7 Best NoFap Apps & Blockers To Survive NoFap

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: August 1, 2021
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Undeniably a Nofap journey, is a tough one with ups and downs, and probably right now as you are reading this, there are people who are overwhelmed by their urges and struggling to maintain their Nofap.

Don’t worry there is always hope, in this article I have devised some resources and tools which have been pivotal for people through their Nofap journey and have also supported me greatly throughout my journey as well.

Computer apps

Nowadays computers are being frequently used by people like never before, and are found in every household whether being used for work, school or just for surfing the web.

Unfortunately, this also poses a risk for nofappers as the computer poses as the easiest way to access online porn, but don’t fear there is always a way.

1Focus (Free)

1focus is a Macbook application that blocks websites, apps and can schedule blocks for a certain amount of time.

Now, one of the great reasons for this is that when entering the websites rather than entering a website one by one, you can select blocked categories such as chat, gambling, or violence, but one of those options is Pornography which has preloaded sites and you don’t even have to go through and add sites.

Also, if the temptation is urge then there is also a wildcard which you can add to the whole internet and block the whole internet for a certain amount of time. The maximum amount you can block is around 30 hours so make sure you reset it.

Cold Turkey (Free)

In my personal opinion, this is the best content blocker out there, it has so many features making it the perfect tool throughout your journey.

Cold turkey is a Windows and Microsoft app that is designed to block websites and can block for long periods, like one or two years, or you can block for one or two hours until the urges pass.

One of the obvious is the blocking of the websites and hundreds of preloaded porn websites to be loaded and blocked.

There are wildcards such as. which blocks the entire internet, and there are wildcards to block images as well to prevent relapse. Clearly is one.

Frozen turkey is another feature of Cold turkey which locks out the user from using the computer for a certain period, which I know would deeply benefit me if I knew it when I was starting out NoFap and handling the urges.

There is a range of time limits in which you can select to stop you from using the computer.

Phone apps

Nowadays, mostly everyone has a phone and uses it on a daily basis whether it is to check emails, phone people or just to surf the internet. However, the phone poses a risk of relapsing for Nofappers as the internet is easily accessible like the computer to watch porn. Don’t worry there is always a way.

Off the Grid (Free)(Android)

Off the Grid is an Android app for the phone and once you rotate and set the clock until a certain time it blocks you from using other apps and just takes you to a page on the app as shown below.

Note that you can use the Phone app to make phone calls and message apps or take photos. (I mean isn’t that what you need a phone for ).

In order to finish the block and use other apps or the internet, you need to wait until it is finished or pay and it all goes to charity. Also, this is extremely difficult to get around (Trust me I have tried)

Apple Parental controls

Okay, this might be a bit different compared to the app but trust me on this one. Before, using Android I had an iPhone, and to block I would use different apps to block porn websites but there was a way around them as Apple and the good ones had to be paid for.

But I used the parental controls and it was the most accurate content filter I have ever used in my life. I really struggled to get around.

So what I did was make my friend come up with a random passcode combination as parental controls have a different passcode than the lock screen passcode and have a unique passcode as you don’t need to change the parental controls after the blocking, as you wouldn’t know the passcode.

Extra resources

These are some extra resources such as books and websites which can extremely help you along your journey, make sure to check it out.

Mr Mind Blowing

I promise you on this one, this is not biased, Mr Mindblowing is a unique website compared to other websites, and our articles will always be free to make sure we can guide you to nofap success and we upload articles which not only educate you but help you beat this addiction.

So why don’t you bookmark the websites? I guarantee you won’t regret reading the articles which we upload frequently.

Neverfap deluxe (Free)

Let’s get this straight, meditation is key on the Nofap journey. This website called Neverfap deluxe isn’t a typical Nofap website but it is unique.

This website is entirely dedicated to different meditations but primarily focused around the idea of Nofap, and contains multiple variations on meditations such as different breathing exercises or mindfulness techniques.

It also has a meditation for different levels and also has a guided meditation podcast. This is basically a free Porn therapy website but based on meditation and with guidance as well as mindfulness.

Power over Pornography (Free Book)

This is a free book which is written by an expert Porn therapist and has structured the book by lessons and each lesson dive into the methods in which he has helped hundreds of people overcome their porn addiction and the book is very popular among Nofappers and recovered porn addicts. There are also additional resources on the website.

Extra Note: Many antiviruses have strict content filters which can be used to block websites.
Anyways that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this article.

Thank you so much for reading!

(F*ck Porn)

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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