12 Nofap Techniques To Smash No Nut November

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: October 1, 2021
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As November is coming up guys, you know what that means, it is Nofap November!! The unknown fact is that as you guys have taken the time to read this article it shows your dedication and courage to get through Nofap and I guarantee you, this will pay off and you will smash everyone else who is doing it.

I can’t sugarcoat you the strong urges that will arise during this, will be a tough journey but we can do it don’t worry, our mind and urges is like two wolves, one is bad and one is good, remember to feed the right wolf always.


A historical event in 1519, named Herman Cortez who set out on a mission to take over an island, and once they landed he ordered his crew to burn the boat that they came in on so there was no option of retreat.

Eventually, because of the option of burning the boat, persuaded and motivated the troops to excel, in which they managed to take over the Island. During Nofap we need to implement this notion as we always give ourselves the option to go backward, to lose the ground we’ve made.

I’d encourage you to consider if there are any ships you need to burn for example maybe promising yourself to reach a certain amount of days before getting into a relationship or giving your friend $200 dollars, and if you don’t reach a certain amount of days or your goal then let them keep the money.


NoFap is a process of rewiring your brain, so a method proven by scientists is which makes your brain determined literally engrave what you want and your goals into your brain. There are two ways to do this, both methods are recommended to be used. Fun fact: If you have a goal you are 10 times more likely to succeed.

Method 1 / The Power of Visionary goals: 

Visionary goals are powerful to battle against urges, an example would be that if you are a family person you would say something like ‘Show my deep love for my wife and kids by hugging, laughing, listening, talking, and spending time doing what we like and confidently initiating and completing work that exceeds expectations which can be achieved through by abstaining from porn.’  

Once you have created your visionary statement, similar to this you need to repeat it Five Times every day, which can help rewire your brain to think.

Method 2 / Power of outlining negative and positive effects

Another technique is to put down Five Negative Outcomes for Porn and Masturbation, as well as Five Positive Outcomes for Masturbation and Pornography Abstainment.

Again read this Five Times every day in which inculcates the negative effects of Masturbation and Porn, and rewires the brain into thinking about the negative effects of pornography and masturbation 


This technique originated with Buddhist monks and is regularly done on a daily basis by monks with the goal of developing a strong mental barrier.

This similar idea may be used to our desires. It is advised that we meditate for at least 10 minutes every day as an effective approach to resist impulses since this creates a mental barrier against the urges and the capacity for awareness against the urges.

Close our eyes for a moment and pay attention to our intonation, which includes breathing in, breathing out, and the space between our breaths.

Variation 1

10 reps

If you find it hard to meditate, a method which you can do is to do the intonation of the breath technique 10 times, which can easily be done by everyone as the beginner stage.

Two Minute Rule

The two-minute rule is straightforward as what you need to do is go on this website, and just simply do nothing for two minutes to remove any urges, and be calm and mindful for two minutes straight. This is extremely useful as it allows you to get rid of your thoughts.


Trying to resist urges is difficult we have all tried it but have failed. Now you might be thinking if we accept the urges, wouldn’t we just give in and just relapse? A renowned Australian Mental Health Institute has researched this and created a technique called Urge Surfing

The main goal is to not directly confront our urges. Also, there is an urge surfing app on the play store and it is really helpful dso give it a try

Example: Once you have the urges, acknowledge them aloud or in your head, for example, “I have the urge to Fap” or “I really need to watch Porn.” As a result, you are observing the changing nature of urges, highlighting that you have these urges inside of you that want to do something that could be harmful.


Strass balls are perfect for relieving tensions and urge as they bring you back to the present moment, relieving any urges whilst enhancing emotional stability whilst improving concentration and mindfulness throughout the day.


Motivation is key to defeating Nofap, as it is what drives us to be successful and reach our goals. Once you get these urges or even better say these responses daily this will help rewire your brain as well as give you motivation. Here are some phrases to say

  • People can sense that you are a Beta male
  • If you fap you are training yourself to be mediocre
  • There will never be a day that fapping to porn will make you happy
  • If don’t already have ED chances are high that you will get it.
  • Porn will leave you in a distressed mental statE


For this technique have a rubber band around your wrist and every time you have the urge, use the rubber band to flick it at your wrist, not only does it prevent you from relapsing as well makes your focus on the present and makes you scared to relapse.


Only do this if this is possible if you can’t do it splash cold water on your face, as it takes you out of the moment and focus and also Ice baths are twice as better than cold showers as many athletes use this as well after their training or workout as boost testosterone levels so give it a shot.

Thanks For Reading!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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