NoFap Day 10 And Here Are The 10 Benefits

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  • Published: August 29, 2020
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10 days without masturbation is quite a big deal for many people, including myself.

If you are here at this stage then you should be proud of it because not many people have managed to pass 10 days without masturbation and porn.

However, the journey doesn’t end here, in fact, it is just the first stage of NoFap.

Today in this post I wanna let you know the benefits that you will notice after completing 10 days on NoFap.

So let’s begin without wasting any time.

1: Heaviness In The Voice

Heavy voice is the most common change you’ll notice on NoFap. Heavy voice is related to testosterone levels.

NoFap boosts your testosterone levels by about 150%, and that’s enough to make your voice heavy.

However, some people say that their voice doesn’t change much even after completing several months on NoFap.

It is because it also depends on your diet and genes. NoFap can’t influence your genes you have to understand that.

My voice has changed drastically, it sounds way more havier as compared to those days when I used to waste my time watching random porn stars fooling us.

I can bet that 90% of people who will start their NoFap journey will notice this benefit.

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2: Clear Skin

Those people who fap daily generally don’t have a clear and fresh-looking face. They look very tired and their eyes tell us how badly they need a break from PMO.

A face full of pimples, rashness, black spot, and acne can break anyone’s confidence. It is so disheartening to have a face like that because most of the people in this world give too much attention to faces. I can’t blame anyone it is just a human tendency.

I am not saying that fapping is the only reason behind it, but it is a catalyst for sure. It causes the skin to appear dull and ugly like we didn’t bathe for a long time.

Also, if you are suffering from dark circles then NoFap may help you because it has helped me to get rid of dark circles.

I tried everything to get rid of the dark circles, but just because NoFap, I managed to remove dark circles underneath my eyes.

3: Feeling The Power In Hands

Fapping had made my hand very weak, my hands used to look very small, and I used to feel pretty insecure about it.

When I decided that I will be on NoFap, I never thought it would change me that much. I just wanted to quit the habit of masturbation and porn, I never knew, I would get so many benefits in complementary.

As a man, people expect you to be strong. Society just doesn’t accept a man who looks weak and tiny. They’ll put so much pressure on you that you’ll feel like quitting everything, and you’ll feel alone.

People will show sympathy to you like they don’t care how you look, however, subconsciously, they judge.

It is better to work on yourself and make those tiny arms big enough that no one can point out them. You aren’t here to take anyone’s sympathy. You are here to create a great future for yourself, and to lift the burden on your shoulders on your own.

Joining a gym while Nofap is the fastest way to gain muscles, you’ll notice that your muscles are growing way faster than before. But, you have to give your 100% both at home and gym to see major changes.

At home, you have to stop yourself from watching porn, and at the gym, you have to push yourself to your limits.

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4: Slight Increase In Productiveness

10 Days is still a very short period of time to see any sort of major change. Productiveness is something that we all required to become successful in anything.

I have watched tons of videos on how someone can improve their productiveness, however, whatever I learned from those videos tends to fade away in just a couple of days, and I get back to the same pattern, the same routine.

However, you’ll still notice that after 7 or 8 days on NoFap, your mind will start to force you subconsciously to utilize your time and do something productive.

Your mind craves dopamine, and when you stop the supply of dopamine through porn and masturbation. It starts to seek other available options for Ex. Video games, and YouTube videos.

And, things start to get amazing when you also cut down the other sources as well like video games, then your mind will only be left with two options either work on something productive or sit and sleep.

As I said earlier, your mind craves dopamine, so here is a question for you. What does think produces more dopamine, Working on a project or Sitting and watching your clock ticking? I guess most of you answer “working on a project” and you are 100% correct here.

I am not telling you to cut down all your sources of your entertainment, but you have to learn how to manage your time, for example: On Monday, I will write a blog post and on Tuesday I will watch the latest movie by Will Smith.

Without entertainment life is boring, but without productiveness life becomes terrible.

5: Happiness

Sadness is something that should be eliminated as soon as possible if you really want the motivation to touch the sky.

I always used to ask one thing to myself, when I was addicted to PMO, and that is WHEN I WILL GET OUT of THIS ADDICTION.

When we give more than enough time to fulfill our desire through synthetic love, we feel sad, it impacts us deeply, and we start to become anxious about public gatherings whether it is our best friend birthday party or a college fest, we feel like we are not the part of society, and we start to behave awkward, like very awkward.

