NoFap Monk Mode: This Strategy Is A Cheat Code for Nofap Success

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: May 18, 2022
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Recently there has been a new trend, catching the attention of social media, and has been praised by nofappers to be extremely effective in recovering faster and destroying this habit quicker.

Monk mode isn’t all about Nofap, but a self-improvement journey on reaching your goals. Remember this as this is the main idea of self-improvement and reaching lifetime goals etc making money or getting into med school.

Enacting these rules, your Nofap urges are scarce, and your brain heals from the damages and cravings to Porn much quicker than normally that’s why we recommend it highly. Following this will help you so much with Nofap, and we at Mr Mindblowing highly recommend it if you are struggling.

Note: This is not forever. Start with three weeks, then take a break and increase slowly. You may add your own goals or remove some of them if you don’t like them.


This is because, these give dopamine, and essentially by abstaining what your doing is here is a dopamine detox, giving your brain a bit of vacay if you think about it. Also, remember the goals ehh, this gives you so much productivity in reaching your goals, and all your focus goes into your goals


This doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym and become a bodybuilder. This could be cardio, High internal training, or basic exercise.

The reason I saying it is a must is that this journey will have ups and downs, your cravings will hit hard or you may feel unmotivated. This just allows you to change the scenario a little bit so you won’t feel bored.

NOTE: This massively helps with suppressing urges for NOFAP.


This is one of the ways to work towards, your goal is to stay away from these things.

No matter the consumption these are harmful to your health, and like Porn and masturbation affect your dopamine receptors as well.

This doesn’t mean stop socializing if you struggling take some time off for a bit and do it slowly.

RULE 4:NO Porn

PlEASE READ EVEN IF YOU ALREADY DO THIS. The basics are to stay away from Porn and abstain from masturbation. But the reason I said to read this is there is something called Soft Porn. This is essential, stuff like chicks on bikinis, Instagram models, Tiktokers, and sexual scenes in movies. STAY AWAY from this.

What you are doing is essential, giving in and trying to feel the same sensation as if you are watching porn.

Not only does this enact urges to watch porn, but also makes all your effort in recovering useless and your Nofap streak is gone.

Rule 5: Meditate daily

This is a must for monk mode not only does this help with getting rid of urges it helps heal the damages done to the brain, Increasing focus and discipline to get through daily tasks. This can be for 10 min a day.

Rule 6: Eat healthily

This means that you minimize sugary foods that you eat and eat healthy which will help you with your fitness and overall health. This doesn’t have a link with Nofap or these urges which will help with other tasks and reaching overall fitness. This will health boost energy and you will feel good also help

Rule 7: No Fantasizing

This helps to focus on the goals because rather than working or trying to find something to elevate the boredom we just daydream. Also, sexual fantasizing just makes you want to go back to porn or masturbation.

This mode assists with self-improvement and achieving your goals indefinitely. the main thing is that this greatly improves your chances at Nofap success and reaching how many days you want to reach. You will definitely overtime glow up into an Alpha male

Good luck chaps!

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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  1. Thanks a lot. That was a really helpful article.. I hope I can be successful in Nofap after trying so many times. I will NOT give up and will go claim back everything I have lost!

    1. Trust me brother you will, this is what monks follow and this is what makes them so good at nofap. Also, curious to know who you go, comment on this page or our next articles.
      Good luck brother

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