How To STOP Binge RELAPSES! 7 Techniques

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: January 9, 2021
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You are going good, you are going great but then a sudden relapse and now you are off track, instead of continuing the journey, you’re falling into the deep darkness of PMO.

The grip that you had on yourself when you were on track, is not the same anymore, and now you are masturbating day and night while watching porn.

It’s not only your story, we all share the same.

Binge relapses are part of the journey. It should not down your morale. There are many ways that are effective in controlling the urges that most of us get after one relapse.

I promise I’ll not present a boring list of what to do when you face a situation like this. I am about to bring some never seen or heard techniques, and I dont think so anyone has ever presented a list like this before.

Stick to the very end, you’ll learn a lot today!

1: Look At The Picture Of Your Crush 🤭

It may sound weird and ineffective, but let me tell you why it works. Do you wanna show your worst in front of your crush or best? Of course, best. And that’s why it works.

When we fap too much, it makes us depress and boosts anxiety. A person who faps daily develops a belief that he is not confident enough and also he doesn’t look good. These kinds of emotions push that person to stay in a shell and don’t take any kind of risks.

On the other hand, people who dont masturbate or watch porn, see incredible confidence in themself and a belief to achieve everything they want. However, it doesn’t come instantly, it may take several weeks. But when it comes, it comes with a bang.

Scrolling the Instagram of your crush may save you from relapse by reminding you of the competition you will face in the future with other guys. She has a lot of options, and she will always be going to choose the better one, remember that. So be the best, not the worst.

What if you don’t have any crush?

In that case, follow those people who are your Idol. For ex. Lionel Messi is my Idol. He is the best footballer in the world (Ronaldo fans, please don’t fight me), I wanna play like him, but if I spend my entire day wasting time while watching some crap, then how I am gonna play like him?

Look at your idols, and try to make yourself better by it.

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2: Talk To Me! 💬

Hey guys! I am on insta, here is my Instagram, you can send me your message there, when i’ll see it, i’ll reply almost instantly.

You can share your story or about your day. I like it when people take steps to change their life, and if I help them to do that then it would be a achievement for me.

Some people send me emails, but email is not a good mode, and also I reply very late there, so if you wanna contact me regarding anything then come to my Insta and send me a message there.

3: Your Empty Home Is Your Enemy 😔

On one hand loliness can play a big role in securing your future by lighting up your brain with great ideas and on the other, it can make your life mess.

Things always become difficult when you don’t have anyone’s company. A person can not be happy all alone always.

Chances of relapse increases when you don’t have anything to do and you have a phone with a full battery and wifi connected to it. 90% of men gonna end their streak right there by watching their weirdest fantasy.

It is very difficult for me to write something that can help you when you’ll be in that situation, I can only provide some tips to you, but in the end, it totally depends on you and your internal motivation. If you are motivated enough to complete your nofap journey, then you can easily come out of that red zone without anyone’s help.

That 90% of men were not internally motivated, but you can be by implementing the tips listed below.

  • Imagine how good your life will be.
  • Break big tasks into small tasks. For example, today I will complete one day on Nofap successfully.
  • Don’t wait for something miraculous to happen. Spend your time wisely because these 86,400 seconds will not come again.
  • Don’t get disheartened if you fail because failing while trying is better than failing without even trying.
  • Make a habit of reading articles like this, but make sure to implement some of it into the real world.
  • Always try to win the battle that goes into your brain when you are alone.

4: Listen To Rap Songs 🎵

Picture Credit:

This is ten percent luck
Twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure
Fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name…

These lines are powerful, right?

Rap songs are very intense, they can send you into a different dimension, and can easily pump you up.

Songs could play a big role in changing emotions, they can easily turn your mood around. You can use them as your weapon to counter the sexual thoughts that pass your brain time after time.

Nowadays, most of the rap songs are about girls and money, but you know how to find a diamond out of coal. Still, here are my 5 best songs. (I’m nervous!)

