14 Serious Disadvantages of Masturbation – STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

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  • Published: July 20, 2022
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  • 14 Serious Disadvantages of Masturbation – STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Masturbation isn’t a bad thing until it becomes an addiction. When I first discovered what masturbation is, I felt amazing but now, last night when I masturbated, I felt disgusted.

It has become an addiction. I am not the only one who wanna quit this addiction, actually, there are a lot of people who are struggling and wanna find a way to quit this habit and live life happily.

There are some serious disadvantages of excessive masturbation people should know.

The disadvantages that I am gonna tell you are based on my personal experience and some research I did online. There is no solid proof available on the internet about how masturbation affects your overall health.

Everyone on the internet is praising masturbation. They are tagging it as a healthy activity (regular activity) which sometimes pisses me off.

I’m pretty sure, you’ll relate to every disadvantage I mentioned below, so, make sure to read the complete article to get the complete knowledge about how masturbation destroys us.

1: Low energy

Have you ever felt a burst of energy after masturbation? Maybe not, right?

Most of us feel low after ejaculation. We just lay on the couch and watch Netflix the whole day.

Masturbation makes you a sloth, but not many people understand this. That’s because no big health website writes the reality about masturbation, they all try to hide its downside and they only show positives.

I am a football player (I play for my college team), I prefer not to masturbate before the game because I know if I do that, I’ll sure perform poorly.

It sucks your stamina and puts you in a state of temporary relaxation which keeps you away from harsh reality.

You have to be energetic if you wanna keep up with the world. There is no place for laziness.

2: Procrastination

A masturbation addict always delays things. They find it very boring to invest their time in doing productive things, instead, they focus their minds on playing video games because video games provide almost the same dopamine as masturbation.

Procrastination might be the biggest reason why you’re not successful. Stop masturbation and I am sure you’ll see improvement in your work life.

3: Loss of interest (Anhedonia )

According to Psychologytoday.com, Anhedonia is one of the main symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD). It is the loss of interest in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities. People suffering from clinical depression lose interest in hobbies, friends, work, and even food. It’s as if the brain’s pleasure circuits shut down or short out.

You can ask anyone who is going through masturbation addiction. Most of the daily bangers lose their interest in doing things that normal people find interesting.

I know how it feels after a relapse, and that is why I have created a program that’ll help you quit porn and masturbation addiction, check out Lifeforce Mastery (Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes)

4: Using social media more

The combination of binge social media and excessive masturbation could be lethal. I noticed that social media becomes our best friend when we jerk off often.

Social media are not too bad, but when we use them excessively and begin to give them more importance than it deserves, then problems start to occur, and it could hurt your productivity, eyesight, and self-confidence.

Quitting masturbation doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll stop using social media entirely, but surely you’ll see some improvement.

5: Difficulty in understanding things

Our brains should be focused while learning anything new. People who masturbate excessively, face difficulty while understanding new things. It makes their brain slower while understanding even the smallest or easiest things.

6: Difficulty in communicating with others

Do you also feel nervous while talking to new people? Well, you’re not the only one, most of the people who masturbate face hard times while communicating with others. They lack words and use fillers more. It makes their personality look worsen.

Communication level can be elevated if you work on your self-confidence, but if you don’t stop fapping daily, no self-improvement guide will work for you.

7: Poor Time management

Addiction to masturbation leads to poor time management. We become so obsessed with masturbation that we put it on the top of our priorities. We spend hours masturbating, and it trashes the goals that we have set up for the day.

Train your mind to not watch porn. Give yourself challenges to decline the time your spend on screen. Try your best to stay away from places where porn is easily accessible. Don’t spend too much time alone. Use a motivational wallpaper on your phone and PC.

8: feeling unwell

I used to feel like I have a fever all the time, even though I didn’t have any fever. I also used to catch cough and cold easily compared to anybody else in my family. My father used to think I have some kind of internal sickness, and he used to worry about my health.

Now since I am on NOFAP, I hardly catch any seasonal flu. Now everything feels fresh and I feel healthy.

But why we don’t feel healthy after masturbation? I don’t have a proper scientific answer but I think that is because our semen and sperm are made up with important nutrition, and when we lose them, our body begins to produce it again, and that takes time, until then, our body remains unprotected from unhealthy bacterias or viruses, and that leads to cold, fever, flu, etc.

9: Depression

Depression is insanely dangerous for any human being. Excessive masturbation gives an invitation to depression because we all feel terrible after doing it. We all promise ourselves that we won’t gonna masturbate again from tomorrow but we still do it, and that damages our confidence and develops depression.

