NoFap Timeline (5 Stages Of NoFap) – When I Will Get Superpowers

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  • Published: August 6, 2019
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Nofap Timeline: So it’s day one of your nofap journey and you are curious, want to know when I will get all the benefits of nofap that I have read on the internet and watched in the videos.

You will definitely be going to get all the benefits but first, you have to clear all the stages of nofap.

These stages of nofap contain UPs and DOWNs and you may relapse during those phases. It is good to anticipate the difficulties you might face.

When you will anticipate what kind of challenges you might face during that timeline you may pass that stage easily.

After successfully passing all the stages I have discovered there are 5 stages of nofap which you need to pass successfully to get all the benefits of nofap.

Stage 1 (Day 1 to 10): The Beginners

nofap beginners

During this phase, you’re more prone to relapse. Most of the people who have started nofap for the first time relapsed during this period.

What you can expect?

When you will complete day one, you will feel amazing, and you may think that you can complete this journey easily, but that’s not true because when you will be on day 4 or 5 you may face strong sexual urges, you’ll have to defeat those urges if you wanna stay on the nofap journey for longer.

Do not edge (watching porn on nofap) guys cause it sucks. Nofap means no porn and no masturbation.

If you will edge then you will relapse for sure in just a couple of days and it could be depressive.


You may see benefits like more energy, smooth hairs

Some Tips:

(1) Take A Cold Shower.

I’m saying this often because it is the most trustworthy tip. A cold shower changes the mood instantly and helps to defeat the urges of fapping.

(2) Use Your Time, keep yourself Busy.

When you will start nofap, you will have a lot more time to spend, I suggest you use your time productively.

(3) Go outside and enjoy the weather.

Go have some fun outside, play sports it will feel good!

(4) Limit smartphone usage.

Limit the usage of smartphones because in my personal opinion smartphones could be the biggest trigger.

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Stage 2 (Day 11 to 30): The Amateurs 

During this period most people face a situation called flatline. During flatline, You will feel like you are at your lowest point. Throughout this challenge, there will be a period where you feel really low.

Your energy will be low, and you will not have any sexual urges. You might also get cold or flu-like symptoms.

Don’t be scared because it is a part of the reboot process. You might face this phase once or twice but don’t give up because after a couple of days your mind will become stable again. However, The flatline may range from days to weeks.

What to expect?

(Note: Everything which I’m writing is based on my personal experience so, you might get a different experience compared to me).

During flatline, you may see the opposite effects of nofap like more anxiety, no confidence, sadness, hard time falling asleep because, during this phase, your brain will be removing all the dirt present in your mind, that is why you may feel the opposite outcomes of nofap.

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Stage 3 (Day 31 to 50): The Masters

After completing a month of nofap, you can call yourself a “master” cause it is not at all easy to pass 30 days without shaking your “D”.

You will realize that all the things which you were doing in the past were totally stupid, and you may start focusing on things that can make your future better and secure.

What to expect?

Nofap will change your mindset, and it will make you a better person. It may sound fake but it is 101% true.

You will start to respect females.


You may see benefits like more confidence, no anxiety, self believe, strong muscles, hair growth, a better understanding, and many more.

Stage 4 (Day 51 to 90): The Champions

99 out of 100 people relapse before reaching this stage of nofap. You are a winner if you are on this stage.

You will see a lot of difference in yourself, negative thoughts will go away and you will see that things are more comfortable for you.

When I arrived at this phase, I was like wtf is happing, I can do lots of work without being tired, and I saw that people are attracted to me.


Happiness- You will feel happiness in every moment of life and this is really really amazing. No more sad moments in your life, and you will find it easy to move on. I feel like I am breathing in heaven, everything seems so amazing, and I am feeling awesome.

Increases Social Skills- You will find it really easy to communicate with people and they will understand what you are trying to say. People will listen to you when you will say something because the magical powers of nofap will make you a leader, and people always listen to a leader, not a loser.

Unlimited Motivation- Motivation is essential if you wanna do something big in your life, but when we watch those kinds of videos it destroys our motivation and provides depression which stops us from doing something productive.

Nofap provides limitless motivation and gives you the confidence that you need to achieve something great in your life, and also it will make you a hero in your own eyes.