  • Lose Yourself – This song is my all-time favorite, it never gets old.
  • Started From The Bottom By Drake- I don’t know why but it makes me feel good and motivates me to have a life like Drake.
  • Remember The Name – Nobody can dislike this song, it is very well written, and the lines are very motivating
  • Me, Myself, And I – You are alone enough, you don’t need anyone to be happy.
  • DNA By Kendrick Lamar – Lyrically sublime, it is a masterpiece by Kendrick Lamar.

This list could go on and on. There are many great songs out there, dont always listen to songs that make you sad, listen to something that kicks you hard. Motivation is everything.

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5: Wear Good Clothes And Look Good! 😎

This might not sound related to the topic, but let me tell you, it is by far the most powerful thing you can do.

You might argue on this, but people judge everyone by looking at their appearance. That’s why it is very important to make your self the finest version of yourself.

Clean yourself, wear clothes like a king, it generates self-confidence, and you need it the most.

I used to stay very dull when I was a victim of PMO. Fapping makes us lazy, like very lazy. Regular masturbation kills that little motivation that pushes us to clean ourselves, and that’s why most of the people who release their sperm daily, have such a bad appearance.

Wearing good clothes and cleaning yourself makes you feel better, and it decreases the probability of relapsing again.

6: Do Not Use Your Phone Or Lappy Alone 🙅‍♂️

Promise yourself that you’ll use your smart phone it public only. If it very very important then only you will use it alone.

This technique works well, and it can be truly effective in breaking binge relapses. Most of us masturbate while watching porn, if you remove porn then we will get the solution.

It tells us how badly we are addicted to porn, it also tells us, porn is now bigger than masturbation. People can quite masturbation but not porn.

Cut those ways that lead you to porn, and one of the best ways to do that is to either cut down the internet or use your devices in public. I will go for the second one because if I cut down the internet then….you know 😅.

Internet is a great place, you can gain knowledge about anything here, but most of you dont. So be smart, because your competitors aren’t watching porn, they are finding ways to beat you.

(Life is short, don’t waste your time while watching porn. Try Reboot Cure Today and beat your addiction faster!)

7: Increase Your Knowledge….Don’t Be Dumb 😾

The competition outside is nuts in any field, there is no place for people who place masturbation and porn as their priority. You have to end this addiction here otherwise someone will not take but snatch your place.

Those pornstars and porn makers make you fool, it is all business, even medical science does not point out porn, actually, they promote it by saying regular masturbation is healthy and porn is not harmful. I don’t know what their problem is, when a victim is saying, it has ruined everything, still, they are not accepting it.

Why people are joining NoFap communities and why this site is getting traffic because porn and masturbation addiction is true, it does affect mental and physical health. If it wouldn’t then nobody would have come to this site.

I know there are not many research papers available outside about it, but soon they will discover the true reality of porn and masturbation. Be smart, dont let your dreams just dreams by spending your whole damn day jerking off.

(Don’t let your dreams be dreams, Quit Porn Today!)

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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  1. Hey there, been scavenging the net. I’ve been on the NoFap journey like a gazillion times. Almost everyone morning, or Monday morning. Its tough considering I’m hitched and my mate and I aren’t on the same page. Going to almost 5 months, i barely smashed it.
    Porn has been my escape for quite sometime. Feel like if I don’t stop I’ll loose my marriage and possibly my life. Feel so empty. Could with the help of someone whose sage in this field and has stood strong in the test of time.
    Kindly hit me back.

    (Kindly hide my details for privacy purposes)

    1. Don’t lose hope. I’ve failed gazillion times too but now I’ve stabilized myself. Ask yourself a question, what gives you more happiness, a porn session or spending memorable time with your wife and sharing your feelings with her. Porn is a materialistic thing but your wife isn’t.
      1: Download a porn blocker asap.
      2: Stay away from the internet as much as you can.
      3: Pinch yourself whenever you get porn-related thoughts.
      4: Pray to God daily
      5: Start going outside more
      6: Join a gym or any class which requires physical you.

      Need more help? Join my Facebook group:

  2. Hi
    I took up nofap challenge and set a target of 10 days.
    Today was the seventh day and I couldn’t control my urge and fapped. I had been experiencing positive changes like increased focus and energy but now I’m feeling demotivated…
    Please help

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