46 Insane Benefits Of NoFap – Full List (2022)

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  • Published: December 8, 2019
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Hey, have you ever thought of quitting masturbation and porn? If yes, then welcome, this post is for you.

Quitting a habit isn’t as easy as it seems, it takes a lot of willpower and self-motivation.

Masturbation may seem like fun, but for some people like me, it has become an addiction, and it has to be stopped before it’s too late.

I feel low, I feel depressed, I feel scared each time I ejaculate. You too?

According to a study, porn and masturbation affect your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a crucial compound, and it is responsible for happiness.

The question is how someone can boost their dopamine level, the answer is pretty simple.

Start a Nofap challenge.

I have heard a lot of people saying NoFap is just a placebo effect and does not provide any kind of benefit, but I wanted to take part in it to see if it is really true or not.

After completing a month, I noticed some incredible changes in myself, so I decided to share all the benefits of nofap.

During the research for this article, I came to know, there are countless benefits of it, but here are a few of them.

Amazing Benefits Of NoFap

1:- Your Hairs 

nofap hair

When we ejaculate, we lose a small number of essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals including vitamin B12, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, citric acid, fructose, and lactic acid which are essential for healthy hairs.

Most importantly, we lose Vitamin C. It is one of the most vital nutrients for hair, and according to Healthline, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

In addition, your body needs vitamin C to create a protein known as collagen — an important part of the hair structure. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron, a mineral necessary for hair growth.

My hairs feel a lot smoother than ever before. In fact, my hair is growing faster as compared to those days when I used to fap all day.

Also, hair thinning is pretty common among those people who are going through masturbation addiction.

However, I do recommend visiting a doctor if nothing is working for you.

2:- More Energy

I used to become exhausted after playing half an hour of soccer, and I didn’t like it at all, I love soccer, I wanted to play it well, but there was something that was stopping me from getting it, but now things are in my favor, and now I can easily play more than I used to without being tired.

I play as a central midfielder, and football is all about CM. They create chances that strikers can convert. Midfielders require high stamina because they have to run at least 7Km per game.

And I didn’t have that much stamina when I was an addict to porn and masturbation. My college team rejected me from playing 11, even though I had better skills than most players, I was lacking stamina.

However, at that time, I did notice that whenever I entered the pitch without ejaculating, I performed better.

Now, when I am on nofap, I create more chances, my jersey number is 10, and most importantly, I don’t feel exhausted after half an hour.

You will also feel that you have a lot more energy, and now you can do things that require stamina.

It’s not just my story, everyone who has quit porn and masturbation for the better, has felt their stamina skyrocketed.

3:- Confidence

I have noticed that people who jerk off often, lose confidence drastically, they feel uncomfortable even going out of the home.

It is because of the guilt that comes after masturbation, it hurts our confidence, and makes us feel useless.

NoFap releases feel-good chemicals in our brain AKA “happiness hormones” which make us feel comfortable even in bad situations, apart from a happy mood, they give you optimism, energy, connection with people, and higher focus, and thus elevate your drive, leadership, and confidence at work.

4:- Respect For Women

Porn develops a wrong perspective about women in our brains. We start to perceive every woman as a material, not as a human.

We watch women being abuse in videos, and deep inside we know it’s totally wrong, however, we still watch it.

Our brain is designed to like these kinds of things, but that doesn’t mean we cannot change or train our brain.

NoFap is like a rehabilitation school, that trains our brain, actually, helps our brain to get rid of thoughts that wander inside our brain about women.

Women are sisters, mom, our first teacher, and life partner, not a slave.

5:- Happier

nofap happiness

You will find happiness in every moment of your life, and this is really really amazing.

No more sad moments in your life, and you will find it easy to move on.

I feel like I am living my life now! before that, I used to feel dead from inside. Everything seems so amazing, and I am feeling awesome while writing this post.