We feel really hard to communicate with new people, and things get even worse when you are about to have a conversation with a woman.

It becomes harder and harder to live a normal life. Some people during this stage broke and begin to watch porn even more.

Synthetic love or materialistic love hasn’t been created by God for humans, we are here for true love, but some people have forgotten about it, and if you are one of them then here is a question for you from my side, WHY? whats the benefits of it.

I have wasted many years masturbating and watching porn and believe me (trust me) there are no benefits!

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6: More Time

“They say “time is money”. But I want to say “time makes money”. This means time is greater than money.”
― Israelmore Ayivor

Promise me that from today you’ll utilize your time well because it won’t be going to come back again.

There are hundreds of blog posts out there on time management, but all are wasteful until you stand up for yourself and decide to quit PMO.

PMO takes hours and within an hour you can do a lot of things like writing a post like this or creating a video for your YouTube channel or Learning where to invest the money that you have earned by a lot of hard work. Everything is only possible if you stand up for yourself and take big steps.

People think earning money is quite difficult, and it is true however we make it even more difficult by spending our precious time-consuming porn just for our genital satisfaction.

Read More:

7: Sharp Memory

Focus during NoFap increases drastically. Most of the people who watch porn daily, struggle to remember even the most recent events.

Brain fog is very common amongst people who masturbate and watch porn daily.

Also, it affects the concentration levels. It makes you feel quite boring while doing good stuff like reading a book, working on any project, etc.

People often ask me how they can improve their concentration levels, and always tell them to go on NoFap.

People like Nikola Tesla had practiced NoFap to maximize his brainpower. He used to stay away from all this nonsense, and now you may have got the idea why.

By adding meditation to your Nofap journey, you can rebuild yourself. Mediation + Nofap is the ultimate brain booster.

8: Activeness/ More energy

This is also the most common benefit of NoFap. Almost everyone that practices NoFap gets this benefit.

Fapping makes us lazy, it makes us a person who only dreams and doesn’t do much to achieve it or make it a reality.

I’ve been in a state where I used to dream a lot every day about my future that one day when I will achieve this I will do that, but whenever I started to make some efforts in the direction of my goals, I always struggled a lot.

Energy fuels our body’s internal functions, repairs, builds, and maintains cells and body tissues, and supports the external activities that enable us to interact with the physical world.

I know a good diet plays the most crucial role in maintaining body energy throughout the day, however, you can not deny the fact that after masturbation, we feel ridiculously low in energy, after masturbation even the smallest of tasks start to feel like hiking a mountain.

(Don’t let your dreams be dreams, Quit Porn Today!)

9: Less Interaction With Phone

A smartphone is a wonderful device, there are a lot of advantages of using it, but on the downside, when you use it excessively, it increases social anxiety, affects sleep, and also wastes your time way too much.

Most people who watch porn excessively also use their smartphones more than enough. On average, they waste 2 hours to 6 hours a day watching extreme porn, and this habit should be changed before it’s too late.

Practicing NoFap is like downloading a porn blocker in real life, and when you don’t watch porn, you don’t interact with your phone way too much also, and that provides you more time to interact with real people and that helps to build confidence, and also it decreases social anxiety.

Young people who are hooked on their smartphones may be at an increased risk for depression and loneliness, according to a new study from the University of Arizona. A growing body of research has identified a link between smartphone dependency and symptoms of depression and loneliness.

10: Motivation To Achieve Something Big In Life

Without motivation, you can’t achieve anything. Motivation is an important life skill.

The reason it’s important is that every person on this earth is unique and has a purpose.

To steward your purpose well, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals, which helps your dreams become a reality.

But PMO addicts struggle to generate motivation to do anything that requires hard work. Since I am on NoFap, I personally felt that the NoFap has boosted my self-motivation, and that is why I dream big, and most importantly, I do the hard work to make it a reality.

After 10 days on NoFap, you will definitely notice the spike in your self-motivation.

I hope this article helped you somehow. Quit porn today!!

This world is pushing us more towards porn, and that’s why it is becoming very difficult to overcome porn addiction. Try Reboot Cure, it’s a fantastic workbook with a lot of amazing tips that’ll help you in beating your porn addiction.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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