Real Reason Why 99% People Fail On NoFap

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: April 24, 2020
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NoFap is by far the most difficult practice in the world. Every day thousands of people start their nofap journey to complete 90 days on NoFap but 99% of them fail without even touching that mark.

Why does this happen? What stops so many people from successfully passing all the 90 days without touching their penis?

I have been searching for the same for a year now, I have talked to many people and asked why they fail. The most common reason that I am hearing is “loneliness”, yes, most of the people who relapse are alone, they don’t have anyone to share the feelings with.

Here is the table

Root Cause Of RelapsePercentage
1. Loneliness59.6%
2. Social Media (FB, Instagram, etc)17.9%
3: Feeling Bored9.2%
4: Others13.3%

Why Loneliness is so dangerous?

According to, friendship is much like food. We need it to survive. we seem to have a basic drive for it. Doctors find that human beings have a fundamental need for inclusion in group life and close relationships. We are really social animals.

The upshot is, we work best when this social need is met. It is easier to stay motivated, to meet the various challenges of life.

NoFap is also a challenge, motivation is important to pass the nofap challenge, however, people who are alone, find it extremely difficult to stay motivated for nofap even though they know, how important nofap is for them but still, they can’t stop themself from relapsing.

People who stay most of the time alone said, they find it very boring to not masturbate and watch porn in their free time. They also said that they wanna quit wasting their time while watching porn but they are unable to do so because they lose control of their mind and at that time they only want porn and masturbation to satisfy them.

They said they have done everything to stop the habit of PMO but they are failing every time.

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7 Actionable Tips To Control Urges On NOFAP

Is It Even Possible To Pass 90 Days NoFap Alone?

I would not say it is impossible but it is really difficult. There some tips available that could be vital for you.

But most of the people don’t follow these tips, as a result, they fail without even completing 30 days.

still, here is the list of what to do and what not.

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Things to do

1:- Write down your weaknesses, what causes you to relapse.

2:- Learn from the people who have passed the challenge and implement the techniques they used to suppress the cravings.

3:- Replace the habit of PMO with another habit.

4:- Focus on your skills rather than wasting time on unrealistic things.

5:- Don’t lose hope when you will not see the benefits instantly, it takes a while to notice some major changes.

6:- Practice mediation at least half-hour a day. It helps to make the right decisions at difficult times.

7:- Watch inspirational videos or documentaries. It motivates you what you need the most.

8:- Songs can change your mood instantly, listen to them whenever you feel low.

9:- Unfollow those bikini models. Those pics can increase the cravings for porn and masturbation.

10:- Look at yourself in the mirror before watching porn.

If you can follow these tips, then it would be really easy for you to pass all the stages of nofap and defeat the biggest enemy of your life.

Things You Shouldn’t do

1:- Do not edge, it is too dangerous.

2:- Don’t believe those people who claim that nofap doesn’t provide any benefits, it will decrease your motivation. Most of the people who say this haven’t completed even a month on nofap.

3:- Thinking about sex constantly. (If it is happening with you, then please take a cold shower)

4:- Watching unnecessary YouTube videos (Pranks, sex toys reviews, porn stars interviews, etc kind of stuff. You know what will happen if you will do that.

You should stay away from these things mentioned above, otherwise, a relapse is very near.

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Social Medias apps are The Biggest Trigger

You can do two things, either uninstall the social media apps or unfollow the models and start following those celebrities who can inspire you or motivate you to do big in your life.

Social media is awesome, it connects the world. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends on you, how you use it, for your advantage or disadvantage.

“Thanks For Reading”

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