NoFap Confidence: How NoFap Makes You Confident

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: June 21, 2019
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NoFap Confidence:

nofap confidence

 Let’s start with a story

It’s a story of two guys Jason and Simon.

Jason a guy who faps daily 2 or 3 times and doesn’t give a shit about his future, is losing the grip from his life.

Jason likes a girl and her name is Sara. Jason always had a crush on Sara but he never got the courage to tell her how much he likes her.

He let days pass but never said a single word.

On the other hand, Simon is a guy who loves to make new friends, and doesn’t waste his time jerking off while watching other people having fun, he always does what he says.

Simon also likes Sara and he decided that on valentine’s day he will propose to Sara.

Jason also gets the same idea that he will also propose to her on valentine’s day.

On the 12th of February, Jason called Sara and tell her lets, meet on Valentine’s day, I have something special for you.

After a couple of hours, Simon also called Sara and tell the same.

A day before Valentine, Simon is thinking about how he can win her heart, what he can do to make her feel special, what should I wear tomorrow.

While Jason is sitting on a sofa and using his hands for pleasure.

On valentine’s day, Simon is confident while Jason is nervous. Simon is prepared well and Jason had used his hands for preparation.

First, Sara meets Jason, and Jason is very scared and not confident enough, negative thoughts constantly revolving in his head, what will happen if she rejects me and he decided that he will not propose to her today, he will wait till her birthday.

Then Sara meets Simon, and he is very confident, he gives a rose to her and said how much he loves her and wants her in his life, she happily accepted her proposal and became his partner for life.

Moral Of Story

We all wait for the perfect moment, we don’t even realize how much we waste our precious time while masturbating and watching porn.

Fapping excessively makes us lazy, and it affects our minds badly. We don’t even realize that we got only one life to live and what we are doing, masturbating and waiting for something to happen.

You have to understand otherwise a guy like Simon will come and will snatch your opportunities and you will just watch him win.

How Masturbation And Watching Porn Destroys Your Confidence

After masturbation, you lose interest in doing anything. You either would sleep or simply scroll through your phone wasting time. There isn’t that enthusiasm left to achieve something great.

If you masturbate excessively, there are more times when you are in that state. Consequently, you get depressed and lose confidence.

You may also notice that whenever you masturbate, you start to deny work.

Frequent masturbation makes you addicted to porn.

Almost all the time, it’s porn that’s going in your brain with the ease of the internet which is always some clicks away.

This behavior ruins your brain functioning such that it stops innovating or thinking about other parts of life.

Soon you realize what you have done and you are already so deep into this that you can’t go back.

There’s your confidence blasted. The time you could have given all these years to have a better physique, you could have an actual relationship, have learned something new, have made new friends have all give in vain.

You wasted your life with nothing in hand but your joystick.

How NoFap Helps To Bring Confidence Back

When you masturbate excessively it affects our dopamine levels and Dopamine is the chemical that allows us to feel good.

It also assists us to feel a sense of reward. Researches show, that there is a relationship between low Dopamine levels and social anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

When you take a nofap challenge your dopamine levels will get back to normal in just a couple of weeks or maybe in some days like 5 or 7.

Most of us feel bad after jerking off and it affects our confidence. When you start your nofap journey, then you are not doing anything which will make you feel guilty and it will help to bring back your confidence level.

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Many studies have shown that watching porn can make you feel depressed.


Individuals who consume porn daily are dealing with more than just porn. They are apt to be experiencing depression. I am wondering if depressed people are more prone to view porn to combat depression or if daily use of porn triggers individuals into depression? Either way, my research with more than 400 people who voluntarily took my assessment indicates that people who regularly view pornography are experiencing more depression than the general population.

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