In 2017 when I was 18, I used to like a girl. She was in my college, and luckily I got the opportunity to be her friend.

She invited me to her birthday party. I was excited. She was looking like a princess who came from heaven just to meet me. We enjoyed ourselves a lot at that party.

But suddenly after one month, she stopped talking to me, and she blocked me from Instagram and Facebook. I was shocked, I wanted to know what happened. I tried many times to contact her but I failed.

Now it’s been 3 years. I don’t talk to her and I am still blocked. I don’t even care about it now but when I was in a relationship with masturbation addiction, I used to feel sad, I used to think about her and that used to make me feel really sad.

10: Feeling guilty

It happens with everyone. We all feel guilty like we have done a crime or sin. Feeling guilty makes you feel sad and it makes you depressed and it also decreases your self-motivation.

Self-motivation is the most important. You should have a belief in yourself. If you don’t have that, it would be nearly impossible for you to achieve something great in your lifetime.

(Hey, Do porn and masturbation prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself? If yes then please check out Lifeforce Mastery once Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes).

11: Harms relationship

There is compelling evidence that healthy relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life.

Masturbation replaces the physical connection with your partner, and it could negatively impact the relationship,” says psychologist Rachel Needle, PsyD.

12: Affects Dopamine

Dopamine is like food for our brain. Our brain only likes to do those things that can give us the highest burst of dopamine.

Dopamine is responsible for happiness and feeling of satisfaction. Masturbation gives our brain what it needs “Dopamine shot”. The brain is designed to seek shortcuts, it doesn’t like doing things that’ll take years to complete, the brain finds it boring, and that is the reason why people struggle to be consistent.

Masturbation doesn’t take time to feed your brain with dopamine, and that is why our brain becomes addicted to things like masturbation, sex, porn, and other types of addiction.

Masturbation is good and doesn’t affect your dopamine until, it is under control, but when it goes out of control, it affects your dopamine receptors badly and you lose interest, feel guilty, and feel unmotivated.

13: Yellowish eyes

Yellowish eyes look ugly. It shows you are not healthy or you are following a pretty bad diet.

I have noticed that my eyes turn yellowish after a month of regular masturbation. Not only eyes, but it also impacted my hair, and my hair started to turn grey.

14: Impacts memory

Are you having difficulty remembering things? If yes then it is a red signal. You have to stop it and you have to give your brain and body rest for some days.

Having a bad memory won’t be going to help you in your exams and other important things. Be smart, either limit masturbation to once a week or remove it completely.

Also, do not watch porn, it snatches your energy, confidence, time, and your smile. Again, be smart, don’t get fooled by big websites They always going to favor masturbation.

Share my work with your friends (by clicking on the share icon ), it improves my site engagement. Comment if you have any questions.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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  1. Bro, tell me about your other website and create a blog to explain how we gonna start our new blog websit, please
    And thank you for your valueble content, i am grateful for this

  2. this website is really a very helpfull for motivation …i am very thankfull to Allah to be found on very helpfull content on internet …you are doiny a very well ..to help others to get rid of this bad things …this website is amazing …do your duty with passionate

  3. I seriously need a solution to stop masturbation because is eating me up, for over years now I have been addicted to it.
    Thanks so much for content

  4. Hey,
    Tell me why Am I experiencing lack of concentration while I am practicing SR? Also, I have low energy, I have been doing NoFap for about 2 weeks and I do not see any positive benefits besides been tired.

    1. Hi Rio,

      You’re maybe in a condition called “flatline”. It may last for a month. It is possible to come out of flatline, I’ve written a post in which I’ve discussed the steps to take to come out of flatline faster (Read it here). Also, may I know your daily routine?

  5. Actually it’s a kind of addiction, leading people to do things without self control and finally a low quality of life. Thanks for your sharing and efforts , you are doing a thing very great! It can benefit millions of people!

  6. Hey man you are really doing a good job by helping youths coming out of this virtual (pornography) world. Your posts are awesome they gonna help everyone at not only in their NoFap journey but also in their various aspects of their life. Just continue this streak as long as possible. Thanks alot man..

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this. There is a lot of evil in this generation and people need things like this. I agree; it makes me mad when people right articles about how “good” and “wonderful” pornography and masturbation is. I can’t tell you how much this means to so many people. Happy New year!

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      Indeed, you won’t find any article online that conveys masturbation is harmful. Every big media houses want us to believe masturbation is magical and can help us solve every problem in our life.

