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  • Published: December 21, 2022
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So you made up your mind to chase a new NoFap streak? You’re all fired up with inspiration after hopping off YouTube telling yourself – “100-day NoFap streak, here I come!”

But within 7-10 days, your mind wavers, your hands wander below your belt, and before you know it, the crime of passion has been committed again.

Your streak just hit zero, and so did your motivation level.

That’s exactly what I went through too. In fact, I felt too guilty to even look at the calendar where I was crossing off each day of my NoFap streak.

I would stare at the gaps and wonder – “Why does starting a NoFap streak feel like I’m walking into a battlefield?”

But hey, I eventually made that 100-day NoFap streak happen. Even 200-day streaks followed soon. If you came here expecting a drill sergeant treatment where I tell you – “Suck it up and soldier on with your willpower!”, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

I won because I found the secret to make my NoFap experience easy without turning it into a battlefield. And I want to share it with you to make it easy for you too.

Exposing the Hidden Culprit of Chronic Masturbation

So how did I do it? By making NoPorn the foundation of my NoFap habit.

What is NoPorn? It means you simply stop watching pornographic images or visuals that sexually stimulate you.

Why NoPorn? Think about what led to your last masturbation relapse. You were innocently scrolling on Instagram and bam!  Your celebrity crush uploads a jaw-dropping preview from her latest bikini photoshoot. Next thing you know you lock the door, hop on a porn site and start fapping away.

Sounds familiar? Now if we had cut out porn from this chain of events, don’t you think you’re cutting off the biggest trigger/enabler of masturbation?

Addicted But Don’t Know It? Take the Porn Addiction Test

Who can forget the rollercoaster of ridiculousness we went through just to officially conclude that smoking was a damaging habit? It took decades of undeniable scientific research and cancer cases before reaching this conclusion. The damage was already done.

Now high-speed internet porn hasn’t been around for long. Decades of research will be done, but you can see thousands of young men already suffering its effects. You can say that your consumption of porn is “healthy” and laugh off people who compare its impact to drug abuse.

But did you know nearly 70 brain studies on internet porn addicts reveal the presence of the same core brain changes seen in substance addicts? Behavior or substance, if it’s turning us into dopamine-chasing apes, it is addiction.

How do you know if you’re addicted to porn? Just take this standard addiction test known as the ‘Three Cs’:

  1. Craving – You frequently crave or think about finding, engaging, or recovering from the use of porn.
  2. Control – You lose control over your behavior and decision-making with increasing frequency and seek more novelty and fetishes to stay aroused.
  3. Cost – You can see how it has taken a toll on your physical, social, financial, and psychological development.

How Porn Hijacks Your Brain’s Reward Systems to Enslave You

I’m not here to sell you a moral or cultural argument against porn. The argument is strictly biological. Porn is deep frying your brain! Too crude? OK, let’s make it a little more scientific.

According to the game-changing brain research compiled by Gary Wilson, prolonged exposure to porn can damage your brain’s reward system programming. How bad? Just as bad as a full-fledged cocaine addiction!

When you overstimulate the reward circuitry with porn, it leads to an internal rebellion. Your nerve cells overloaded by dopamine scream “enough is enough.”

What happens when someone keeps screaming at you? You cover your ears. That’s exactly what your nerve cells do by reducing dopamine (D2) receptors. Now, these receptors put the brakes on over-consumption. But losing them also makes it harder to resist cravings.

A 2014 brain scan study on porn users found that greater porn use led to increased desensitization (loss of reward circuit grey matter, less sexual arousal).

Are You Blaming the Symptoms Instead of the Triggers?

Here’s some food for thought. Masturbation has been around for thousands of years. But why is mass erectile dysfunction only a massive problem for our generation?

That’s because our ancestors didn’t have instant porn to feed their instant gratification needs. Within a few decades, the porn industry turned masturbation into a pandemic, much like how the food industry used junk food to create an obesity crisis.

Masturbation is only a symptom, but porn is the real drug.

Did you know every habit loop has 4 stages?

Cue —> Craving —> Response —> Reward

So it doesn’t matter what habit you’re trying to break or build. You can’t do it without changing the cues/triggers. The craving to masturbate and the act of masturbation come later in the habit loop. And porn is the most powerful trigger of them all since it manipulates our hardwired biological responses.

In fact, many studies are proving that porn has become the most addictive online activity today. So why are we surprised that masturbation addictions walk hand in hand with it?

It’s time we dive deep into understanding the 5 reasons why NoPorn will make your NoFap journey a smooth ride.

1. It Stops Confusing Your Natural Mating Response

What happens when you see a sexually explicit scene or image? Your brain literally interprets it as a mating opportunity and starts firing up your testosterone and dopamine levels.

Your brain can’t tell the difference if it’s real or not. It simply responds to millions of years of sexual programming based on our evolution. It sees a new attractive partner and hijacks your body to relieve its sexual tension.

And what’s the fastest release without a physical partner around you? Masturbation, of course!

