Do These Things To 20X NoFap Benefits

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: October 26, 2020
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Are you on Nofap but not getting the benefits that you thought of? Well, this could be because of many reasons.

We’ll discuss it today, what do you have to stop and what to start to see the true benefits.

I received one mail from one of the users of this site. He asked, I am on Nofap day 24 but not getting the benefits. There is some spike in my energy but nothing else like high confidence, less anxiety, and many other things.

I replied to him about the possible reasons, and what he has to do to see the benefits.

After some time after sending the mail, I decided to share those points with you guys also, the possible reasons that are hindering benefits, and also what to do to 20X benefits.

Things You Have To Stop


1: – Sitting In A Room And Just Abstaining From Porn And Masturbation

First of all, it will not be going to work for long. You’ll have to add few fun things in your day-to-day life to help your brain that fights strong masturbation urges when you abstain from porn and masturbation.

Just sitting in a room and suppressing your urges will only be going to harm you, in fact, it may hurt your brains that particular part which is responsible for creative thinking.

Things that I recommended are solving a puzzle as it will help in strengthing your brain, trying Rubrics Cube, writing a story or a song, and anything that requires your brain’s attention.

By doing so, it will be easy for you to stay on NoFap even when you are alone and have nothing fun to do.

Most people don’t try these things and that’s why they fail. They just read and go. You have to apply these tips that I am sharing with you, otherwise, it will be impossible to break the PMO addiction that you are having.

2:- Playing Too Much Video Games

Until you are winning the game, everything will go fine but once you start to lose, you’ll face a hard time in controlling the urges of masturbation and porn.

How do I know this?

well, I have relapsed many times, I don’t even remember how many times I have relapsed. I always do one thing and that is, I write down the reason that pushed me to relapse.

I noticed that gaming played a big role in relapsing. Losing in a video game constantly feels unpleasant, and humans tend to go to that way that can give us pleasure, not pain, and then we watch porn and masturbate and again start playing video games and again masturbate, the cycle keeps ongoing.

Limit the time that you give to video games. Everything feels great when you do it within a limit.

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to get addicted to games as they are available pretty easily. You can download thousands of games that are specially designed to get attention from you.

Even kids under 16, spending most of their time playing video games instead of going out and playing sports.

I don’t know what will happen in a hundred years. Our society is in danger, at least I think so.

3: Thinking About The Benefits All The Time

Its good to think about the benefits that you may get after completing 90 days, but thinking about it or I would say, dreaming about it all the time will not help at all, in fact, many people relapse because of this reason.

You and I aren’t the same. If I am getting benefits of nofap after 15 days that doesn’t mean that you will also notice changes in yourself after 15 days, it may take a while for you, it depends on how badly you’ve addicted to PMO.

Some people compare themselves to others and think that they should also get the same benefits that another guy is getting.

When they don’t get it, they feel it’s worthless to stay on Nofap, they quit before the real magic begins.

Do not compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with your past self. Notice the changes you are getting after abstaining from porn and masturbation, and stay on Nofap for longer.

You can try Reboot Cure if you are facing a lot of trouble staying on NoFap for longer. It has the best tips directly from the professionals. If you are interested then Click Here to visit Reboot Cure.

Things To Do Maximize The Benefits

1: Join A Gym Or Play Sports

NoFap gives you an insane amount of energy that you can use in the types of works that require a high amount of energy like lifting weights, cardio exercise, playing sports, and etc.

It would not be a good idea to save the energy that you are getting by practicing nofap and doing nothing with that.

Sex energy is the most powerful energy out there, that’s why most of the people who abstain from porn and masturbation, notice an insane growth in their muscle mass.

Go join a gym if you haven’t already!

2: Eat Eggs Or Soya If You Are Vegan

Eggs are the most beneficial food that anyone can include in their daily life. It contains a good amount of protein, Omega3, Phosphorus, and many other vital elements that could easily boost your overall health.

Eating eggs daily gives you power, and you can use that power to complete your daily tasks.

Eggs are also beneficial for your brain as it contains Vitamin B6. A strong brain means better control of your urges.

What if you are a vegan? You can try soya, it is also a great source of protein and other vital elements.

3: Take Cold Showers And Meditate At least 10 Minutes A Day.

I always guide people to add meditation to their daily routine as it is one of the most beneficial things a person can do. Meditation makes your brain strong enough to sustain the pressure you may face while on the journey. Mediation provides you the calmness to handle situations where you are heading towards a relapse. It also boosts spirituality and makes life easy & smooth.

A cold shower is incredibly beneficial for your mind and body, and many people who have quitted or trying to quit PMO addiction suggests newcomers to use a cold shower as their weapon to destroy urges of PMO.

I’ve also used cold showers many times to come back from the stage where I was an inch closer to a relapse.

Read More:

4: Learn A New Skill Or Polish Older One

NoFap may feel boring for many people as they don’t have many things to do. I’ve seen many people complaining that when they go on Nofap, they feel boredom, and that’s why they relapse.

To counter boredom, you first have to find a way to decrease procrastination because when you’ll decrease procrastination, it’ll become easy for you to not stay idler. has published 11 very effective points that can help you decrease procrastination, read it here.

Learning a new skill is a pretty effective way to decrease sexual thoughts that comes to your mind every time.

5: Approach Real Women

Understand this, porn is fake and you have to admit it. The emotion which they bring in their videos gives a completely wrong idea about what reality actually looks like.

Real sex is far different from porn. Real sex is the meetup of two souls and it gives unimaginable pleasure, but porn gives us false hopes and false pleasure. AWAKE!

6: Groom Yourself

It will give you confidence and positive feelings that will help you stay on NoFap longer. Those people who spend most of their time watching porn and jerking off eventually become really lazy and it becomes hard for them to groom themself regularly.

7: Surround Yourself With Positive People And Affirmations

Negative people could hurt your motivation. Look out for those people who have a positive mindset, try to implement the things that they do to stay positive all the time. Ask them the key to staying cool and don’t hesitate in any situation. It will make you feel stronger and ultimately you’ll have a positive mindset.

Talk To Yourself

Whenever you are about to relapse TALK TO YOURSELF!. Ask questions like what will happen if you relapse? What will be the consequences of it? How Will I Manage The Regret I’ll Get After Relapse?

These kinds of questions may help you delay or stop the relapse.

Thanks for reading!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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