NoFap Attraction: Reasons why females find you irresistible during Nofap

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: July 24, 2022
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  • How long does Nofap attraction take to work?
  • Why does it attract women?
  • Is it even real?

When it comes to Nofap attraction, it is not just because of improved physical appearance but because of the self-development which you undergo.

Of course, there are more than 15 reasons that one can endure, and these benefits can be endured at different times for some people and can come in different forms.

Also, remember abstaining from Pornography is equally important in this process of manifesting attraction, we will dive into this later.

Remember, Failing or having a low streak on Nofap doesn’t mean that you won’t achieve these personalities, a lot of people do, however, many people also note that these benefits come faster to those who abstain on Nofap.

Let’s begin…


Simping is probably the worst thing you can do when it comes to girls. Nofap can easily help you with this.

This behavior is a needy person, which seeks validation, from someone who has more value than himself (in this case a woman). A woman or girls detect this and view you as a desperate person.

Neediness is unattractive. Neediness is the number one killer of attraction.

Few examples of needy behavior:

  • Showing her that you are cool and courageous, but you change and start showing your real image in times of need.
  • He texts her day and night, despite her rejection.


Nofap has a strong link to this as semen retention has been reported to boost confidence and consistently watching porn makes the viewer want to have sexual intercourse.

Due to this  ‘need” to be in a relationship, you become desperate for a relationship if you have due to the lack of confidence, and you are willing to do anything for the person that you like, in order to get into a relationship.

A section in the book ‘The Charisma myth’ by Olivia Fox Cabane states that “Your internal state, is shown through your body language.” This meaning says that your desperations for love and lack of confidence by being needy are visible and depending on your pornography addiction these struggles can be displayed.

So, practicing Nofap can be the opposite due to the confidence build-up occurring due to not watching porn. The confidence is that you will find the girl and she will fall in love with you and is that confidence which is highly appealing.


Beating your meat will, definitely destroy your energy, and weaken you, making you look like a zombie.

Even after my experience beating my meat tirelessly, drained so much energy and my face looked like I’m drunk.

There is no doubt that Nofap, will improve your skin condition, as you are not releasing vital minerals and proteins used to help with your body, making you have a glowing face, and there have been reports by many users of less acne when doing this.

The physique will improve as well as the Nofap, as you will have more energy to carry out the exercise as well as the boost in testosterone which is vital in muscle building.

However, we are all different so this may be different depending on person to person, for example, some people might experience stronger hair growth rather than skin glow and that may come at a later time.


Remember what I said, earlier about how your internal state of mind can be displayed through your body language?

This comes into play as when you view pornography, your brain is rewired to see women as sex objects, skipping the truth that they are human just like us.

This can be again be noticed and girls will avoid you if they sense this, as girls want respect from men, as they deserve this respect as any other human being. I mean who doesn’t like it when they get respected.


As you may know, Nofap creates a big increase in testosterone around the 7-day mark and 15 days mark, and so on.

An increase in testosterone is linked to developing a deep voice, which is attractive.

Having a manly and authoritative, is attractive epically amongst females, as it is yet another sign of confidence and authority.


The most appealing characteristic a man can possess is having a sense of purpose in life.

This is due to the fact that having a purpose demonstrates self-responsibility, assertiveness, perseverance, tenacity, and other qualities that might lead to a better life.

Character strength is more valuable than physical strength in today’s environment since character attributes define success more than anything else.

A woman will never be attracted to someone who poses a threat to her life.

If a man in today’s environment can’t manage the strain, quits now and then, refuses to embrace self-responsibility, and relies on others to exist, he is highly unattractive.


When you see yourself as valued, you can maintain healthy eye contact.

When you try to create eye contact because you’re desperate, on the other hand, you risk frightening someone and pushing her away.

Because you are on a path of self-improvement, Nofap boosts your self-worth.

You are not a slave to your desires, and you are actively working to change your situation.

This is a great accomplishment.

Thousands, if not millions, of people, have said that their eye contact has improved as a result of their Nofap experience.


I laughed at this once I heard about it, like what does this have anything to do with attraction or Nofap.

Once your guards are down, people start to feel your positive energy.

This is something which you should experience on your own.

Try nofap for 30 days and note the changes and your energy level.

Nofap corrects the dopamine imbalance in your body.

This implies you begin to appreciate the small pleasures in life.

Connecting with people is one of life’s little pleasures.

The barrier you’ve built up against others as a result of your pornography addiction begins to crumble.

People who are heavily immersed in the digital realm are known to be socially uncomfortable.

Pornography addicts are highly engaged in the digital environment, whether they are extreme gamers, social media addicts, or pornography addicts.

They despise social connection, and the digital world is the only thing that makes them happy.

As a result, when we take a vacation from all of this and go on a trip or start nofap, our dopamine skype level begins to balance out again.


Nofap also helps us decide on choosing the right partner for us because, most of the time, we remain confused with our mixed feelings for someone. 

This happens because of our neediness. 

You’re in a relationship with her because you need her, not because you love her.

When you’re in nofap, you lose your neediness and your emotions become more obvious.

If you’re not in a relationship and you like someone, you go after them and do all you can to make your relationship work.

Assume you’re already in a relationship and have discovered that you genuinely love someone.

Because you are now psychologically clear, you strive to restore your relationship with all your energy.

This is why so many relationships have improved since starting nofap.

Because pornography addiction affects not only you but also your partners, their closeness level rises and they connect much better with them.

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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