6:- Anxiety Gone

According to Anxiety.org, Anxiety is the mind and body’s reaction to stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations.

It’s the sense of uneasiness, distress, or dread you feel before a significant event.

A specific level of anxiety helps us stay alert and aware, but for those suffering from an Anxiety Disorder, it feels far from normal – it can be completely debilitating.

Fightthenewdrug.org wrote in their article,

Pornography addiction damages relationships and takes a toll on your overall mental, physical, and emotional health.

Through pornography, many try to cover up how they are truly feeling about themselves, relationships, and other aspects in their life they aren’t happy with.

In the end, not only have they missed out on finding/experiencing genuine love, but are left feeling even worse about themselves and their circumstances.

The guilt and shame associated with sexual addiction can be detrimental to your sense of self-worth, accomplishment, and the way you interact with others.

If you have low self-worth, a pornography struggle only fuels the fire and pulls you farther down the spiral of despising yourself more and continuing to participate in the destructive behaviors.

7:- Increased Social Skills

Spending time watching porn prevents you from meeting new people, making friends, which ultimately makes you feel disconnected.

After you ejaculate you may have noticed that you behave weirdly and you feel uncomfortable even in having a normal conversation with anyone.

I haven’t found any study during the research for this article that explains why it happens, why we feel so unease while communicating with others.

I don’t know why there are only a few studies have been done on the topic of masturbation on human behavior.

8:- Unlimited Motivation

Motivation is essential if you wanna do something big in your life. Without motivation, even the simplest of tasks seem like hiking a mountain.

Procrastination and motivation are inversely proportional. NoFap boosts your motivation and that helps you work hard and dream big.

Feeling of guilt trashes the motivation part in our brain, and that’s why we do nothing after masturbation, we just lay on the couch and wait for something to happen.

9:- You Will Approach Real Women

No more fake life, you will approach real women because you will understand the fact that the life that you were living before nofap was full of imagination, not even 1% reality.

Like I said earlier in the post, you’ll find it easy to communicate, and there will be a spark in you that will push you to approach women.

Life is not about living in a fantasy world, it’s about dreaming and making it possible.

10:- Muscle Growth

nofap muscles

Nofap pushes us to work hard and provides strength to our body that helps maximize muscle strength.

But still, you’ll also have to sweat hard in the gym to get those muscles you want.

When I was going through compulsive masturbation addiction, I wasn’t getting many changes in my muscles, but when I am nofap, I found that my workout is improving like I’m now able to lift more weights, and that is helping me build those muscles.

Famous fighters like Mike Tyson also knew how important our semen is.

11:- Improved Workout

After completing 2 weeks in nofap, one thing I did notice that I’m working out more, it is because my energy is increasing day by day and it is awesome cause I’m seeing some really good changes in myself, and my workout is becoming intense day by day.

12:- Helps To Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is like a hurdle that you’ll have a cross to finish the race. Most of the people who fap every day, find it very difficult to convince their mind to work.

Fapping excessively makes us lazy, so lazy that we procrastinate in even performing small tasks like standing up switch off the light bulb.

I know most of you procrastinate and that is maybe because you give your valuable time to dumb things like porn, NoFap saves you from watching porn and masturbation to it. And, it boosts your dopamine levels, and it has been noticed that people with high levels of dopamine procrastinate less as compared to those who have a low level of dopamine.

13:- Improved Sporting Performance

As I said that I love soccer and after starting the nofap challenge my performance improved, it’s not just because my energy and stamina increased but my calmness and decision-making abilities also improved which helped me to improve my performance in any sports.

14:- Deeper Voice

There is a relation between testosterone and your voice. People with a high level of testosterone generally have a deeper voice as compared to those who don’t.

My voice has become deeper, and that is awesome because I always wanted to have a voice that can impress anyone.

And, according to a study done by a McMaster University has found that the deeper the voice, the more attractive the man.

