17 Benefits of Not Ejaculating For 30 Days

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  • Published: March 12, 2021
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Internet is a great place to learn new skills or to enhance your old ones. It is a great way to connect with new people as well. However, it is also influencing people negatively.

The porn market is growing rapidly, According to various reports, currently, the porn industry’s net worth is about $97 billion. This money is enough to feed at least 4.8 billion people a day.

Every year, Hollywood releases roughly 600 movies and makes $10 billion in profit. And how much porn industry makes? 13,000 films and close to $15 billion in profit. The porn industry makes more money than Major League Baseball, The NFL, and The NBA combined.

You might think, why I am sharing this information with you? I want you to know how badly we all are addicted to it. 12% of the internet is related to pornography. The grip is getting stronger and stronger day by day.

The main reason behind your masturbation addiction is porn. Have you ever noticed that you never masturbate without porn?

First, we have to kick out porn if we really wanna stop unnecessary ejaculation.

Your body takes time to create semen. It contains a lot of important nutrients too, but when we waste it regularly, our body’s main priority becomes creating semen and that could impact our mental and body strength poorly.

Taking a 30-day NoFap challenge could fix those problems created by PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) addiction. However, it is not at all easy. It takes extreme motivation and dedication, but when you will cross that 30-day mark, you’ll see some incredible benefits. Here is the list of benefits you will get after practicing 30 days Nofap challenge.

1: Activeness

Regular ejaculation increases laziness in you, and because of it, smaller tasks become very difficult. You start to delay things that ultimately boost feelings of guilt.

Nofap for 30 days provides you the energy that helps you to fight laziness and complete your daily goals. You’ll feel that you are not lazy anymore and you are finishing your work on time.

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2: Strong muscles

You’ll not find any gym trainer who says masturbation will not affect your gains. Gym trainers suggest not to masturbate daily because it will stop your muscle growth.

Masturbation weakens your body and decreases your muscle strength. Nofap on other hand boosts your testosterone levels and it has been proved that an increase in testosterone levels boosts muscle strength as well.

3: Smooth Hair

Itchiness, dry hair, thin hair, and hair breakage are very common issue a person faces who waste his time masturbating while watching porn.

Nobody likes to lose their hair, however, we know that we can not do anything if it is genetics, but if it isn’t genetics then we can do a lot of things to stop it. The First would be stopping regular masturbation because

4 endocrinologists in 1976 itself confirmed that masturbation causes an increase in DHT levels, you can also cross-check this with any endocrinologists.

And yes, masturbating 2-3 times a week may not cause hair loss but masturbating once or more every day would significantly increase DHT and block nutrient supply to the affected follicles thereby causing hair loss.

4: Alive eyes

My eyes feel fresh, and dark circles are also gone. An average porn viewer wastes about 3 hours a day watching porn that impacts his eyes terribly. The screen produces blue light which causes dry and itchy eyes also dark circles.

NoFap is very powerful, it provides an insane amount of energy to the body which brings incredible changes and one of them is improved eyesight.

Not much research has been done on this topic however it has been noticed that an increase in testosterone levels may impact the eyes as well, positively.

5: Better Skin/Glowing Skin

Dull skin decreases your self-confidence, also people perceive you like you are very tired. Everyone wants crystal clear skin however daily masturbation increases the chances of acne, pimples, and oily skin.

I’ve noticed that my skin is looking more youthful. I’ve never noticed anything like this. My friends wanna know the secret, but I like to keep it a secret.

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6: High Confidence

Confidence is extremely important to succeed in life. However, porn is killing your confidence silently. You don’t even realize how much damage it is doing to your confidence.

Quitting PMO can be the best decision if you really wanna have sky-high confidence. If you look at those people who decided to move on from porn and masturbation, one thing you’ll find common in them and that is confidence, they all have great confidence.

7: Strong Immunity

Are you catching a cold or flue every month or two? Maybe it is because you have weak immunity. It has been observed that people who ejaculate often have a weaker immunity as compared to those who don’t.

Stopping ejaculation for 30 days can boost your immunity, and you’ll also notice that you are not falling sick easily.

