14 Mind-blowing Benefits Of Semen Retention

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  • Published: April 20, 2020
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Does semen retention provide any benefits? The answer is Yes.

I have been following semen retention for more than a year now, and it has changed my life a lot.

I feel the power in my veins.

Nowadays people are understanding the power of not ejaculating as many people are taking part in this challenge.

If you are the guy who engages in non-realistic things like porn and ejaculates his semen often then this semen retention challenge is for you.

This challenge has the potential to change your life.

How to start a semen retention challenge? It is very simple, just don’t ejaculate for 90 days.

There so many famous people who understood, how powerful their semen is, and then they changed there life and wrote their name in history.

Have you ever felt exhausted even after performing small tasks? If your answer is “Yes”, then I would like to let you know that your brain and your body needs rest from sex, porn, and masturbation.

You have to participate in a challenge that can help you stopping ejaculation.

You can take Nofap challenge or Semen retention challenge, both are life-changing but I prefer Nofap more because, in the nofap challenge, you are not allowed to watch porn and masturbate but in semen retention, you can do whatever you want but can’t ejaculate.

If you wanna learn more about the difference between Semen retention and Nofap, then read this article – NoFap, Semen Retention, And Monk Mode – Mystery

Now, its time to look at the Benefits Of Semen Retention.

Note All the benefits mentioned in this article based on my personal experience. I have also tried to prove the points with scientific researches.

1: Unlimited Energy

Like I said earlier, I am feeling the power in my veins. I used to get exhausted easily but now I am feeling like I can do anything in life without being tired.

Semen retention boosts the testosterone level and according to PubMed, testosterone is linked with high energy.

Low energy stops you from achieving even the smallest goals of yours. Have you ever went to the gym after masturbation? Maybe some of you but most of you, wouldn’t, that is because of the tiredness that comes after masturbation.

Without energy, taking even a small step feels like hiking a mountain. Semen retention provides you that lost energy that can flip your life upside down, it will help you to achieve greatness in your desire career. So, at least give it a try.

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2: Hair Feels Soft And They Arent Falling Any More

We love our hairs and we don’t wanna lose them at any cost. However, do you know! excessive masturbation could cause hair fall?

An independent study from 4 endocrinologists in 1976 itself confirmed that masturbation causes an increase in DHT levels, you can also cross-check this with any endocrinologists.

And yes, masturbating 2-3 times a week may not cause hair loss but masturbating once or more every day would significantly increase DHT and block nutrient supply to the affected follicles thereby causing hair loss.

The reason why masturbation and hair loss topic is not so popular in the scientific community is that most of the masturbation effects for long term were studied on mice and one may notice hair loss after 6 months or 1 year of excessive masturbation and unfortunately no studies were done on humans for a long term regarding this.

Here is the research Published on the Pubmed website. – Endocrine effects of masturbation in men. This information was provided me by an email sent by a user name “Sukumar” he is an expert on this topic.

3: Now I Can Easily Spend More Than 2 Hours In The Gym

A gym is a wonderful place where you can give the power to your body. Everyone should join the gym or do some exercise on their own because it is your responsibility to maintain your physique.

Through my journey of semen retention, I have noticed that my exercise duration is increasing day by day. I used to get tired very quickly. Even after doing warm-ups, I used to feel tired but now, things are different and going on my way. I sometimes teach beginners, how to enhance energy and never feel tired in the gym.

According to me, pullups are the toughest among all the exercise. However, now it is my favorite warmup exercise.

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4: My Stamina Enhanced So Much

Stamina is the strength and energy that let you sustain the physical or mental effort for long periods of time.

Increasing your stamina helps you endure discomfort or stress when you’re doing an activity. It also reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Masturbation excessively and wasting semen decreases your stamina drastically, and also makes you procrastinate.

Procrastination is cancer, it stops you from making your dream come true. People who procrastinate often tend to watch porn more, use social media more, and delay the productive work.

5: My Voice Become Heavy

I think it is because of the testosterone boost. Having a heavy voice feels good, people listen to you when you speak.

I tried recording my voice from day 1 of NoFap till day 30, and the change was insane.

Having a kid like voice doesn’t sound too good. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do wonders, whether you have a kid like voice or monster-like voice, the thing that matters the most is how confidently you speak.

That confidence while speaking provided to me by semen retention.

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6: My Mental Strength Is Increasing

I am remembering even the smallest things. People who lose their semen often tend to get brain fog.

Brain fog is the inability to have a sharp memory or to lack a sharp focus. You just really feel like you’re not yourself and you’re unable to think clearly.

Brain fog and excessive masturbation are related. You may have noticed that whenever you watch porn and masturbate to it, it restricts your brain to generate good ideas, and also, you forget things more.

