30 NoFap Benefits in 30 Days (Complete List)

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: July 17, 2022
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Hey Guys hope you have been well, and surviving Nofap. Many of you who are still on NoFap November, may be feeling discouraged or unmotivated to continue. However, I recently passed my 30-day streak, and I am here to convince you that there will be good times are ahead. Only a few more days and I guarantee you will have this majestic feeling. (You will feel like the image above trust me) Let’s get into it, shall we?

More Muscle Mass

The seamen in which we ejaculate contains protein, which is integral to building muscle. With this being stored the semen which is normally lost during masturbation, it will build and support your muscle mass as this is being accumulated over a large period of time. I can support this through, my personal experience, as without nofap, I was ejaculating consistently and working out daily however there were only limited results but with Nofap, I experienced much larger growth than normal.

Better Performance

Energy is defined as the ability and strength to perform actions. With Nofap it saves your energy, as masturbating will deplete your energy, leaving no energy for important tasks, however, you will have more energy, as from personal experience I was able to study and carry out tasks for an extra three hours into the night than what I would normally.

Deeper Voice

Semen retention increases the testosterone by a large amount, as semen is integral for building testosterone. High Testosterone is often linked with a deep voice, but the main point is that it is heavily linked to attraction in females. I mean who wouldn’t want that.

Dislike/Bored of Porn

Once you pass 30 days the idea of porn, stops becoming appealing to you as you have sustained without it for a long time, and you begin to realize that you can live a life without Porn.

Better Skin/Glowing Skin

Dull skin decreases your self-confidence, also people perceive you like you are very tired. Everyone wants crystal clear skin however daily masturbation increases the chances of acne, pimples, and oily skin.

I’ve noticed that my skin is looking more youthful. I’ve never noticed anything like this. My friends wanna know the secret, but I like to keep it a secret.

High Motivation

Without motivation, I won’t be writing this post. Motivation is a must if you wanna pull something big in your life. PMO addiction sucks your motivation like a vacuum cleaner. Because I Nofap I was able to build my confidence and survive the exam period, which was because of the power of Nofap.

Actually, get a proper Girlfriend

Without Porn, you will try to find a Girl, that is actually means something to you and you value most, unlike the fake image which porn perceives. Porn perceives an image, that women are objects, and the love should be based upon sexual attraction, however, abstaining from this for 30 days will make your brain look for meaningful girls or someone that you unconditionally love.

Increased Mindfulness and Focus

Nofap helps to maintain focus and will remove the brain fog hindering your focus. This is integral as on a daily basis we make decisions without being mindful or in class or work we may lose focus which can have a negative impact on your work performance.

Maturity – (Very Attractive)

Masturbation and pornography transport you to a fantasy realm where having sex with a female appears to be simple. Girls, on the other hand, are completely different, and they find having intercourse with anyone disgusting. They want a mature and amusing spouse, not someone who is depressed and dreamy.

Nofap puts a barrier between you and your made-up world, giving you a taste of reality. I’ve discovered something fascinating: persons who masturbate on a daily basis act like children, and their conversations are frequently incomprehensible.


We only get 86,400 seconds, once passed, they will not come back again. We have to utilize it well, only then we will be able to create a good future for ourselves. Sadly, youths are going after porn more than ever before, the main reason behind it is that it is easily available, you are just one click away from watching porn. Also, it distracts you from your time to do important stuff.


PMO can cause erectile dysfunction, however, abstaining from this can significantly help, as this will help as normally you would use Porn to have an erection however abstaining from this develops resilience and moving away from the Porn.


Confidence is key to overcoming challenges in life, as I have experienced once I reached 30 days I was really confident in the challenges that arise in my exams, however, and once I relapsed this confidence suddenly was lost and I have no faith if I would be able to perform well. So keep on going!

More Mentally Tough

PMO makes you weak as you will energy and looking at stimuli such as Porn will decrease morale, as you rely on that for emotional attachment and happiness. You will be mentally weak if you come across something in your life because you will rely on that stimulus for happiness, however, abstaining for 30 days makes the brain seek emotional happiness through other means and not have any reliance on the stimuli.

Smoother Hair

Itchiness, dry hair, thin hair, and hair breakage are very common issue a person faces who waste his time masturbating while watching porn.

4 endocrinologists in 1976 itself confirmed that masturbation causes an increase in DHT levels, you can also cross-check this with any endocrinologists.