15:- Clear Skin

This point may not be true for everyone because I didn’t find any evidence about it however I have noticed my skin looks more youthful and fresh.

Our skin requires a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, and other important minerals to be healthy and when we jerk off we lose crucial minerals such as protein, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and many more key nutrients, that may cause skin dullness and aging.

I used to look sleepy when I used to bust my nut every day but now I look fresh-faced and young-looking.

16:- Glowing Skin

NoFap increases your blood circulation (I have experienced it), and Blood circulation delivers oxygen, cells, proteins, and nutrients to the skin and eliminates carbon dioxide and waste. There is a link between blood circulation and glowing skin.

People who are on a nofap track for a while are seeing the difference. They are saying that nofap is making their skin a lot tighter and youthful.

17:- Improved Eyesight

We waste 3-4 hours on average constantly watching videos that we shouldn’t be watching, and it directly impacts our eyes, it can cause blurry vision and it could lead to difficulty in reading.

When you will start nofap, you will notice that your eyes are becoming sharper and clear.

Nofap also helps to reduce dark circles,

There are lots of different ways you can get on the internet about how to remove dark circles but the most useful thing that you can do to remove dark circles forever is taking a Nofap Challenge.

Sperm contains a basic protein known as Collagen which is very essential for healthy skin. Collagen helps to get healthy, clear, and tighter skin.

You stare at the screen for hours and hours and it impacts your eyes and you get dark circles when you are on a Nofap challenge you do not use your phone too much and it helps your eyes.

18:- Less Sleep Required

I feel fresh and full of energy even after sleeping for just 5 hours. Nofap makes your sleep a lot deeper and eases your mind which helps you to get a fresh start to the day.

19:- Improved Body Language

it’s extremely important to have proper body movements and posture while speaking on stage in front of an audience. Body language is very essential in all forms of communication.

I have noticed that my body posture improved a lot and it is still improving that is because when we quit fapping we stop sitting in an awkward position and it helps to improve our body posture.

20:- You will Become An Alpha Male


Nofap makes you a hero in your own eyes and fills self believe in yourself which makes you alpha.

Alpha males are leaders among all men, they do what they say and when you will start practicing nofap you will also start to do what you say.

21:- More Respect For Others

I remember when I used to get butthurt in every situation and starts to scream at others without any reason but now I don’t do this cause it’s an energy inside me that makes me calm or cool in any situation and now I can handle a situation quite efficiently.

22:- No More Brain Fog

Common conditions of brain fog include poor memory, trouble focusing or concentrating, and struggling with articulation.

Nofap heals brain fog. My focus, time awareness, physical condition is improving. I’m more productive, putting out better quality work, and more consistently.

23:- Smarter

Nofap pushes your brain to work and you will find that you are more focused now than ever before. It also gives you time to improve your skills.

I was a mediocre student but I felt like I can be better I can get better grades than this but whenever I started to study after sometimes my brain started to focus on other things.

Now it does not happen to me, now I get good marks and everyone is asking me how you are getting those grades, they don’t know the secret behind it.

24:- Better Sex

Sex becomes more pleasurable. Now there is a debate going on whether you can have sex on nofap or not, look, our fight is against porn and masturbation not against sex, in my opinion, you can have sex while nofap, it will not impact the benefits of nofap.

25:- Calmness

Nofap creates a peaceful environment inside you and it makes you calm and also helps to improve decision making.

I don’t get angry at little things, but I used to get pissed off when things didn’t go my way but now things are different.

26:- No More Sweaty Palms

This one is a little crazy, no one is talking about it, I think I’m the only one writing about this.

Anxiety causes make our hands and feet sweaty but when I started nofap my anxiety is gone and my sweaty hands are past now.

27:- No More Stage Fear

Stage fear is very common among all and it doesn’t matter whether you are practicing nofap or not.

After completing like 16 (I don’t remember exactly) days of nofap I took participated in a college function, it was a singing competition and I did pretty well but I didn’t win but still, I felt that I did something to proud of.

