How Social Media Kills your NoFap streak!

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: September 14, 2021
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Let’s get this straight, in the 21-century, social media is fused in our daily lives and is evident everywhere.

Social media has amassed a billion users which log in daily and spend on about an average of 145 minutes a day.

We use it to maintain contact with people and to connect with what is going around in the world.

Unfortunately, social media is a huge threat for us Nofappers, as social media is designed to give us dopamine pleasure, and keep us hooked on the compulsive images from models and girls even after we turned off the phone.

There are several factors of social media that can trigger you, lets take a look, shall we how social media kills the Nofap streak. Before you guys start make sure to check out our other article on how to stop urges before they arise.


When we look at social media or youtube, our brain goes from the beta wave to an Alpha wave (I promise you I will make this as easy as possible to understand).

When we are in this state there is barely any thinking or processes happening in our brain. Now, the main point is that during this state we become easily influenced and our past thoughts and confidence of maintaining our NoFap streak can be easily lost.

For example, you are browsing through Instagram and you get a glimpse of a really attractive girl which you have the same triggers as porn (That’s why social media is perceived as Soft porn ) .

However, this triggers you even more as you are in that state of malleability on social media compared to if you saw that person in real life. This rewires our subconscious similar to leaving a stain, and the stain of the urge or the trigger doesn’t go away after a while.

This stain is going to fulfill its self by in some form which will be either masturbation or pornography. This is why it is important we stay away from social media.


Unfortunately, the porn industry has found ways to access the minds of users through social media. In all sorts of social media, there is a high chance you can be exposed to pornography and highly sexualized material, in so many different ways.

There might be suggested posts, tweets, videos that can pop up. There are a significant amount of models that post suggestive content daily with tags to inappropriate profiles, and there are harmless accounts that send you links to porn sites or inappropriate snaps, and images of themselves for you to contact them.

Even though this may seem harmless, we want to minimize risks, as I have mentioned before these images create a stain in the mind which is often cleaned up by masturbation or pornography.

A psychologist Sam Louie has highlighted that simple things such as emojis and tags imply pornography and even that is enough to trigger someone’s urges. This is why it is important that we stay away from social media.


Social media always blows the negative events out of proportion, always bringing out a perfect image of a person, whilst hiding their imperfections.

As a result of this, we tend to question our self-esteem and the benefits of Nofap as we often demand ourselves that perfect image in all aspects of our life immediately, due to what is seen in social media.

Also, there are a lot of people who are anti – nofap on social media, and which I have come across numerous times, and have persuaded me to lose my Nofap streak. This can really affect your streak, especially during your flatline period, you doubt and begin to lose faith in NoFap.


I can definitely understand that you might be wary of deleting your social media, however, there is something called a social media detox, where you just simply abstain from social media for numerous amounts of days.

Anyways, That is it guys, good luck guys I wish the best of luck for you guys. Remember, no pain, no gain. Be sure to check out our previous article.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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