Edging On NoFap: Why It Sucks- Explained

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: July 1, 2019
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Are you watching porn on nofap? then it’s not nofap sorry, you need to understand what is nofap.

Nofap means no porn and no masturbation.

By taking the nofap challenge you are taking a step towards life, you are making your life better with the help of nofap.

Nofap helps to delete the dirt that is present in your mind and provides you new perception in life.

nofap edging


Some People think that nofap only means no masturbation but that’s not true. Masturbation is somehow healthy but there are numerous side effects of watching porn like It harms relationships, provides depression, destroys values, creates social isolation, and many more.

So if you are watching porn on nofap then stop it right now because you will not gonna get all the benefits of nofap.

What Is Edging

In a simple word edging means watching porn but not masturbating, it’s Like putting food in your mouth while you’re fasting and trying not to eat it.

Edging is too dangerous, if you wanna be on a nofap challenge for longer then you have to stop watching porn otherwise cravings of jerking off will hit you hard and you will relapse.

My Story

After doing some research on nofap I thought that I’m gonna take this challenge and I’m gonna surpass 90 days easily but I was wrong.

I read somewhere that you can watch porn on nofap but you can’t masturbate on nofap.

So, after 3 days urges of fapping were at their peak and I decided to watch one video but I will not masturbate at any cost.

After watching one video, I thought that it’s not affecting my mind and I can watch more, and I passed 3 hours continually watching porn and after that, I don’t know when I started to beat my meat.

After relapsing 5 times, one day I decided that I will not open that kind of website and I will unfollow the Instagram models and whenever urges will hit me, I will go out and do some exercise, and things started to be in my favor.

I easily surpass my record of 15 days and I was very happy on that day. I started to see the difference in my body and behavior.

Dopamine Levels

nofap dopamine

In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter (a chemical released by nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells.

The brain includes several different dopamine pathways, one of which plays an important role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior.

Edging while nofap will not boost your dopamine level instead it will decrease your dopamine levels.

You will not see any superpowers of nofap if you keep watching porn on nofap.

How To Stop Watching Porn (Break Addiction) 

1:- Take A Cold Shower

A cold shower changes the mood Affects the mind and helps to focus on other things rather than jerking off and watching porn.

I have used this technique oftentimes to save myself from relapsing.

If you are facing a hard time and you are about to fall, try a cold shower, it will help you to escape from relapsing.

2:- Use Rubber Band Technique

If you are getting unwanted thoughts of watching porn and jerking off, you can use this technique it will definitely work.

In this technique, you need a rubber band and you have to Place that rubber band around your wrist, and every time you catch yourself putting yourself down, snap the rubber band and carefully choose to replace the negative self-talk with a positive statement.

The rubber band is a pattern breaker that catches your attention and reminds you that you are choosing a new behavior.

3:- Keep Yourself Busy

If you have too much time on your hands and get bored often, your mind will eventually start indulging in old habits again. So engage it in something different and interesting.

Start a new hobby. Learn a new skill. Take up a sport. Begin researching and brainstorming an online business idea.

There are many things you can be doing with your time when you’re not working or doing anything else. Be productive. This will increase your self-esteem too and you’ll feel good about yourself.

4:- Go Outside And Play Any Sports

Being at home and doing nothing causes overthinking and overthinking can cause depression and depression can cause relapse so go outside and play your favorite sports because it will help you to get out of that pressure or stressful phase when you were about to relapse.

5:- Limit Your Phone Usage

Using your phone frequently on nofap is a dangerous game because the chances of relapse will go high.

Try to limit your phone usage, use your time on different things or the things you like to do besides using your phone.

6:- Identify Your Triggers

Everyone has a certain set of triggers that make them automatically want to indulge their habits. For example, if you’re struggling with porn addiction, you might find it difficult to surf the internet without feeling a strong urge to watch porn.

If you’re addicted to gambling, passing a casino on the way home from work might make you feel forced to stop.

Understanding your triggers will help you face them down when the time comes to quit.

7:- Think About The Benefits 

Nofap can provide you wings to fly high and make your dream come true but when you are relapsing time after time then you will not see any benefits that you may have read.

Write down all the benefits of nofap on paper and whenever you are feeling low just read it.

8:- Fill Your Time

If you want distractions, try exercising, taking up a new hobby, cooking, or going out with friends. Joining a new club, sports team, or other kinds of community groups will assist you to make new friends and start a new chapter of your life of which pornography is not apart.

Positive social communications can stimulate the release of neurochemicals that elicit feelings of happiness and satisfaction without the need for those kinds of videos.

Exercise produces an endorphin chemical like the ones released in addiction, which is why sometimes you’ll hear the term “runner’s high”.

 Exercise could open a lot more windows for new and enhanced health and could reduce the blow of withdrawal by giving you something else to feel good about.

Thanks For Reading

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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  1. Nice article, but stop saying that masturbation is somehow healthy. Its not.
    It never was. That gives people an excuse to waste their lifeforce and its a delusion that “certified biologists” put in your mind. M-ing is never healthy, under no circumstances is it okay to waste your semen, your entire lifeforce like that. Thank you.

  2. This is a bit misguided. As an adult male with kids and looking to restart my sexual relationship with my wife…

    Edging is a needed tool in getting ones body back in order. And sorry… watching porn is kind of needed to help train the body to control premature E’s. When your trying to give your wife O’s and not lasting long enough you turn to whatever helps.

    Masturbation for selfish reasons is bad. Masturbation for your spouse so your sex life can improve is healthy and good.

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