I used to scare a lot to go on stage to sing but nofap really helped me a lot, mysterious energy provided me the courage to take participate.

28:- High Sex Drive

Your sex energy will increase ( a real sex drive ). You will feel that p*rn was fake and you will chase for real sex.

Real sex way better than jerking off to people you don’t even know. More sexual desire means you will hunt the real woman.

Shyness will become a past thing for you. So what are you waiting for? start the Nofap challenge from today and change your life forever.

29:- Controlled Aggression

Aggression has a perception problem. Most people that think of someone as aggressive equate it to show that aggression is manifested, which is usually violence.

Controlled aggression doesn’t always manifest as violence, however, and can be used to defeat numerous obstacles in day-to-day life.

30:- Power

Many people fail before completing 90 days of nofap, almost everyone but if you complete 90 days, you will become an ideal for many people, you can share your story and you can encourage them to give a try to nofap.

After completing 4-5 days you will definitely gonna see this benefit of nofap. Fear will fade away from your eyes and nothing will make you scared in your life.

It is because after 7 days of nofap testosterone levels will increase by 45% and it will make you feel more manly.

31:- Boosts Immunity

I hardly fell sick throughout my nofap days, I remember when I used to get fever and cold after every month or two but now after starting nofap my immune system is getting stronger which is making my body able to fight those viruses and bacteria.

32:- Improved Relationships

recent study looking at this issue over time found that porn use by married men, particularly heavy porn use (watching porn one or more times per day), almost doubles the possibility of getting divorced within the next four years, raising it from 6% to 11%.

You will give preference to your life, not the people you watch on your phone daily.

Nofap makes connections better and people understand and connect with you which improves your relationship as well.

33:- Better Eye Contact

Girls love when a guy makes eye connection while speaking to them, they feel you are a real man and it is important to make eye connection if you wanna impress somebody.

Nofap boosts your confidence and eliminates anxiety which helps you to make eye connections with people.

34:- Better ConcentratingAnd Focus

The concentration level will increase you will start to focus on little things closely. If you are finding trouble while reading a book you can start a nofap from today.

Yeah, I will earn some commission but it will help me to keep writing for you.

35:- Feeling You Can Overcome Any Obstacle

Nothing will stop you from achieving success because you will become stronger and stronger after each time you will defeat urges of jerking off.

You will have a strong feeling that I can cross any hurdle in life, nobody can stop except me.

36:- Eliminates ED

ED is the most common problem that men report to their doctors. It affects as many as 30 million men. ED is defined as trouble getting or keeping an erection that’s firm enough for reproduction.

It is the most shameful disease that you can get and guess what p*rn increases the chances of getting ED significantly.

37:- More Time

When you will quit PMO you will have a lot of time in which you can generate a  good hobby or a talent, you can make yourself a master in something that you wanted to do for so long.

When I quit fapping, I created this blog and I am working hard to increase the number of visitors of this blog and I have a feeling that I will achieve it one day.

38:- Thicker Beard

I noticed that facial hair grows faster during nofap, I think it is because of testosterone which spikes during nofap after a week or 6 days.

According to science:- men with higher levels of testosterone and DHT can grow significantly more beards than men with lower levels of these hormones.

39:- Spiritual Power

When you stop jerking off for pleasure, your spiritual energy starts to take place. You will stop objectifying women and you will start to respect them because when you watch those kinds of videos it affects your mind badly and decreases your dopamine level. It also helps you to be calm in any situation.

40:- Better Understanding

You will find that you are making better connections with anyone and you are understanding them better, it will help you to make new friends.

41:- You Become Attractive

Nofap will increase your confidence and Self-confidence makes you appear more attractive

Women like a confident man, not a guy who just wastes his time jerking off while watching random people having fun.

42:- You Will Stop Objectifying Women

You will understand that women are not just sex material and you will start to respect them.

