5 ways to permanently destroy your porn addiction.

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: December 10, 2021
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When people start out with the intention of no longer using porn or masturbating
they often discover, much to their own dismay, that porn is extremely
difficult to give up. It’s not enough to simply make a promise to stop
using porn, throw out a porn stash, or disconnect the Internet service in
order to succeed at quitting. In spite of a genuine intention to stop, the
desire to continue accessing porn can remain strong. Here I have compiled a series of methods used by therapists assisting those affected by Porn or Masturbation.


Inculcation is the process where you repeatedly place an idea into your brain of a theory similar to brainwashing. This is crucial porn brainwashes us into thinking that we need it to sustain and that we must masturbate however, if we repeadtly try to ‘Brainwash’ that we don’t need porn or masturbation we can be free from it’s clutches. For example

  1. Porn only creates a void
  2. I am free from porn
  3. I do not need porn or masturbation in my life

This brainwashes your brain into thinking that you don’t need porn or masturbation in your life.


This method is used to stop the influence of any triggers overcoming it, because even recovered porn addicts can still relapse as due to the triggers which can remind themselves of their past actions, such as even a beautiful lady can be a trigger,

So here it how it works when for example your minds notices ‘Oh there’s a picture of a sexy girl, quickly go ‘BOUNCE’ and look at something else or practice self awareness. This overtime will allow you to have more control over your thoughts.


Okay this may seem a little, simple but is not so hear me out. Support is necessary in order to combat this addiction. One of the best ways would be to have a personal counsellor, relationship counsellor or even a pastor or a religious person. Another way would be to have a conversation with us at Mr Mind-blowing, through our Instagram page, talk to us about your urges or how you are feeling.


Relapse can be detrimental to our recovery journey as this can be hard to maintain the streak or you may be on the verge of relapse and can be detrimental so the best way is to take out this prevention method which is the relapse model.

Step 1: Say to yourself that ‘I have an urge and I am in the danger zone’

Step 2: Calmly walk away and leave the area.

Step 3: Talk to someone or do something like meditation


You have probably heard about meditation in which allows the user to have control over the minds, however awareness significantly decreases the spark or the thoughts of relapse of porn, as you remain present in the moment. There are many self awareness exercises which is suitable for Nofap.


  • Be aware of your surroundings and the sounds, sights and what you feel.
  • Breathe in and out and notice it.
  • Subconsciously imagine that there is a lake or an environment around you

Anyways that’s it guys, be strong, TEXT US IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, until next time.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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  1. The problem is within the person. Porn is not the issue. Being selfish is the problem. Sex is a needed part of human life. If your doing things with your partner then your in good hands. If your not performing at a level your looking to be at you might need to “practice” with your body for positive outcomes. Its means not giving in to premature ejaculation. You work at training your body to do what you want vs. what it wants.

    Does that mean you’ll retain indefinitely? Likely not.

    Also, i read a claim that retention is good for fertility. This is very false. As someone who had to use fertility do tors to have kids I know for a fact that you must have release at least three days prior to day of conception or fertilization. Why? Because after a few days sperm motility decreases from sperm aging out and eventually dies. You need to flush the pipes per say to get ready to serve up the best and brightest.

    I get porn addiction. I understand the power of not letting sex acts drive you and when you have more time dedicated to life vs. selfish acts you get tons done. But let me just say that if your focusing your attention on your partner your going to be fine.

  2. Replying to Anony Anon, I completely disagree that problem is in person . Addiction is so gradual. And also porn is not sex don’t mix up these things and say that porn is not an issue it is a issue. Firstly it rewire our brain go read your brain on porn. It is a clinical based study. Secondly retention is definitely needed for fertility . You know it takes 70 days for sperm production and uses our very much energy. Therefore people claim to be more energetic. Thirdly when sperm reach in epididymis it has macrophage for removal of dead and slow sperm so kindly get knowledge then come and comment. Also after retention sperm production is there but it then only needs less energy.

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