Semen Retention Timeline: When To Expect The Benefits (30 Days Timeline)

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  • Published: May 31, 2022
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Semen retention is one of the most ancient ways to improve a man’s physical and mental strength.

Following semen retention can give insane benefits. Sadly, not many people know about it. And, those who know, criticize it.

The good thing is that, slowly the world is understanding the power of semen retention. Many young men are taking part in it.

But most of them are confused about when to except benefits and how many days we have to practice semen retention.

Well, in this post, I’ll clear every doubt you have, so make sure to read the complete post.

Semen Retention Timeline

Day 1 To 7

During this period, you’re more prone to relapse. More than 90% of men relapse in this phase, however, if you stay composed and successfully passed 7 days, you’ll see number of benefits.

Some of the benefits would be, more power, better stamina, better sleep, and strong smooth hair.

However, some of you may get into the flatline zone, this could do the opposite. For more details on what is flatline and what type of effects it causes, you can read my guide on it.

Day 8 To 14

This is the phase when most of you would feel the effect of flatline, however, you’ll see some drastic changes in yourself, such as better concentration, better confidence, and many more.

Also, you’ll feel fresh and more energetic. You must not relapse during this phase because you’ve already come a long way. Calm yourself down whenever cravings of porn hit you.

Remember if you fail on this stage, you’ll lose your powers, and you may feel terrible. To make sure you’re on the right line, you can purchase the subscription of Covenant Eye, this app will protect you from porn sites. Btw, this is the only app that I promote on this site beside of my Course.

Covenant eye would cost you around 20$, if you’re interested, click here! (I’ll receive a small commission which will help me grow this blog)

Day 15 To 30

This is the final and most difficult stage. Again, you must not relapse, if you really wanna know the true potential of Semen Retention and it’s benefits.

During this period, you would see numerous benefits, such as, spirituality, heavy voice, better skin, and many more.

How Many Days You Should Practice Semen Retention?

There is no exact number, and it depends on the person too. However, if I have to give you a number, I would say 90 days.

90 days is all you need to change yourself completely, but still it depends upon a number of factors.

Also, make sure to enhance your diet, so that you can maximize the benefits of semen retention.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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