However, that’s not what browsing porn looks like, isn’t it? We click, click, and click, jumping from one video to another, fooling our brain to believe there are 10 trillion partners available.

So you are now trapped in a never-ending loop of stress and sexual tension. Your anxiety levels rise and your confidence collapses, which fuels your masturbation relapse to cope up with this.

NoPorn allows your brain to reset and respond only when a partner is actually available instead of believing they’re just a click away.

Now have you considered that masturbating to unlimited internet porn is the first exposure to sexuality for our generation? We watch perfectly sculpted men and women with curves in all the places we desire putting on marathon performances.

Yes, performance is the keyword here. But this is what we use to model the blueprints of our sexual interactions.

The reality is that most people aren’t like that. So it’s time to allow your brain to reset back to reality. This allows your poor body image and performance anxiety to fade away so it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of sex.

The truth is Nature never intended mating to be a click away, and certainly never base it on clickbait performances!

Selecting a mate involves a variety of physical and mental attributes even in the animal kingdom. And the whole mating process includes a series of short-term and long-term rewards that keep us motivated and our confidence elevated.

2. By cutting off visual stimulation, you stop the triggers before they trigger you

Let’s say you’re trekking through a wild forest trail and you spot a lion approaching you. What happens? Your heartbeat goes through the roof and you start backing away long before your brain can put a reaction like “It’s a lion! Run!” into words.

Why? Because 90% of information transmitted to your brain is visual. Visuals can communicate information 60,000 times faster to your brain than text.

That’s why your eyes are the most dominant of all your senses, which means it also plays the most dominant role in your decision-making.

And when it comes to visual triggers concerning your survival, your brain will instantly default to the fight or flight response. Well, there’s another behavior that makes your brain bypass all your sophisticated reasoning. It’s called procreation.

Just like all survival responses give you only 2 options – fight or flight, procreation gives you 2 options as well – mate or fap!

And guess what? Between the logical and biological, what’s biological always has the odds stacked in its favor. That’s why strong visual stimulation will always be the most popular marketing gimmick used to turn a human being into a puppet.

So the next time you wonder – “What’s the harm in checking out a few sexy dance reels as long as I’m not masturbating?”, think twice. Because you could be standing at the gateway of your relapse.

Don’t expect a NoFap reboot without a NoPorn reboot. Why?

Let’s go back to your school days to understand this. Which of these books would you be able to learn and retain better?

Option ONE – a book that’s nothing but a wall of text.

Option TWO – a book with a lot of images and infographics to support the text.

Obviously option TWO, right? The easiest way to ensure that learners remember concepts is to pair them with meaningful images. Here’s the secret! Your visual memory is processed in the same part of your brain where your emotions are processed – the median temporal brain.

So when an arousing visual stimulus pairs up with a strong emotional response, it creates a memory that sticks in your brain for a long time.

Even if you just started avoiding porn, one of those arousing visuals in your head may pop up unpredictably and trigger your next masturbation relapse.

NoPorn allows you to mentally detox these visuals that may be lurking in your subconscious mind waiting to strike when you have your guard down. So if you want to escape your masturbation habit, then you have to go to the beginning of the habit loop. You have to cut out the cues/triggers.

NoPorn => no visual triggers => NoFap on easy mode.

3. Sex becomes a mutual adventure instead of a race to climax.

If you were watching porn and the object of your fantasy knocked on your door willing to make your fantasy come true, what would you do? A lot, I bet! But there’s a strong chance your experience will never live up to your fantasy. Not because reality is disappointing, but you’ve been living in fantasy land messing up your expectations with porn-induced compulsive masturbation.

And that’s not the only thing that has been messed with. Data from six studies shows that over the last 20 years, erectile dysfunction has risen from 2% (before the age of internet porn) to 27-33% for men under 40.

You may wonder – “But I thought sex was just like porn?” That’s like saying you know what war feels like because you’re good at playing Call of Duty.

Why does sex feel like a harsh reality check if you’ve been binging on porn and fapping away for a long time? Because porn-induced masturbation is nothing less than sexual hypnosis. You are training your sexual responses to meet unrealistic standards that are airbrushed and heavily edited.

Anytime you notice a small imperfection in the performer, you click and jump to the next window. Spotted an enticing preview on the side window while watching a video? Click! Found an orgasm compilation while watching the next video? Click!

What’s the cost of each click? It’s free porn, right? That’s what I used to think when I was watching it. I was wrong! The cost was my attention span and my disconnection from healthy arousal patterns.

Slowly but surely, I got desensitized to my usual taste in porn. I started chasing more extreme fetishes to stay aroused after every few months.

Here’s the bottom line – porn-induced masturbation is hyperstimulated hypnosis at its worst. It crams the most stimulating images to deliver the fastest climax.

So of course, sex is going to feel disorienting when you jump into it with the mindset of a Formula One driver in a race for instant gratification. And if you try to win that race, the only reward is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Your most memorable sexual experiences were never just about rushing to penetration and orgasm. Good sex is a process, which includes flirting, teasing, kissing, foreplay – building electric chemistry before intercourse. It needs intimacy. Intimacy needs sensitivity and patience to unfold, and this is exactly what a NoPorn reboot can bring back.