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Stage 5 (Day 91 to ): The Monks

nofap monk

This is the ultimate goal of every person who started nofap. our brain needs 90 days to reboot.

People who have reached this stage are saying that they are feeling a sense of enlightenment.

Reaching this period is not easy at all but staying on nofap after completing 90 days challenge is even harder.

Some people think after reaching this stage, we can do all the things which we were not doing, but they have to understand it’s just not about completing a challenge it’s about discovering yourself.

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“Thanks for Reading”

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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  1. When I was reading this journal, I was thinking that this is my story, I’m talking about negativity of PMO now I’m on day 5 and I found this journal. Last night was very tough for me and really wanted to watch the video but I didn’t and my mind got postponed the program for two days because next day would be off from work. Now after reading this journal I got boosted when read about the FLATLINE because maximum I hold on myself is a month and this whole month I got fast (in month of Ramadan) and first 15 days are very difficult for me and after that I got flatline…but after month of ramdana it’s like blasting I see the videos 12 hrs continuously and this this would be happened for 5 to six day. Now I will try my best to get rid of This dirt

    1. Couple things that have helped me in the past are 1) not taking your cell phone into the restroom with you and 2) not having your cell phone with you when you are laying in bed

      2 is a bit harder to achieve but hey, if you’re dedicated, then you’ll find a way

  2. It’s today mine 23 day of nofap daily I feel head heavy and headache when it will get cure? Hom many days may flatline last?

      1. I usually went for 2 months without ejaculating with ease. But I was also on opium for her*in recovery. Now I’m clean and starting over. It was easy on the opium tea once a day and I experienced the benefits spiritually. But I felt bad for my soon to be wife. Now I’m practicing semen retention with sex. Opium is out of my life

  3. Nofap is no PMO correct? What if real women are possible; how does this impact the nofap math? Still reap benefits? Not necessarily relapse.

    1. Many people are confusing between NoFap and NoPmo. Both are the same. Having a physical relationship with women on NoFap may or may not be a relapse, it depends on what mode of Nofap you are practicing. Read the difference here!

  4. Multiple times I have tried Nofap and I failed. But after reading this timeline, now I got an idea of what are the reasons for that. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. Learned a lot.

  5. let us show the world what men are capable of doing by retaining their semen and using that power in an effective way.we can and we will acheive stage 5 -THE MONKS.I am on day 42 and working towards stage 5.

    1. Hi Umer, thanks for asking.

      Orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity. It is also known as the climax. Giving your brain this amazing feeling regularly with fake things could destroy your dopamine levels (It’s a chemical that is responsible for happiness). It’s better to stay away from PMO if you want a brain that feels pleasure even in the smallest of things.

  6. What counts as relapsing? If you don’t watch any videos but for a few seconds jerk off does that count? Worried I may have relapsed after a long streak.

  7. It is my 8th day of Nofap. My question is – ‘How to control your urge if you receive a s*x clip or an image on whatsapp group or instagram message? Sometines you don’t know what is inside that video unless you download it… ‘

    1. You don’t need to reset your streak just because you accidentally saw a nude picture or clip. Continue your journey and try to forget about that image or video clip as soon as possible. Ask your friend not to share such content or leave the group in which people share such photos and video clips.

      Day 8 is still just the beginning of this journey, so be sure to minimize your time on social media (especially Instagram) because, on social media, it’s easy to find a picture that can boost your urge to fap.

  8. Hello Sumit bro,
    I am going to start NoFap from today to retain my original personality and character but I have a doubt that how many times should we do cold shower a day and should we use any kind of shampoos or something like them.
    Waiting for your reply bro , I think you will reply me soon.

    1. Hi Vigneswar,

      One cold shower a day is enough to make you feel super fresh (you don’t need to take multiple cold showers in a day), and I don’t recommend shampooing your hair every time you take shower because it could dry out your scalp and increase itchiness. Also, try to use a natural shampoo (that doesn’t contain too much sulfate).

      All the best!!

  9. Dude I completed 35 days plus
    Past few days I started experiencing flatline
    What to do
    How long it will last
    Feeling very moody and no interest in anything
    And it’s irritating bro

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