NoFap Reality: Take This Challenge Once

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: March 31, 2020
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So many people are claiming on the internet that nofap has changed their life forever, is it true?

I have been on nofap for more than 100 days, I actually forgot for how many days I have been practicing it. (I stopped counting after day 100)

Even after not masturbating for more than 3 months, I am still not satisfied with it and I want to complete some more successful days on nofap, I don’t know exactly how many days.

But the question is, Why I am practicing Nofap

Nofap means you can not watch porn and cant masturbate to it until your dopamine level goes back to normal. According to some fapstronauts, you should complete at least 90 days before breaking the challenge.

90 days seems like a big task for beginners and most of the people who start nofap fail before completing 90 days.

The fun fact is, Dopamine usually takes around 90 days (3 months) before getting normal.

Dopamine is crucial for self-confidence, happiness, motivation, and social skills.

Porn plays a big role in damaging your dopamine receptors and it has been proven by researches as well.

90 Days complete guide, build only for you, —–> Reboot Cure

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Do you remember how your brain responded when you watched porn for the first time?

We all were feeling excited and our heart was pumping hard.

We all used to get excited even after watching kissing scenes from the movies.

But now things are different, we all have got little computers in our hands and it is way to easy to access pornography, it is just a click away.

It is way too easy to get addicted to porn nowadays, and you might know what happens when someone gets addicted to something.

I was addicted to porn so badly that I used to spend like 5 hours straight watching it. I could have done so many things in that time.

When we watch porn, it hits our dopamine receptors and it makes us hungry for more, and then we start to search for something weird and evil.

Now I can bet, you don’t feel excited watching kissing scenes from movies, right? Now you only get excited while watching some weird kind of stuff, is it also true?

That is because your dopamine is not in good condition now and now it needs a break, break from porn and masturbation.

You will notice, every successful day you will pass on nofap, you’ll feel excited, you’ll feel confident and most importantly you’ll feel happy.

Consuming porn excessively is dangerous for your health and for your career.

(Why 1,000’s of people like you quit porn and masturbation Subscribe to know the secret)

That is why I never wanna watch porn again in my life,

Maybe in the future, I will masturbate but I never gonna watch porn.

We don’t know the history behind those girls who work in the porn industry, most of the actors and actresses are depressed but they don’t show us because it can hurt their business.

I read a story about a porn star, she wrote how she started working in the industry, she said that it is a hell, whatever you see is an imitation, the reality is we all (Mostly women) get abused by directors to give a perfect scene.

I also want to share a story of another actress and she depresses life but because of policies of google I cannot write it here in this post, I want you all search for an actress name “Agust Ames”

Some of you may know who she is and why she lost her life but some of you who don’t know about her, I highly recommend you to read her story.

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I love my self

I used to hate my self before starting Nofap.

When I compare my past life with my current one, I found that it has changed a lot.

Now I work more than 10 hours a day and before that, I used to play video games and masturbate the whole day.

Nofap makes you productive, it provides you that mysterious energy that forces you to be productive.

If you will look at those people who are highly successful in their lives, you will see that they don’t waste their time in things like masturbation and watching weird porn instead they would love to read a book in their free time.

You should also add this habit in your life and replace it with PMO. Reading a book plays a major role in changing someone’s life.

Reading books can help you alleviate depression symptoms.

British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton once wrote, “Consolation from imaginary things is not imaginary consolation.” People with depression normally feel isolated and estranged from everyone else. And that’s a feeling books can sometimes lessen.

Reading fiction can allow you to momentarily escape your own world and become swept up in the imagined experiences of the characters. And nonfiction self-help books can teach you strategies that may help you manage symptoms.

That’s why the United Kingdom’s National Health Service has launched Reading Well, a Books on Prescription program, where medical experts prescribe self-help books curated by medical experts specifically for certain conditions.

I request you to read one book at least every month.

I know how it feels after a relapse, and that is why I have created a program that’ll help you quit porn and masturbation addiction, check out Reboot Cure (Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes)

How to conquer Nofap challenge

The only way to conquer a challenge like this is to keep yourself motivated all the time. I know it is not easy but it becomes easy when you start to love yourself.

Let’s forget all those stupid things you have done in the past and let’s focus on building a new you.

You are here reading this blog post tells that you are not happy with the current situation and you really want to remove pornography from your life forever. The only way to get the life of your dream is to stop watching porn and start working on yourself and on your future.

You may be seeing the world full of competition, everyone wants to beat others but believe me, it is just crowd out there, no one really does hard work, most of the people just talk and don’t do anything.

You can easily beat your competition, and you know that better than me. Look, hard work and dedication towards work is the best thing in the world.

So now decide what you want. A life with full depression and sadness or a life where you are able to fulfill any desire o yours.

It is only a matter of 3 months, go and conquer it.

Nofap is real and forever gonna be

” Thanks For Reading “

Discover How To Finally Put An End To Your Porn Addiction!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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