Sex will once again feel like a mutual adventure that allows you to be fully present with your partner’s emotions and understand what gives them pleasure. You’ll be able to tune into a lot more erogenous zones instead of limiting pleasure to your genitals.

You’ll even start enjoying laying with your partner after sex instead of feeling shamed and drained after masturbation.

Porn DOES numb your pain if you jump at it to avoid facing difficult emotions. But that’s the problem.  Numbing one emotion or feeling without numbing all others is impossible. You may dodge the impact of vulnerability, loneliness, sadness, disappointment and fear, but you’ll also miss the positive range of emotions like happiness, hope, joy and love.

So when you avoid porn, you accept life. You accept the natural flow of your emotions.

You become fully sensitive not just sexually, but emotionally as well. Naturally, your partner is going to feel more intimately connected with you than ever before.

4. Even the relapses are not so damaging to your health

So now that NoPorn is here, is there no chance of breaking your NoFap streak? Don’t be so hard on yourself if it happens. You’re only human.

It takes some time for your brain to reboot and for you to become more purposeful with your energy.

The good news is it’s definitely a lot healthier than relapsing after watching porn.

Porn-induced masturbation is junk food for the mind and the body. It rewires your reward systems to put minimal effort into chasing success. That’s why it is a lot more dangerously addictive than masturbating without porn.

But if you end up masturbating after a real interaction with someone you find attractive, it means your body is slowly learning to be aroused by natural stimuli instead of artificial stimuli.

It will still require you to use your own visualization power and be more in tune with how your body feels from moment to moment. With time, even these relapses will fade away.

5. Destroy distractions and rewire your reward systems

Did you know nearly 66% of HR professionals have found porn on the computers of their employees?

Well, it’s not just the quantity of time you spend on it that you have to worry about. Sure, 10-20 minutes don’t matter much. But the quality of work that you deliver suffers too. And let’s be honest, we have no clue how much time we actually lose when we’re addicted.

2 minutes turn into 20 minutes, and 20 minutes turn into 2 hours without realizing it.

Now the dilemma is the same device we use to make a killer presentation that can guarantee your promotion can also be a gateway of endless distraction that can get you fired.

Instant gratification is only a click away whenever a moment of boredom hits you. Soon, it starts becoming your go-to coping mechanism to pull yourself out of stressful situations at your workplace.

Your self-esteem will take a hit and you’ll have just enough motivation to do the bare minimum to avoid conflict. But your coworkers will never be able to see the brilliant potential you have within because you won’t have the focus and energy to follow through on your ideas.

A study found that 35% of people noticed an increase in energy just one or two weeks after giving up porn; 67% reported feeling more focused and energetic. And with great focus came great productivity.

You’ll be able to get more done in 4 hours than you were able to do working 10 hours because of your newfound focus and energy. Instead of zipping away for a bathroom break to watch porn, why not bond with your coworkers or schedule activities that help everyone relax and build team spirit?

Is NoPorn Really Meant For You? – A Hands-On Experience of Keeping Your Hands Off Temptation

So if you’re still wondering if NoPorn is much of an ally or not in your NoFap journey, let’s make it easy for you. Here’s a page out of my life that might help you make up your mind.

I had taken up a 21-day NoFap challenge but made no commitment to quit porn. And eventually, I moved on to doing the same challenge with NoPorn.

Experiences NoFap without NoPorn NoFap with NoPorn
Number of relapses At least 4-5 relapses before I officially complete the 21-day streak without breaking it. Only 1 relapse while completing the 21-day streak.
Stress levels Highly stressful.

It keeps burning out your willpower as the visual hyperstimulation continues.

Much less stressful.

You are not overloading your mind with visuals that build sexual tension.

Sexual benefits Unhealthy sexual expectations and intimacy problems continue.

It did not really fix deeper issues with arousal and emotional receptivity.

Restores a healthy intimacy with your partner and makes you more sensitive to the finer aspects of arousal.

You become more reciprocative to your partner’s emotional needs.

Nature of relapse Much more difficult and likely to happen as your addiction still persists on a mental level.

You are not allowing your brain to deeply reboot.

Much less likely to drag you back into addiction.

Even if you end up masturbating, it will not have such a strong desensitizing effect.

Productivity levels You’ll continue to be mentally agitated feeding your instant gratification needs whenever you feel bored using your devices.

Your productivity will suffer.

Your mental space will be clear and focused without trying to resist distractions on both a mental and physical level.

You will be much more productive.

As I shared earlier, doing NoFap with NoPorn is like doing NoFap on easy mode. But don’t just take my word for it. We’re not asking you to take a vow. Just try it for 21 days and let yourself be wowed.

Let us know what your experiences of combining NoFap with NoPorn were like in the comments below. We’d love to know your story or answer any questions on your mind about it!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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