If you somehow increase your mental strength then the sky is the limit for you. You can easily overcome any obstacle in your life.

Semen retention provides that power to your brain that your brain needed, the great example of it is Sir Nikola Tesla.

Sir Nikola Tesla was practicing semen retention for many years. Some people believe that his IQ was nearly 200, which is absolutely superhuman.

I am not saying that you’ll become a genius by practicing semen retention but I can say that you’ll feel that your brain strength is increasing.

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7: I am Looking Good

I don’t have much to say about this but I would say that whenever I am looking in the mirror, it is giving me confidence that I am looking good.

When I used to masturbate hours and hours for nothing, I used to feel terrible about myself when I was looking in the mirror.

Now, because of NoFap (by the way, if you don’t know what is NOFAP, then click here) I am feeling pretty good about myself.

It’s like the mirror is telling me, that you have done it, you have beaten your enemy (Porn).

By the way, I am also caring about myself more. I wearing nice looking clothes, washing my hairs more, and etc.

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8: Girls Liking Me More

The confidence that I got by practicing semen retention, made my anxiety disappear. I always feel confident while talking to girls and they also take an interest in the conversation.

Watching porn crushes your confidence, and confidence is crucial for building social skills.

Poor social skills often lead to stress and loneliness, which can negatively affect physical as well as mental health, and it pushes ourselves to watch porn and masturbate.

If you are finding difficulty while talking to a girl or a stranger then you may have poor social skills but don’t worry there are tons of ways that can help you with that. One of the best ways to improve social skills is by talking to yourself in the mirror. I have tried this so many times, it really works.

9: I Am Feeling Confident All The Time

Sometimes we feel confident and sometimes we don’t. But now it is not happening to me. I am feeling confident all the time.

It is because I have dragged my self from that darkness of porn and masturbation.

When you take steps like this, your confidence increases quickly.

If you are also under the black clouds of porn, then please start the nofap challenge now, and boost your confidence.

10: Sky Rocket Self Motivation

Without motivation, you can’t accomplish anything. There are no goalposts to aim for and no purpose to aim towards.

Motivation is an essential life skill. The reason it’s important is that every person on this earth is unique and has a purpose. To steward your purpose well, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals which encourages your dreams to become a reality. Not just for your sake, but for the sake of others as well.

If Steve Jobs wasn’t motivated to begin Apple, you wouldn’t have a Macbook Air, iPhone or iPad.

You wouldn’t be holding that designer bag or be wearing those clothes if a designer wasn’t motivated to turn their visualization into a realization.

You live in a world where motivation has resolved problems and produced products and services you never knew you needed.

Motivation can also help you personally to be the best of you. This can have a positive impact on your confidence, relationships and the community you live in.

But there is something which is killing your motivation and forcing you to live your life without accomplishing any goal and it is watching porn and masturbation.

Since I quit the habit of pornography and masturbation, a source of unlimited motivation has opened.

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11: I Need Less Sleep To Feel Fresh

You may have heard that sleeping for 8 hours is important, and it is true as well, many studies have found that people should sleep 8 hours to feel fresh and active.

Nowadays most people because of stress are unable to sleep for 8 hours, and because of it they feel tired and stressed.

I have noticed that i am feeling fresh even after sleeping for like 5 or 6 hours. I am having same energy whether i am sleeping for 6 hours or 8 hours.

12: I Am Happy

I am doing what I wanted to do in my life. I always had a dream to create a world-famous website, and I am on the way to achieve that goal. I have created 3 websites now, and all are doing good.

Working on your life goal always makes you feel happy. Even taking a small step towards it makes you feel awesome but when we waste our time finding the best porn start in the world, it kills our dream and pushes us in a dark cage of sadness and depression.

When you will achieve your goal by dedication and hard work, you will be extremely happy but not more than your mom and dad.

13: I Haven’t Watched Porn For More Than Year

Yes, that is my favorite point.

I haven’t watched porn for more than a year now, clap for me guys. It is quite an extraordinary achievement for me because I am the same guy who used to collect videos and used to watch it the whole night but now I did it.

You can also do that, not quickly but slowly but there is a condition, you have to understand the fact that you are here in this world to create separate space for yourself. You are not here to be part of the mob.

14: Self Control

The urges of self-pleasuring are the strongest, and when you stop your self from doing that, you make yourself stronger.

Self-control is the most difficult thing. If you can control your self then you can do anything.

There are several ways to improve restraint like meditation, yoga, and reading books. But the most powerful thing which you can do is to abstain your self from playing with your….you know.


Semen retention can literally change yourself. It provides incredible benefits to the body and mind. You should take this challenge once in your life.

If you like this post then please share it and comment down below. The comment section is waiting for you.

“Thanks For Reading”

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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