totally different. Just for 5 minutes of pleasure, you can not let this evil (porn and masturbation) destroy you.

You can not waste your precious semen like that. Store it and release it when the best time comes. Wasting it daily will only harm you.

Relives Muscle Cramps

Another lie.

I am a footballer, I met cramps a lot. I have noticed that after masturbation, cramp starts to hurt more.

Most footballers avoid masturbation before and after the game. Masturbation lowers the energy levels which is required to perform better. If your energy levels are high, muscle cramps will heal faster.

Have better Sex

Try NoFap for 30 or 90 days and then have sex. You’ll feel like you are on cloud 9. Masturbation can cause ED which could affect your relationship terribly.

Even masturbation feels amazing after practicing NoFap for 90 days.

Porn Affects Your Brain Terribly!

Porn scenes, like addictive substances, are hyper-stimulating triggers that lead to abnormally high levels of dopamine secretion.

This can harm the dopamine reward system and leave it unresponsive to natural sources of pleasure.

Practising NoFap fills your life with happiness. It resets your brain and increases dopamine levels naturally.

Also, porn is a great time-waster, it consumes your important time and reduces your productivity levels.

Porn addiction makes it hard to concentrate on things that don’t release a good amount of dopamine such as, study.

I know you are great, you are awesome but porn is destroying your great future. Understand the negative effects of it and,

Quit porn right now!

Thanks For Reading!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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  1. Hey brother, I always read your post. I loved it because you are helping people to quit the world’s most dangerous disease named Porn. Thanks again. Love you From India

  2. I would like to share my personal experience on NoFap. I started NoFap after watching Salil Jamdar’s web series asli mard in 2020 October and after that i stopped masturbating .You won’t believe me it gave me so many benefits like my Skin was clear ,my hair looked amazing, I had gained confidence ,and of course better sleep i did no Fab for 6 months but unfortunately i broke it, and now I am feeling depressed but i have started again …

  3. Hey There! I am back again to this amazing site. I was on a no fap challenge and on 11th day. I just failed by searching for asmr videos , at night I just I watched some actress photos and then everything gone. !! πŸ˜«πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

  4. To be honest, I never feel relaxed after masturbation. I feel tired. Each and every point in this article is true. I have a difficult exam ahead. So I have to quit that forever in order to concentrate on studying.

  5. Masturbation makes me super envious of others and jealous of others. Constantly obsessing about them and wanting to be like them. I wonder if NoFap will completely fix this. I am sick and tired of comparing myself and feeling like i am worthless and a broken human being without confidence.

    i am going to fix this. i been trying for so long but i feel like i have finally realised how it has made me feel trapped and broken.

    1. Sometimes these comparisons can be helpful. They can give you a blueprint for improvement and inspire you to change. Other times, they can break you and put you in a depressive state.
      Masturbation creates an imaginary world. It creates distance between you and reality. NoFap could help you fix it, I am pretty sure.
      I’ve been in a state where I was dreaming more and doing less. After occupying Nofap state, I dream but I also work hard to achieve it.
      Nofap changes the mindset which may help stop that comparison.

      Don’t feel bad about yourself. You are awesome! Cheer up and start your journey today!

  6. Great man πŸ‘πŸ’―. You are doing good things and showing the path to all the youngsters like me by making us aware of not spoiling life in pursuit of those short-term pleasures. Now I realized that in my past how many years I waste over this addiction. But I am happy that now I figure out that the PMO is bad and I have full faith in myself that one day I will and I can get rid of it completely. Thanks for sharing such insightful information and keep guiding us 😊. Lots of love and respect to you πŸ€—πŸ’™πŸ’›.

  7. Bro if we take a look over history even Greek mathematicians philosophers like Pythagoras Aristotle Plato etc .have admired the power of semen and we can see the result by the proof of their extraordinary mental power which made them create wonders in different domains of academics and made us to remember them as the founders many basic things which opened the world of realisation and research to scientists and the modern calculus and quantum theory is the the wondering subjects which came from the ignition power of semen even if nowdays this truth has got hidden from teens and adults steel now the the time has come when people will start to follow these things awareness is the only thing which is needed to save people’s life from the dangerous monster of pmo and direct them towards their physical and mental and spiritual growth

  8. Hi, this article just killed my urge to masterbate and I wish I could share this article but, the thing is that they will probably won’t believe you making claims without linking research so maybe you could update your article with some links to research and medical information that supports the claims your making here.

    so example the WHO recent research on compulsive porn use
    Link here:

    Hope you found this useful πŸ™‚

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