  8. Masturbating excessively was like feeding a demon of sexual pleasure. The more I fed it, the bigger it would grow, and the more capacity it would take up in my brain. I was always at a loss for words, failing to communicate with others constantly, resulting in me becoming disconnected from my family over time, and my passion for fulfilling my aspirations was mostly replaced by a passion for masturbating. I had become a shell of my former self and I didn’t know why…. until I stumbled across your page and discovered exactly what the cause of all these detriments was…. a masturbation addiction. Whenever I had a relapse, that was the demon of sexual pleasure demanding that I feed it more dopamine so it could keep taking up more of my brain space. Then I learned that it’s better not to feed this demon, but to let it starve and die. It very well could wither and die if I don’t feed it for 30 days. I can feel it diminishing as time progresses…. I must thank you for making me aware of this demon in the first place. Thanks to you, I can finally proceed to fulfilling my aspirations.

  9. I felt every point was right I have lot of white hair, i forget things, don’t feel free to talk with others, I have yellowish eyes, i use social media more and more nearly 8-10 hours a day, I don’t roam with friends like I used to do a long ago, i don’t even talk with my parents more, I’m trying alot to come out of it but I am not able to quit masturbation

    1. I felt bad hearing your story. I have some tips for you that can divert your mind from porn and masturbation.
      1. Give small tasks to yourself, don’t go directly for 90 days, try to aim for 3 or 4 days. Once you successfully pass your first task, give another small task. Taking smaller tasks is a really powerful move, try it.
      2. Don’t feel bad after masturbation, it negatively affects your self-confidence. Just fight again.
      3. Download a NoFap day counter. These apps give you challenges and you’ll love them.
      4. Unsinstal social media for some days (like 3 or 4 days), it might help you in breaking the social media addiction.
      5. Talk more with your loved ones. They love, you love them. Share your feelings with them, it feels great!
      I hope you overcome your masturbation addiction soon!

  10. Hey bro, thanks for your motivation…Bro em suffering from 4 years…em addicted to this shit i masturbate daily before going to sleep…but em done now its really making me dull…em getting skinny day by day..and my face is also getting dull…my family thinks that i have some kind of internal problem…but that dont know wtf em doing…i want to quit it forever…but i can’t..somehow it comes back to me..i tried to quit it many of the times but i got failed..today i readed ur article…its all true..And em feeling more difficulties than them.. masturbating daily sucks…it ruins our life and kicks our future to darker…We loose intrest in ourselves..it forces us to spend time alone…and our mind becomes addicted to it .. whenever we see a pornographic content like a post of a girl wearing a short top our mind says lets masturbate…I want to QUIT this SHIT….
    Thanks for ur ARTICLE ❤️

  11. I have a alot of grey hair even i use colour to my hair..yellowish eyes..losing weigt.. don’t want to talk with anyone even my friends..I want to spend my whole time alone…

  12. Many Thanks for this wonderful information Sumit

    I too am baffled why there is not more information regarding the disadvantages of masturbation online!

    I have been suffering these types issues for a very long time now (Over 25 years) and have also lost my relationships because of it. its got to a stage where it has caused me to have physical issues and mental issues, I am now on a waiting list with the medical industry to see if i can try and over-come the situations and take my first steps to recovery.

    I have noticed for a while now, when i first wake up in the morning that my penis is hard even know i have no thought of any sexual desire? and as i know its hard and ready, i automatically start to masturbate, even know there is no need too? happens every morning for some reason over many years?

    Once again thanks for the wonderful information you have provided and hope it will help other to recovery before its too late and causes permit damage.

    Remember everyone the first step is to speak to someone who is close or a Doctor, from there it should get easier.



  13. A lot of what you mention isn’t a result of feeling guilty or nervous etc etc after someone climaxes. It’s actually a result of androgen receptors in the brain being nullified, then the body being unable to use almost any testosterone, which is pretty dangerous. Instead the body uses what estrogen there is, the harms memory/concentration, causes anxiety and depression, plus fatigue. It also harms muscle retention or gain and fat loss whilst making abdominal fat gain and retention easy.

    It’s all down to the androgen receptors being suppressed. Many health sites are paid by parent company’s of pornography websites, to make up nonsense about fapping having no effect. It’s actually quite dangerous to health.

  14. Everyone has the potential to succeed in their aspirations. Don’t forsake that potential just for some superficial sensation! It’s not worth it!

  15. So amazing, all your content was exactly happening to me right now

    But why many doctors, recommended masturbation for a healthy lifestyle 🤧

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