And yes, masturbating 2-3 times a week may not cause hair loss but masturbating once or more every day would significantly increase DHT and block nutrient supply to the affected follicles thereby causing hair loss.

Stronger Immunity

Are you catching a cold or flying every month or two? Maybe it is because you have weak immunity. It has been observed that people who ejaculate often have a weaker immunity as compared to those who don’t.

Stopping ejaculation for 30 days can boost your immunity, and you’ll also notice that you are not falling sick easily.

Reduced Social Anxiety

If you notice that your words are not coming perfectly out of your mouth or you feel awkward while talking to someone or if you are unable to make eye contact then that means you lack social skills.

Social skills can be improved by applying these tips, however, if don’t stop your PMO addiction, these tips will not work. Porn and masturbation addiction cuts you out from the outside world which ultimately increases social anxiety and poor social skills.

Clean Thoughts

We start to look at females in the wrong manner when we watch too much porn, which is uncomfortable since they don’t even know who you are and you’re thinking about having sex with them.

I used to have these kinds of ideas, but they’ve all but vanished now. I wouldn’t say they’ve entirely vanished, but they’ve definitely diminished.

Better Memory

Do you find it difficult to recall things? Then nofap might be able to assist you. I’m not sure what the science is behind it or how it improves our memory, but it works, and I’ve personally witnessed it.

Because NoFap will help you delete the porn memories in your brain and fill that empty space with something more knowing, you will begin to recall things that you were forgetting easily.

Many people who have reached 30 days have noticed that their memory ability is fast improving.


Excessive fapping lowers your self-esteem. I used to believe that I was just a failure who lacked confidence. However, I had a glimmer of hope that one day I’d be able to alter myself, but I needed something extraordinary.

When I say something now, I notice that people pay attention to me. Confidence aids us in achieving our goals.


Everyone has gone through embarrassing moments in some way in their life, but what will you do if it starts to happen every day.

Nofap helps to fight anxiety and makes life smoother. My life before nofap was full of cringe, but now, wherever I go everyone respects me and perceives me as an intellectual man, not as stupid.

After completing this life-changing challenge, I noticed another benefit of nofap and that is now I always look people into their eyes, and when I say something people pay attention to it, and without Nofap, your brain is exhausted and you will tend to say things that will embarrass yourself.


The ability to think clearly and reasonably about what to do or believe is known as critical thinking. It necessitates the capacity to think critically and independently. Critical thinkers are capable of doing the following tasks:

  • understand the logical connections between ideas
  • identify, construct and evaluate arguments
  • detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning
  • solve problems systematically
  • identify the relevance and importance of ideas
  • reflect on the justification of one’s own beliefs and values

Critical thinking is not a matter of collecting information. A person with good memory and who knows a lot of facts is not certainly good at critical thinking,


Once you hit the 30-day mark, you will less likely to procrastinate, as after watching porn and ejaculating, we usually get lazy, and we start to delay the work, as we have released all our energy into masturbating. However, during the 30 days, we retain the energy and use it for our daily tasks.


Have ever felt disgusting after fapping, I know most of you would have felt disgusted. It is because we know how bad excessive masturbation is for our health and for our future but we still do it, we still surrender ourselves in front of that demon PMO.

Nofap develops belief in yourself and makes you realize your true potential. Ultimately, you start to love yourself and become a hero in your own eye and after 30 days you will treat yourself better which will help you much better trust me.


PMO will make you unhappy as you have the guilt of not continuing your streak as well as the unhappiness of realizing what you have done, however, after 30 days you will experience happiness in realizing that you have made such an achievement as well being happy from the benefits received.

A study, published in 2018, used a sample of 1,639 individuals to investigate a link between depression, porn use, and folks’ definitions of porn.

The researchers found that some people feel guilty, upset, or otherwise distressed when viewing sexual content. These feelings could impact your overall emotional health.


Increasing your stamina is important for a healthy lifestyle as it can help lower your heart rate, blood pressure and help burn fat.

People who engage more in porn and masturbation generally give poor performance in any activity that requires good stamina as compared to those who don’t.

And one thing more, You will also have strong bedroom stamina but for this, you will have to wait for 90 days because nofap takes time to reboot all of your faults that you have done in your past.

Anyways that’s it guys, make sure to check out our Insta.

Thanks and Stay strong guy you will pull through.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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