NoFap Improves Concentration (Focus) – Let’s Find out

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  • Published: September 25, 2020
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Ever since I have begun my journey of nofap, I have seen an incredible boost in my concentration level.

Concentration is extremely important to do anything, without it, your life would be really imbalance, you will find trouble in a lot of things.

There are several ways to grow the concentration levels naturally and one of them is practicing Semen retention/NoFap.

Not only me who has noticed raise in concentration level after practicing NoFap, actually there are thousands of people who have felt the same.

But how this happens? Why people who practice Nofap get these benefits? All these questions were in my mind so I decided to write this post to clear all the doubts that people have.

How Watching Porn And Masturbation Affects Your Brain Terribly

In today’s world, there are hundreds of different things available that can cause dopamine release, but the biggest and worst is gonna be porn as it releases the same level of dopamine as heroin. So, comparing a drug addict with a porn addict there is no difference.

A person who suffers from porn addiction easily wastes hours and hours while searching for that particular porn that can help him get orgasm.

It becomes harder and harder to get an orgasm when someone gets adopts this addiction.

I had been a porn and masturbation addict for years, and believe me when I stopped watching porn, I have seen phenomenal growth in my confidence, concentration level, health, and many other things that make a man better.

I know most of you are going through a tough time but porn is not the solution, it is just a way to escape from problems that you have in your life. All the problems that you try to suppress while watching porn, will certainly come back and hit you with double power.

Pornography, like other addictions, stops users from communicating and connecting with other people naturally. This increases feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and anger.

Users will watch more porn to stop these feelings, and the cycle gets worse over time. Porn makes users feel in control, but will ultimately remove from the many forms of self-control.

There have been more psychological studies on porn than many people are willing to admit. Activist groups like Fight the New Drug have done their best to expose some of these potentially horrifying problems, but they are not getting the traction they need because porn is becoming more and more socially acceptable.

Porn increases anxiety and according to PubMed, Psychological and cognitive symptoms of anxiety include Poor concentration or lack of focus, distractibility. Excessive worrying or thinking something is going to go wrong.

Porn may cause short term memory loss

A study in 2012 found that porn affects short-term memory. You can read the full article with a detailed explanation by clicking here.

What People Are Saying?

I found this reddit post super related, so enjoy it.

ok not completely cured but it really helped me concentrate better and have a lot better focus.

Before starting nofap I had problems with social anxiety and having conversations with people, every time I had a conversation I couldnt stay concentrated and I would drift off and get very nervous, also I sat a lot at home and I would only go out if friends call me, I never took the first step to be outgoing or something.

I had problems at work I always was nervous about failing and I was always scared of letting people down. I would always get drunk when I could because that calms me down.

I DID A STREAK OF 130 DAYS OF NOFAP: after like 1 month or so I began to gain confidence and I was full of life! I felt so great I was really successful at work and when I spoke to people I wasn’t nervous anymore and I could follow every conversation, studying is not so difficult anymore I was CALM and I could THINK STRAIGHT.

Girls noticed me a lot more and they really liked me a lot more ( had sex with a couple girls between day 105 and 120! damnn). (also cured from ED)

fail on day 130…… I looked at porn again… really stupid I thought it couldnt hurt but it did. 5 weeks of fapping and I was getting really frustrated, short-fused. I couldnt concentrate and my social anxiety came back and I was getting nervous at work. couldnt perform as good as I did when doing nofap…

now almost a week on nofap again and I feel everything turning positive again. so weird how nofap affects me, it seems a bit logical because PMO is a dopamine thing, and add has to do a lot with dopamine too. I really learned a lot about my journey of nofap the last couple of months and I am determined to do nofap my entire life. I have to do this for myself.

Read full on Reddit

Habits That I Included To Boost My Concentration Along With NoFap

These tips are highly effective to boost concentration and memory. These tips are straight ought of doctors.

1: Play Puzzle Games

You can buy a jigsaw puzzle from amazon or any other ecom site. It is great way to pass time and train your brain.

While on NoFap you should have things like these because these things are highly beneficial for your bran in fact a study in 2015 with help of 4,715 adults suggests spending 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, on brain training activities can have a big impact on concentration.

Brain training games can also help you develop your working and short-term memory, as well as your processing and problem-solving skills.

Read More:

2: Drink Caffeine (But in limit)

There’s no requirement to include caffeine in your diet if you favor to avoid it, but research does suggest caffeine can benefit your attention and focus.

If you feel your concentration starting to fall, consider a cup of coffee or green tea.

A serving of dark chocolate, 70 percent cacao or higher, can have similar benefits if you don’t enjoy caffeinated beverages.

2017 study uncovered evidence to suggest phytochemicals naturally found in matcha, a type of green tea, not only improves cognitive function but can help increase relaxation. So matcha may be a good option if coffee tends to make you feel jittery or on edge.

3: Exercise to Increase Concentration

Concentration workouts often help people who face trouble while focusing. This mental workout involves fully devoting attention to an activity for a set period of time.

Try these activities:

  • Draw or doodle for 15 minutes.
  • Spend a few minutes tossing a balloon or small ball with another person.
  • Set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes. Try to blink as little as possible.

After completing one of the activities, ask yourself to write a summary or sketch how they felt during the experience.

Talking about where they lost concentration and how they managed to refocus can help them develop these skills for use in daily tasks.

So that’s a wrap for today. I hope you liked reading this article.


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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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