6 Tips To Deal With Boredom On NoFap

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  • Published: November 8, 2020
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In my post Why 99% Of People Fail On NoFap, I discuss the biggest reasons for relapse and one of them was boredom.

People find Nofap pretty boring and that’s why some people relapse even before completing a good amount of days on NoFap, and that makes them feel guilty and sad.

Boredom is common when you go on NoFap, but it’s not good to relapse just because of boredom.

Why do We feel Boredom On NoFap?

The possible reason behind it is dopamine. It is a stimulatory chemical that is responsible for happiness. Porn releases a great amount of dopamine and that makes us feel like we are on cloud 9. It feels great and we feel satisfied.

But when we don’t give our brain the same amount of dopamine that we used to give it, we feel boring. No other thing gives us the same amount of dopamine as porn does, not even dr*gs like Coca*ne and Her*in.

How to not feel boring on NoFap? The answer is simple. Give your brain the same amount of dopamine that porn gives, But how we can do this? We gonna learn about it in this article.

I have some special tips for you guys that may help you counter boredom. I think these tips will work for you as it always works for me.

1 Look Out For Real Girls

Girls give a different kind of feeling. It can easily distract anyone from porn and masturbation.

I know most of the people who are reading this are single, and porn might be the reason why you’re single. Porn destroys the confidence which is needed to approach a girl.

Porn makes us so introverted that it becomes very difficult to even talk to a girl.

I noticed that when we talk to a girl we instantly forget about porn and masturbation because in reality girls are very different. They talk differently, behave differently, and overall feel differently as compared to those porn actresses.

2 Watch And Read Interesting Stuffs

Feeling boring? Search questions like How much I would weigh on Mars? What’s the age of the universe? How long is a light-year?

The Internet is huge, you can find answers to literally every question, then why not use it to our advantage. The Internet can help you to stay away from relapses.

Nowadays everyone has a mini-computer in their hands, it is the most amazing thing, we can do a lot with it, but the problem is that we dont really use it in a good way, we usually waste time while watching crap.

Use your phone or PC in the best way possible, gain knowledge from it because knowledge can turn your life.

Whenever I feel bore on Nofap, I watch space videos because they fascinate me the most. Do you know? if we compress our earth to the size of a coin, it will become a black hole and it will weigh the same 5.972 × 10^24 kg, Interesting right?

Read something new, discover something new, but don’t watch porn just because you are feeling bore.

3 Music Is Mood Changer

Music shifts mood easily, we feel better when we listen to a song. You may have heard this point that you should listen to music when you are feeling you are about to relapse and it works 100%.

Listing to your favorite artist or song releases a good amount of dopamine and you feel good, and it also decreases urges of PMO.

Whenever I write blog posts, I listen to music. My brain works better and I feel great.

Also, according to some studies, music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. Source: hopkinsmedicine.org

4 Relapse Will Not Make Your Life Better

If you think boredness will go away when you relapse, then you are pretty wrong.

I have relapsed many times, I feel worse after relapse, boredness doesn’t go away and pain, regret, and sadness come back.

It’s better to feel bored for some time as compared to feeling isolated. If you have started NoFap for a change then don’t quit because of these shitty little things. Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

5 Try Reboot Cure It’s Awesome

Reboot cure is a program that I have made for you guys with the help of my friend Kevin.

We have focused on every point that can help a person beat their sexual urges and think beyond them.

You can download the workbook and an audio version of it. Whenever you will feel bored, you can read or listen to it, and I will help you feel motivated towards your goal, and also you’ll not feel bored.

If you are interested, you can click here to visit the page or you can continue reading this article and once you’ll complete it, you can click the link present at the bottom of the post.

Read More

6 Talk to yourself and build an inner world

I’m not suggesting you create a complete split between yourself and reality.

But also understand that if you can’t find quality in your immediate surroundings, you can easily find it within yourself.

Solving internal problems, reviewing knowledge, coming up with new ideas, creating stories, or even planning for the future are all areas you can explore in the mind without any external stimulus.

Use “boring” moments as chances to brainstorm. It’s a lot easier to cope with a humdrum reality if you’re able to use the time to examine possibilities within your mind.

If you’re really at a loss, you can imagine a story about 2-3 of the people and objects in your vicinity. This is a great way to exercise your creativity and sharpen your observation skills.

Thanks For Reading

Reboot Cure: Quit PMO And Save Yourself

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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