13 NoFap Benefits in 15 Days (Bonus Tips and Tricks as well)

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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  • 13 NoFap Benefits in 15 Days (Bonus Tips and Tricks as well)

Hey guys, welcome back to another post in which I will go through 15 benefits received from 15 days. Hopefully, this will convince you to achieve this goal as these are some of the benefits received from abstaining for 15 days. Disclaimer some of these benefits may not appear for you it totally depends on the severity of your masturbation frequency and how much you consume watching porn. Here’s the full list.

  1. Mental Clarity

Focus is necessary to go about your daily task and especially succeed with these tasks. Masturbation causes fog in the mind, for example, once you relapsed you may feel angry, sad, and tired of the fact that you relapsed, as well as the fact that you can lose energy which will throw you off from your focus.

2. Increase mood and emotions

With Masturbation your mood will increase as you are able to get more things done, and as well you will be happy from the other benefits which you receive from abstaining from masturbation and watching pornography. As well as feelings such as guilt and sadness are gone, which are endured during relapse.

3. Self Control

Once we abstain from it for a small period of time we develop control over our thoughts and actions as we managed to suppress our urges for a period of time. We will have self-control and you will make the right decisions and actions and keep out of other bad habits, which is an important thing.

Self-control is the most difficult thing to do. If you can control yourself then you can literally do anything, believe me.

There are several ways to improve restraint, you can do meditation, yoga, and read books as well. But the most effective thing that you can do is to stop yourself from playing with your….you know.


Once again, this may happen at different stages for some people. When relapsing you lose valuable nutrients, and plus it drains your energy, so your face will look tired and drained like a zombie. So once you abstain for a period of time you will look tighter and have a better face. NOTE: Many people have said that they have reduced pimples and acne after abstaining.


In just one week, sperm retention raises testosterone levels by 45 percent and deepens your voice. My voice is now loud and clear, and this is 100% accurate; I even recorded my voice from day one to day thirty, and there was a visible difference in the structure of my voice.

It will take about a week, after which you will notice that your voice is going deeper and deeper with each passing day, and you know how much females adore a deeper voice.


Energy is the strength and ability to carry out a task. Relapsing causes you to lose that energy, as valuable minerals and vitamins are stored in semen as semen is a powerful force as it has the power to reproduce, hence the drainage of energy received from masturbation. Retaining it for 15 days can store that semen which can be used to carry out daily activities.


Low testosterone has been linked to a reduction in sleep length, worse quality sleep, frequent waking up, and sleep disruption in a sample of males aged 65 and over, according to research. As a result, an ideal level of free testosterone is responsible for total sleep quality.

The strange thing is that getting more sleep equals getting more testosterone.

Men who get fewer than 5-6 hours of sleep every night have 10% less testosterone in their bodies.

Rest to increase testosterone, and more testosterone equals better sleep.


Once you abstain from Porn for this amount of time, you will have more control of your mind and will see to dislike Porn, as your brain is actively trying to rewire the brain, and see relationships, women, and love in terms of reality rather than every one of these being centered around sex.


Ed can occur as dependence on Pornography will induce Porn induced erectile dysfunction, in which you will have to rely on pornography in order to have an erection, and abstaining from viewing will remove you from that dependence and will give you the ability to do it on your own.


This is similar to disliking Porn, however, you will stop sexualizing girls you are abstaining from masturbation which is often incorporating sexual imagery or pornography and you will start to see the true values of girls.

11. Increase Testosterone.

Just by abstaining from masturbation even for seven days has been proven to have increased in testosterone, and this increases, even more, when you have reached the two weeks time period as it believed in many studies that testosterone is doubled around the 14-day mark by a significant chance.


As we have discussed in the previous point there is an increase in testosterone, and it is linked that an increase in testosterone is proven to give a deeper voice. A deeper voice is much more attractive as well as it displays a sense of authority and confidence which is attractive amongst women and is often given respect from men as well.

13. Stamina

Stamina can be quite different from normal energy. This is the energy, used during such activities as running, playing a sport, or hitting the Gym. If we do not have enough stamina we lose the physical energy to perform in sport, which will decrease our physical level decreasing the potential we can endure. 


Okay so for some people getting to 15 days, may be a bit of a struggle, as I know and I have experienced it as well, but don’t worry, we will make sure that you will succeed.

TIP1: Be careful on these days: Day 2, Day 4, Day 6 and 7, Day 14. These are the days in which the urges are the strongest, so the plan is that on these AVOID DEVICES AND BEING ALONE. 

TIP2: Meditate daily, I guarantee you the people who surpass15 days and go through to large amount of days such as 90 days, have meditation as a must this gives you control over your thoughts and actions as this allows YOU TO BE IN CONTROL.

TIP3: DAILY AFFIRMATIONS will help you a lot as a society nowadays normalizes watching pornography and masturbating. Don’t give in. One of the ways I used to combat this is by using these affirmations. Here are some starters to use.

  1. I am no longer a slave of porn.
  2. There is never a good day when masturbating
  3. Relapse always ends in regret
  4. The urges will get easier and easier to control

Anyways thank you guys, that is it, stay connected through our social media page, and talk to us if you need to. Peace out ✌️

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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