NoFap: My Incredible Journey And It’s Benefits

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  • Published: July 3, 2022
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Have you ever tried the NoFap Challenge? No, so you should take this challenge once because: This challenge has been an unbelievable journey for me. It opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on life.

This journey wasn’t easy for me but after relapsing 3 times I finally achieved success and defeated my biggest enemy.

I’m going to tell my story and I’m gonna share some tips for you so you can also be the hero in your own eyes. 90 days without fapping seems like a big task and, indeed, nofap for 90 days is not a piece of cake for everyone it needs patience and will.

But in this world, nothing is impossible if you have the power, determination, and a plan to achieve it.

  1. My Story.
  2. Toughest Day’s.
  3. How To Stay On NoFap.
  4. The Benefits Of NoFap.

Let’s start with my story.

My NoFap Story

I have been addicted to p*rn as an addict there was no hope alive for me and I went into depression. I wanted to quit it because I knew it is drawing me into deep darkness but I was helpless and I was sad.

A voice inside my heart was telling me that bro this is not the end, you are a hero and heroes don’t lose any battles. Ok Ok, but what can I do, whenever I become sad I started to fall for p*rn and I spend hours and hours watching it. One day I screamed at myself very loud and I said that you are a loser, you are getting beaten by an addiction.

Then I started to search how can I beat my biggest enemy and I found lots of lots of videos and I realized that I’m not the only one who is struggling to get a life without p*rn. Some so many people wanted to know the solution. I started watching motivational videos about how you can conquer any challenge in the world.

After watching those videos I got some motivation but again I started to do what I didn’t want to do ( Fapping to random girls ). I felt very bad on that day, I looked up at myself in the mirror, and in my eyes, I could see a happy me who was locked up in the cage of addiction.

Where I was lacking what can I do? All these questions were in my mind and I wanted answers so freaking bad. I started to do some search on how to quit p*rn addiction. (Hey, Do porn and masturbation preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself? If yes then please check out Reboot Cure once Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes).

I found some articles, I read that if you have to quit this addiction you have to go outside and spend more time with friends and family. Because the more you will be alone the more cravings of watching p*rn will hit you. It was a great idea for me and it worked. Whenever I spend my time with close friends and family members, I forget about p*rn. Everything was going well for me I was happy, I was enjoying my life.

I spend almost 15 or 16 days without playing with my penis. My happiness didn’t last for long cause I had a very bad day and I was very sad. Again I commenced to watch p*rn and relapsed once again, I think you are lucky if you take the NoFap challenge and you completed 90 days in the first attempt or you have strong willpower.

I didn’t feel sad after relapsing, yeah I wasted the gains but I got the motivation that if I try again I can surpass my record 15 days and I can do better this time. I started my journey again with full determination and after 19 days of the journey, I failed once again.

That was pretty depressing after losing again but once again I went on track and relapsed again after 31 days. I couldn’t believe that I completed a month without looking at p*rn and it was an immense feeling of happiness.

Learn one thing that if you are failing in the journey of NoFap that means you are winning cause you are trying to become the best version of yourself and believe me you will succeed. Nothing is impossible but everything seems impossible until you are done. Once again I decided to back on track of NoFap with full confidence and this time for 90 days. I completed my first month without any dilemma but the second month was quite challenging for me and I almost relapsed during the second month.

I made new friends and whenever I felt that I’m gonna relapse I called my friends to play FIFA with me. The thing is that your biggest enemy is loneliness if you are managed to beat it then you will not face many difficulties. So the first thumb rule for NoFap is that never sit alone. Don’t make fapping your habits. Discover what you love and replace it with p*rn. Whenever I felt like I’m gonna lose this battle I took a cold shower and it really helped me a lot.

I want to share some benefits of a cold shower with you.

  • More energy.
  • No brain fog.
  • It improves social interactions.
  • Positivity increases.
  • More eye contact.
  • Less shyness.
  • Enhances the mood.
  • Helps skin and hair.

These were some really cool benefits that you can get if you start taking cold showers. After completing the challenge of 90 days it changed my perspective of seeing a woman. Now I have more respect for a woman than ever before. I can feel like I was a kid back then cause I was so freaking stupid who fell for an unrealistic thing and wasted so much precious time in life. NoFap changed my life forever and I can say that proudly. There is no shame if you want to quit an addiction doesn’t matter which addiction it is.

Now I will continue this journey forever and I can. I feel like the journey does not end after completing 90 days, the journey will only end when you will realize the inner happiness. The journey was a roller coaster ride for me, sometimes I felt like I can do this easily, and sometimes I felt like it is improbable.

Some days were so difficult because the urges were at their peak so now I’m going to share my most difficult days when I almost relapsed. These days were the most memorable days for me on the journey of NoFap for 90 days.