When you watch those kinds of videos, you start to think that all women just wanna have sex but that’s not true. Nofap stops you from becoming evil.

43:- Improved Self-esteem

P*rn brings depression and feelings of guilt which affects your self-esteem. Many people have claimed that they have seen a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem after stopping PMO.

44:- Less Worried

Nofap = Happiness, confidence, attractiveness, alpha male.

PMO = Worries, tensions depression, social anxiety, fear of failure.

45:- Self Discipline

Self-discipline is vital for overcoming eating disorders, addictions, and other negative habits. It is also an essential requirement for studying and learning, for developing any skill, and for success in self-improvement, spiritual growth, and meditation.

On nofap, it becomes easy to be disciplined, you start to do what you wanna do with your life.

46:- You Will Become Ideal For Many People

Many people fail before completing 90 days of nofap, almost everyone but if you complete 90 days, you will become an ideal for many people, you can share your story and you can encourage them to give a try to nofap.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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    1. following this from teens just do it till 25..trust me u will reach great heights.. iam 25 following this from january with no relapses.. its 100% worthy..

  1. The power of bharamcharya by Swami sivananda is the one of most benefit book in my life on semen retention. One who really serious about it once check it and on youtube captain sinbad in video(famous sages on semen retention benefits)already talk about it’s benefit

  2. Keep your hands far from trouble. Nofap will give you authority over your life, and will certainly stop those who try to claim it. It is the road to Self-empowerment and (Enlightenment).

  3. Will it really help me with my hairs? Like it will help me to control my hair fall though the fall is not very much because I’ve been experiencing it from the past 2 years but haven’t seen any visible thinning or bald spot yet. Everyone says that one should give at least 30 days of nofap to experience something great.
    So please if anyone is reading this and have tried nofap with full discipline and experienced any changes in their hairs please do reply because I’m on the verge of being a miserable and depressed person.

    1. Me. After just couple of weeks on NoFap, i noticed, my hairs turned smooth and strong. Excessive masturbation boosts DHT. It could be the reason why people who masturbate too much, suffer from hair thinning and hair fall.

      I have written a article that discuss effects of chronic masturbation on hair, check our here

  4. I have been on nofap for a while now but, This is my thing, If nofap causes all of these good benefits..didn’t we have all of these benefits before we even started Fapping & masturbating? After all we didn’t just fap our whole lives…

    1. Depends on many factors. Are you watching porn on NoFap? If your answer is Yes, then you have to stop it otherwise you’ll not see benefits like high confidence, high motivation, and productiveness. And also, Are you doing anything to lift up yourself, like working on anything to enhance your skills, playing any sport, and etc?. If not, then do these things because then only you’ll be able to notice any kind of benefits. If you just lay down on the couch and abstain from porn and masturbation, how would you notice any benefit? 

  5. i started reading the Art of Tantra i thought it was just about sex but i was wrong most all of these benefits are also described in the book as well as the negative side affects of fapping too much. In the Art of Tantra one should not fap and also only ejaculate 1/10 times having sex with a partner or about once a month

  6. hey I need help. I’m 14 and my penis is almost 6 inches and I just started meditating no fap cold showers and eating fruit. Is my penis small for my age or? And will it possibly get to a 7 inch with what I’m doing and how big it is now

  7. thanks a lot bro! awesome text
    i tried for the first time 3 days ago and i failed 😟 But after reading your article I’m sure I can do it!! let’s start now.

  8. Thanks for this post sumit. There’s a lot of people who are saying pmo is normal and your post truly cleared all the scepticism. Nofap truly works.Remember “bad habits feel good before and bad after while healthy ones feel good after” – Jay Shetty. I recently relapsed today is day 7 for me I’m going to make it😤

  9. Should have told me this stuff about 20 years ago… Well, never too late I guess. 60 days off can**bis and going strong and now around 10 days of nofap. Thanks for the advice young Sir!

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