8: Heavy Voice

Your testosterone levels and voice are related, if testosterone is high, the voice will be heavy too. According to a study, Nofap boosts testosterone levels by 150% in just a week and that causes heaviness in voice.

Nobody can ignore a heavy voice, it sounds powerful. You can also get it, but it is not that easy, you have to cross 30 days for it on Nofap.

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9: High Motivation

Without motivation, I won’t be writing this post. Motivation is a must if you wanna pull something big in your life. PMO addiction sucks your motivation like a vacuum cleaner.

When I asked a masturbation addict, how it feels to do normal day-to-day tasks? he replied: it feels like I can’t start or finish even simple, everyday tasks. Getting off the couch to wash the dishes or drive to the supermarket feels like climbing Mount Everest.

Is it your story too? If yes, then try to stop it for just 30 days, you’ll find yourself in a better position, motivation will be higher than ever.

10: More Time

We only get 86,400 seconds, once passed, they will not come back again. We have to utilize it well, only then we will be able to create a good future for ourselves. Sadly, youths are going after porn more than ever before, the main reason behind it is that it is easily available, you are just one click away from watching porn.

Nofap stops time-wasting. It pushes you to work, and you know how it feels after finishing the pending work.

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11: Attraction Towards Girls

Girls don’t like those men who have low confidence and low desire to achieve something. In fact, nobody likes them. Attractive people have charming personalities full of confidence, and they are also good at catching attention with their words.

With the help of Nofap believe me, you can get that charisma in your personality. The energy that you’ll get through Nofap will attract girls. Nofap will create that vibration in your personality that will attract everyone.

12: Increased Stamina

Are you getting tired while performing the smallest of tasks? It is because of the energy you are releasing regularly. Masturbation kills your stamina in no time.

Try yourself, masturbate just before planning for the gym, I bet most of you will not go, it is because it destroys the desire of working hard. Masturbation puts you in a never-ending relax mode and that can be bad for your present and future.

13: Increased Social Skills

If you notice that your words are not coming perfectly out of your mouth or you feel awkward while talking to someone or if you are unable to make eye contact then that means you lack social skills.

Social skills can be improved by applying these tips, however, if don’t stop your PMO addiction, these tips will not work. Porn and masturbation addiction cuts you out from the outside world which ultimately increases social anxiety and poor social skills.

14: Happiness

It feels good to say, I’ve not masturbated and watched porn for a month. When you achieve a milestone like this, it releases feel-good chemicals in your body and you feel happy.

Porn and masturbation make us happy for some time but after that, never-ending guilt starts to take place in our minds, and that hurts a lot.

15: Improved Body Language

Body language tells a lot about yourself. A confident person walks like a confident person, but a person who is struggling daily with his addiction throws negative signs through his body which makes him look unattractive.

You may have heard this, “The first impression is the last impression” this statement is very true. A person’s personality has to be rock solid if he wanna create a place for himself in this competitive era. But what masturbation gives is the opposite of it, masturbation and porn work as termites which makes you empty from the inside. In the end, you don’t feel good and when you don’t feel good, you don’t engage well with society.

16: Desire Of Achieving Something Big In Life

You should have big dreams, and I know most of you have, but the desire is not there. It is because you are giving your time to fake things like porn and masturbation, these two hide reality.

The reality is very tough to digest. The competition outside is growing like Tesla shares. You have to stop it today otherwise someone else is ready to take your place, and the, lifelong regret will stay with you.

With Nofap, you are not just quitting your PMO addiction, but actually, you are telling yourself that you can do anything.

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17: Maturity

Masturbation and porn send you into a fake world where having sex with a girl looks damn easy. in reality, girls are totally different, and also, girls find it gross to have sex with anyone. They look for a partner who is mature and funny, not depressed and dreamy.

Nofap creates distance between you and your fake world and gives a taste of reality. I’ve found something interesting, people who masturbate regularly behave like a child, they mostly don’t make any sense with their talk.

Be smart, quit it today for 90 days. can’t do this for 90 days? Try 30, but do it!

Thanks For Reading!!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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