My NoFap Day 1

Let’s do this. For 90 days I will be on a monk mode, I will take a cold shower daily and I will not watch p*rn at any cost. Let’s see how it goes I hope for the best. So I have completed day one of nofap. I begin my journey full of energy. I begin my journey to get the best version of myself and I hope I can do this.

NoFap Day 7

Urges are so high I can’t describe, I almost relapsed, I opened the x website for a moment then I stopped my hand and I shut down my PC and ran away from my house.

It was so so difficult I can’t describe how tough it was but closed my pc and I went to a park near me where I walk for some time and while walking I was thinking that it was so close man you almost relapsed at that moment. Never be alone guys try to concentrate your mind on different works, it is so hard to be on track when you get hit by urges.

NoFap Day 10

So finally I have completed 10 days of NoFap. It is happening, I can see some improvements in myself. My hair is becoming a little smooth and my hair is becoming strong as well. I’m not watching p*rn and I am feeling like I’m missing something.

Now I am going outside and I’m meeting my friends, spending a great time with them and it’s really emotional. It is happening just because of Nofap, now I have time to spend on good things.

I’m laughing more, I’m enjoying every moment and now I am feeling so happy but sometimes when I sit alone I got nervous by thinking that so many days are remaining. So I decided that I will not focus on how many days are remaining instead of that I will focus on completing just one day. Hidden Benefits Of Nofap

NoFap Day 15

I made it, two weeks without fapping and it’s remarkable. I can see improvements in me, I’m looking at girls into their eyes. the fear is fading from my eyes, I know it’s still only two weeks passed but this feeling is awesome. Never thought that I will make it this far. It’s so satisfying.

Now I have believed in myself that I can do it, I can touch the sky. Depression is gone and I can feel that anxiety is fading as well. Still, the journey not over yet, still so many days are remaining and I’m coming for it, no one can stop me.

NoFap Day 30

I went to the park with my friends to play football with them and I played quite well I scored two goals and I didn’t feel tired throughout the game. The last time when my friends came to my home I said to them that I’m busy I can’t play with you guys because I have to do some work but they never know that the work was to fap and sleep ( how stupid I was ).

Now I’m not counting days I just remember the day when I started this journey and it’s been one month since then. It changed me completely, now I don’t feel any anxiety I can talk with anyone without any hesitation, anxiety is past now. Now I spent more time in the gym and my muscle strength growing day by day. I remember when I joined the gym last time and I went to the gym only for 6 days in a month but now I’m making sure that every penny that I spent is covering up. I’m connecting with songs, I’m dancing and I’m singing. Now stick to my routine, now decide what I want to do.

NoFap Day 89

Only a day remaining to complete the challenge. I can’t wait for day 90. After relapsing three times, emotional feelings can’t describe how I’m feeling. When I see myself back in the past I can feel lots of differences in me I’ve been changed so much. Everyone gives me respect because I do what I say.

I got a girl in my life and I told her my story about how I struggled with my life because of p*rn and excessive fapping. Everyone can do this man, believe me, I was also thinking that it is not possible. Now I connect with everyone emotionally, I feel more mature, I understand my responsibilities and NoFap gave me a purpose to do something in my life to achieve my dream.

NoFap Day 90 And I Completed The Challenge.

The past cannot change but the future is still in your hand. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. Every beginning starts from today.

I completed my journey. Feeling a little emotional while writing this and I can tell you this is not the end. It is the beginning It’s never too late, if I can do this then you can do this as well. I was a guy who spends hours and hours watching weird stuff just for fun, I was so touched that I didn’t even realize what I was missing. Believe me, guys life is so fascinating if you have great vision.

I know you feel guilty every time after fapping and it seems really impossible to quit this addiction. It was impossible for me as well but made it possible because of some really helpful tips that helped me a lot whenever I felt like I’m going to relapse. I’m going to share all these tips which will help you to stay on the NoFap journey forever.

How To Stay On NoFap

Everyone feels difficulty staying on nofap because it so damn hard. When you are on the to quit a long-time addiction then it’s not going to be easy. But I found some really helpful tips which helped me to get out of this addiction and really worked.

1:- Identify Your Triggers.

You have to identify your triggers. After identifying your triggers you will develop a foundation that you can act upon when dealing with the triggers. If you know your triggers then you are more likely to act accordingly when those urges come. So take some time and really think about it when those urges come where they coming from why they are coming for and what can I do about them.

2:- Find An Alternative.

It is the most important when you start a NoFap journey it can be very difficult to put effort, time into something else rather than watching p*rn And beating your meat. However, if you can find an alternative something that you can put time, effort, energy into, to get your mind in something productive rather than something purely pleasure. You are building impeccable discipline and you are more likely to stay committed than you just tryina tough it out mentally. Try new things like building a Blog like mine, make a Youtube channel, and put your effort and there are high chances that you will succeed.

