7 Nofap Techniques You Never Knew About

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: June 20, 2022
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Hey guys, hope you are smashing and reaching your Nofap goals. This Nofap article will have techniques that are derived from the psychological and various books that have I complied, these are not your usual cold shower techniques but very helpful techniques . Let’s get into it.


This is from the book Power Over Pornography I suggest you read it. The power over Pornography method is you need to give goals etc get into medical school, fit body, etc then follow the steps.

  1. I have the urge to insert urge, and I show love to this situation
  2. But I have the power to choose
  3. I choose my vision and then repeat the goal

Want to give up porn?


Fighting urges straight by consistently saying No to urges and saying I am not going to do this is straight suicide because you will probably end up doing it no matter how hard you fight it

A reputable technique is called Urge surfing, which is taught and recommended by many psychologist and counsellor.

YHE initial goal is to practically ignore all urges and let it pass, do not react, be scared or fight it and let it past like the waves. If it gets worse say I give love to the situation I am in. ;

That’s it practically, there are meditations for it on YouTube for guidance, but also play some calm music for it.

3. Wrist writing

This is a simple one, write the number of days you are currently on then slash against your goal target. This subconsciously creates motivation for you to do. Note this may not be for everyone.

etc. 10/100.


This is not for everyone, and many of you will probably say that this is rubbish, and if so skip this.

This is a method, like acupuncture on certain parts of the body, but by tapping and saying phrases. This isn’t a personal experience but the experience of many Nofappers.

To start just search up EFT bad habits, on YouTube. It will take 6 minutes, try it for 10 days straight and it may not be for you but there is no harm


Essentially this is the process of brainwashing for positive outcomes and sort of rewiring the brain. This needs to be focused on primarily on Nofap once both phrases in the morning.

Phrase 1: Today I commit to letting go of all urges, to watching porn and transmute my sexual energy.

Phrase 2: You don’t need to say all of these phrases,

  • I am no longer a slave to porn
  • I am in control
  • I have the power over my urges and my mind
  • I will reach my goal


Meditation is one of the most powerful methods which will help you overcome your urges as what this does it strengthens the mind as and enact self control more so you will overcome urges easier.


According to Neverfap deluxe, this is one of the easiest ways to defeat porn, as what this stimulates three things awareness, calmness and control. Once we develop these things our intrinsic thoughts to relapse or to take a peek will be minimised as well are aware and calm in situation. Some of the excersises are

  • Note three things that you can hear
  • Note three things you see
  • What do your toes feel like right now.

Anyways thats it for this article. Hope you have enjoyed. Leave a like below and comment if you have any questions. Good luck and see you next time. Ps

Another extra tip is when you realise that you are entering the relapse stage, acknowledge it and step away from device calmly.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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