6 Ridiculously easy proven Nofap strategies to drastically maintain a long streak.

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  • Published: July 15, 2022
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  • 6 Ridiculously easy proven Nofap strategies to drastically maintain a long streak.

Meditation, Cold Showers, have a minimal effect in fighting the urges against Nofap, how many times have people tried this and failed.

The reason being is that this doesn’t directly fight the urges, but just suppresses this for a short amount of time.

However, it can easily spring back up again. I have compiled a variety of techniques from all over the internet, to help you have an extra long streak.


This strategy is derived from the book Power over Porn if you are serious about defeating your urges I suggest that you take a look into this book.

The power strategy is to list five positive consequences or goals that will arise from abstaining from doing Nofap. For example, my goals or visions are (You will think that these goals are useless or not strong enough, Remembers: this your brain in denial about not watching porn ) 

  1. University
  2. Amazing relationship
  3. More attractive
  4. Build confidence
  5.  Reach my fitness goals

(Say these goals 5-6 times a day)

The next step is to say this in this order

  1. I have the urge to (Insert urge, Be Specific!!!)
  2. But, I have the Power and control over my urges
  3. I have the power and I choose (Insert all the goals)

2. NOFAP ≠ No Social Media

Looking at social media , the user logs on and see what other people have uploaded, but as studies have shown social media, make you in a subtle way want to experience what is on the screen.

So for example you, see a guy with fast cars and designer clothes, but you contemplate that, ‘jeez I wish I had something like that’ or ‘How can I have this experience’

The link with Nofap, is that if you see a racy Instagram model,  your brain will look for ways to experience this or will start to sexualise these images, thus your urges to look at porn to or masturbate to these types of images will increase.

3.THE ‘easy peasy‘ WAY TO QUIT PORN

This method is based from the book, ‘The Easy Peasy Way to Quit Porn’ by Allen Carr, which I highly recommend which you should read. So the basic points is that Porn essentially brainwashes you, into thinking you are having artificial sex, objectifying women and so on.

So what the book tells us to do is to reverse this and heal, by doing a little bit of brainwashing ourselves. so what we have to do, is 

  1. When you have any urges NEVER fight them, say to yourself that I am in control.
  2. Say these any affirmations
  • I’m free from the slavery of porn.
  • It’s easy to ignore my thoughts about porn.
  • Bye-bye thoughts, bye-bye urges. Oh, there goes my cravings.
  • I focus my subconscious mind to overcome porn addiction.
  • Porn steals my time, energy, and vitality.
  • Beating porn gets exponentially easier day by day and in every aspect.
  • I enjoy and value my porn-free, strong, happy, light and easy lifestyle.
  • If I look back and think about my progress, it gives me great joy and pride
    in myself.
  • Every time I see other porn users I get more motivated to see myself break
    that chain.
  • All that pent-up energy is healing my body and mind. Then, I can do more
    productive and challenging work towards my values and goals.

3. After this, you should do a couple of mindfulness exercises.

(You should read these affirmations every day regardless if you have urges or not.)


This one is quite simple, so what you need to do is to when you have thoughts or any urges you need to think that ‘I am entering the relapse zone’

Stay calm, Walk away from whatever you are doing, and think that I am entering the relapse zone. Think of the negative consequences, and take some time off.


This strategy is based on the website Neverfap deluxe. Essentially what the website tells us is that we can abstain from relapsing through effective meditation followed by mindfulness activities.

The website describes that you must do at least 10 minutes of meditation, and should be working this upwards and aim for more like 20 min. The website says to also, do mindfulness activities, to enhance the control over the brain and emotions, as much as possible throughout the day.

6. Catching the lie

This is from the book power over porn. When your urges catch up you get the idea that you “Must have a peek” “I need to release the tension”. These are all lies and it is your brain, trying to relapse.

What you need to do is to whenever you have these urges, do an evil laugh in your head (I know this sounds weird and creepy but bear with me). This gives off the impression to yourself that this is a lie, and these are simply urged.


This is a Bonus tip. When you are saying to your self I want to fap or watch porn, instead of this use the word bleach. Why you ask? Bleach is nasty and disgusting chemical, and remember Porn is useless and has no value, like bleach. To put in an example:
I want to watch porn. Instead, think. I want to drink bleach, and so on.

Instead of everyone watching Porn it’s okay, think, Everyone, drinks bleach, it’s okay

Think of this phrase instead and it will help drastically.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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