These 7 Tricks Could Be A Game Changer On NoFap

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  • Published: June 9, 2020
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The combination of porn and masturbation can destroy anyone’s life. I had gone through a stage where everything was feeling like a haunted dream.

I was alive but not feeling it. I had so many dreams at that time in my mind but I wasn’t working on it, I was just waiting for the perfect time but it wasn’t coming.

I became depressed and also I was afraid about my future too much. I started to get thoughts like I’m gonna spend my whole life like this.

I wasn’t into any kind of drug addiction, no alcohol, and no cigarettes but yes I was addicted to masturbation and porn.

Most of the time I used to spend 4-6 hours non stop consuming porn and jerking off to it. I didn’t know it gonna hurt my life that much.

But since I went on NoFap, my whole life turned around. Before completing 90 days I failed 7 times but failures make you stronger and better.

There are so many people who are going through the same stage where I’ve been in the past.

I know very well how it feels after relapse. Don’t worry I’m here to help you out.

I have created a full 90 days course for you in which I’m gonna help you quit porn and masturbation forever.

If you’re interested then click here ——> Reboot Cure

This porn recovery course has been featured in top websites like Forbes, The Guardian, Inc, and The New York Times.

Anyway, when I failed 7 times, I got to know some pretty cool hacks that could be game-changer on NoFap for you.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

1:- Challenge Your Friend

Understand its not a shame to talk about nofap or porn addiction to your friend. Actually, most of the time they support you.

Society has developed the thought that porn addiction is a taboo even though porn addiction is very common among humans, especially in the millennial generation.

We feel uncomfortable while sharing our thoughts with others, we begin to think, what they gonna think about us when they’ll hear that I’m suffering from porn and masturbation addiction.

I’m not telling you to talk about your addiction to everyone. I am saying to share it with your close friend. The one friend that you trust.

Challenge him or tell him how many days you gonna spend without jerking off.

It gives you motivation, and you know how important it is to be motivated on nofap. Without enough motivation, you cant pass this challenge or any challenge.

2:- Read Articles Like This

Use your free time wisely, search for articles that can motivate you, and make you feel like you can do this.

I usually watch YouTube in my free time rather than reading articles like this one.

I’m not saying that reading articles won’t gonna motivate like videos do but watching videos let you see the real example. Real people tell their story and about the changes that have taken place since they went on NoFap.

There are several YouTubers who post awesome content that can inspire you to stay on nofap.

My favorite YouTuber is Captain Sindbad, Elish long, and Improvement Pill.

Here is one video below by Captain Sindabad in which he talks about the benefits that he has got after practicing NoFap.

You can also start your youtube channel in which you can post videos related to your nofap journey, and you could become popular as well. It is a win-win situation.

But first, you need to quit porn because it could make your journey harder. I have worked my ass off to create a porn recovery program, its called Reboot Cure.

I have priced this course 37$ but believe me it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Purchase Reboot Cure program by clicking here!

3:- Workout At Your Home

Right now when I’m writing this post, the world is fighting with COVID-19, I don’t when this pandemic gonna end.

Most of us are quarantined in our home and it makes NoFap even harder. A regular home workout can help you with this. You just need some motivation to get up and do 10 pushups, yes just 10 pushups. I am not asking you to become a gym rat

I also started with 10 pushups and now I find it easy to do 50, and it has helped me maximize my strength.

NoFap really makes you active and you’ll notice it for sure when you’ll be on day 7 or 8.

Regular workout also makes yo feel happy and boosts positive thinking.

You have to make yourself engage in things that can help you get rid of thoughts related to porn and masturbation.

(Why 1,000’s of people like you quitting porn and masturbation Subscribe to know the secret)

4:- Drink Green Tea

According to MedicalNewsToday, Green tea provides many benefits like preventing cancer, reducing the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol, and many many more.

I have become very health-conscious on nofap, I always try to read articles that can help me boost my immunity and prevent me from viruses.

Green tea is awesome, whenever I start my day drinking green tea, I feel fit and fresh. Drinking green tea doubles the benefits of nofap literally.

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5:- Eat More Garlic

Do you know? Garlic has cleansing properties, too, which eliminate impurities from arteries to increase blood flow; poor blood supply to the testes contributes to infertility.

It also carries zinc, which is known to increase testosterone, sperm motility, and sperm count. (source)

I’ve been eating garlic for quite a while now and the benefits are true. Garlic could help you recover from the damage that excessive masturbation has done to your body.

I know how it feels after a relapse, and that is why I have created a program that’ll help you quit porn and masturbation addiction, check out Reboot Cure (Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes)

6:- Talk To A Girl

Don’t live in fake shit, find real people. Having a friend with whom you can share your feelings will help you stay on the journey for longer.

Fall in love with someone, it is really a feeling that no one can describe in words. Love can always defeat lust.

Also, talking to a girl helps you understand what girls really think in real life. You’ll find out that their thought process is no at all close to those porn scenes where girls just think about having sex with anyone.

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7:- Join A NoFap Group On Facebook

I have joined several NoFap groups on Facebook. I have also created a group on Facebook but right now it only have 5 members. If you are interested then please join. NOFAP WARRIORS FACEBOOK GROUP.

There so many people who share their success stories of nofap on Facebook. It feels really good reading their success story. It also pushes me to complete my journey of nofap.

“Thanks For Reading”

Discover How To Finally Put An End To Your Porn Addiction!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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