3:- Listen To Music and Feel It.

Connect yourself with the songs. I always do that when the urges are high, I put earphones in my ear and start to listen to some really motivational songs. You can listen to any genre you like. Just imagine your crush and you are singing for her or imagine that you are a rapper and you are singing in concert.

4:- Do Not Count Days

This one is a little difficult. The problem is when people start counting their days and they relapse because you start to compare yourself with other people. People start to think that oh my god I failed in just 7 days or 5 days just don’t do this cause it really discourages you and you start to think that this not possible. Don’t count your days until one month passes, mark down the day when you started and mark down the same day next month. Once you get through those first 30 days you can achieve success. I personally think that they are the hardest however once you are at 60 days, 90 days, once you pass you are in the first month it will become easy for you. Don’t count the days in the beginning cause you will relapse and don’t compare yourself with matrics compare yourself with yourself and the effort you put in.

5:- Just Count Back From Five.

Whenever the urges are a high count back from five. It will give you time to think you will have time to think about what you were about to do and this will help you to stop and stick with NoFap. It’s a little strange but it is the most helpful among all of them. You should try this every time whenever you are about to relapse just start counting. Just throw those dirty images that are coming to your mind and get back on track.

6:- Get Out Of The Room

Go outside and spend some time there until the urges go. I always do that, it is the best method and it will work for anyone. Never be alone you will start getting thoughts about masturbation and you could relapse so go outside and enjoy nature.

7:- Think About All The Benefits.

You will start to see changes in yourself after a week and it’s common but if you want long-term benefits then stay on it otherwise the benefits will fade away. Watch some motivational videos on NoFap.

The Benefits Of NoFap

This is gonna be on my personal experience. After completing 90 days of hard mode NoFap, I Feel like I developed from Charmander to Charizard. Never thought that quitting p*rn would bring me so many benefits. I feel great that I took this decision. NoFap made me a beast and I can feel it and if you are ready to take this challenge then these are the benefits that you will notice after completing a week of NoFap.

1:- You, Will, Have Lots Of Extra Time

It will start from day one, you not gonna be on Instagram scrolling through photos and not watching that weirdo videos on the internet So you are gonna have lots of extra time. With that extra time, you can make yourself better, you can study more in school or college and you can do better in the office, work better to perform better. You can travel more, go to different places weddings, bars, parties.

You normally would say no to because you are in the PMO stage and once you start going out. Once you start doing things, good things will start to happen, You are not stagnant anymore, you will start getting that momentum from the extra time that you have. Take advantage of that, don’t stay in your room, go out and use that energy, transmute it to become a better version of yourself.

Depression And Anxiety Gone

I use to fear a lot about my career and my future, and I also find it difficult to make new friends. It was happening because of excessive masturbation and too much p*rn.

Now when I’m on nofap, I write my own future, whatever I want to do, I do it without wasting any time and I feel happy about it. Whenever I go outside, whenever I watch a new movie I feel great I love every second of my life. I made new friends and they enjoy the company they like to be around me.

Deeper Voice

My voice is loud and clear now and this is 100 percent true, you will also feel it if you start practicing nofap. It will take around one week and after that, you will feel that your voice is becoming deeper and deeper day by day and you know girls love a deeper voice. I love to sing and it is improving my singing and I don’t wanna lose those improvements so I am not gonna quit NoFap.

Energy Level Is Gonna Sky Rocket

Last night I had five hours of sleep but still, I felt phenomenal, my workout’s been so good, I’ve been lifting more weights, getting stronger, getting more muscular, and more defined. Your energy will start to transmute into other things and the people around you will actually feel it. People will start feeling your energy, they will turn back and look at you. Girls will start to notice you.

Strong Immune System

Your overall body health, your image everything is gonna increase. NoFap will improve your overall health. Your skin is gonna be better clearer, your eyes brighter, your hairs thicker longer, your nails are gonna start growing long faster. If you are balding or your hairline is receding, you will feel like your hair is starting to regenerate, the hair will start to grow back. When you fap too much you are losing so many essential nutrients

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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  1. It’s an absolute phenomenal. Last year I tried nofap for 17 days, just in a week, my energy levels were high asf. All the symptoms and behavior you mentioned were absolutely relatable. I am just like you were then. And the loneliness is really a fat big enemy in NoFap journey. Getting out of the house is really very vital to remain on NoFap . I am really really fked up now but I am gonna change for good and for a better and ultimate version of myself. I miss those days, when I used to focus on other things rather than just thinking about m…ion all day long. I have become just line an animal. But no more. I am going to start by now. Your journey is absolutely inspirational to read and I will read over and over again when urges will hit me again.

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