7 Actionable Tips To Control Urges On NOFAP

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  • Published: April 19, 2020
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I understand, how you feel after relapsing because we all share the same story but you can change everything which is happening with you by taking the right step.

This blog post is only for those people who wanna get a life that doesn’t need porn and masturbation to be happy and feel satisfied.

I have tested these 7 methods that help people to control their sexual urges and continue to follow the right track of nofap.

I have been using these steps to fight with urges for more than 100 days and I can bet, if you will follow this then nothing can stop you from achieving the 90-day mark of nofap.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1: Look Yourself In The Mirror Before Watching Porn

It will give you a sense of reality. It will make you feel embarrassed, and also it will give you a tight slap that will shift your mind and throw you on the right track.

Why watch porn, to get anxiety? stress? less confidence? is this what you want from your life. If your answer is “Yes” then please stop reading and go watch porn but if your answer is “No” then why you are still doing it, why you are still watching porn and masturbating, why you are losing the energy that can help you succeed in your life?

Remember, only you can change yourself, nobody has the power to change you because it is only in your hands.

I know, after reading this post, you will get confidence and you will think that now it enough but the reality is, no blog post, no videos, and no program can help you, they can only provide you a path but only you have to follow that path to get success.

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2: Splash Cold Water On Your Face

Coldwater is scientifically proven to distract your mind from negative thoughts instantly. Believe me, It is highly effective.

I always use this technique to stay away from those kinds of thoughts, not only does it help to restrict the sexual urges but it also helps to shift your mind from depressive thoughts.

You should splash your face with the coldest water possible whenever you feel like you are losing the battle.

If you are stuck somewhere and unable to find cold water then just think about it and feel that you are throwing cold water drops on your face.

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3: Watch Inspirational Movies

Movies play a big role in changing our lives, on one hand, they can motivate us to do something big in our life, and on the other hand, they can motivate us to do things that could negatively affect our life.

You can only get victory over pornography and masturbation if you are filled with motivation. If you aren’t having enough motivation in yourself then your nofap journey could end soon.

It is not that hard to generate self-motivation, you just have to stop dreaming and start working, and boom! You will find that you can now achieve whatever you want in your life.

There is a key difference between a person with high motivation and a person with low confidence. People with high confidence do what they say and people with low confidence struggles to finish what they started.

There are hundreds of movies available online that have the potential to flip your life upside down.

I am not gonna tell you which movie you should watch because you know it better than me but I will only tell you that please watch it whenever you’ll feel low.

4: Before Clicking On Any Porn Website, Click On Any YouTube Video

Youtube could be a game-changer for you in the battle between you and fap. YouTube instantly changes your mood and helps to eliminate that lusty thought present in your mind.

Youtube is a perfect Timepass, it contains many valuable videos on NoFap, even better than this post.

I also get inspiration to create a blog on Nofap because of youtube.

Reddit can also help you. They have a community of more than 500k people always ready to help you in your fight against Fapping, and I am also part of that community.

You can also send me a message on my Instagram or comment down, I’ll surely gonna reply to you.

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5: Pinch Yourself hard or use the rubber band technique

I have read about this technique on Psychologytoday.com. And after that, I tried this technique many times and it always works.

I used to think that these types of techniques aren’t that effective but I was totally wrong.

Most of you are aware of “Pinching Yourself” but what about the rubber band technique?

The rubber band technique helps to control unwanted thoughts, you just have to wrap a rubber band around your wrist and whenever you’ll feel, you are getting any unwanted thoughts, then just snap it into your wrist.

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6: Music Can Change Your Mood

Music is the most beautiful thing in the world. It can instantly change your mood and make you happy or sad.

Whenever you feel like you are about to relapse, put earbuds in your ears and listen to your favorite songs of yours. If you can listen to some motivational songs then that would be super awesome.

Music brings back the memory and pushes you into the past.

This video explains, how music affects your brain.


According to Psychology Today, One of the ways music affects mood is by stimulating the formation of certain brain chemicals.

Listening to music boosts the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine is the brain’s “motivation molecule” and an essential part of the pleasure-reward system.

It’s the same brain chemical accountable for the feel-good states received from eating chocolate, orgasm, and runner’s high.

When listening to a playlist, you can further increase dopamine by choosing the shuffle mode.

When one of your favorite songs surprisingly comes up, it triggers an extra dopamine boost.

And, You know, How crucial dopamine is to recover from PMO.

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7: Meditation And Yoga Is The Key

Engaging in activities such as Yoga and Meditation provides you with spiritual energy and mental stability which is essential if you really wanna stop fapping.

Those kinds of videos destroy our thinking and our thoughts on others, Doing yoga and meditation for only 10 minutes a day makes you calm and helps to rethink before fapping again.

Our critical thinking destroyed by porn and masturbation, it is very important to think before taking any action because any action taken by you, affects the future.

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It is possible to live a life without porn but you have to learn the art of controlling sexual urges.

There are many ways that you can help you from escaping that critical moment when you will be an inch closer to relapse but it all depends on you, if you will go and cry on yourself then no one will help you but when you will stand up and fight, everyone will stand up and clap for you.

Go and delete the history and write a new history by yourself.

“Thanks for your valuable time”

Discover How To Finally Put An End To Your Porn Addiction!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to MrMindBlowing.com.


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    1. Make yourself busy. Loneliness triggers uncontrollable urges. Do pushups until your body necessitates rest. It will give you two benefits 1) It will boost your muscles strength 2) It will help you to get out of that nervy zone.

  1. I am on 23rd day of my nofap journey.
    I don’t know but sometimes I feel I can’t relate my timeline to any of the available timeline on internet about Nofap.
    It’s not totally different but still.
    This is my 6th or 7th attempt.
    (The longest streak is of 87 days when I was preparing for a competitive exam.)
    Please answer about how to control the urges when you are in your bed, trying to sleep.
    I just get those “old thoughts” and feel strong urges.
    And when will I stop getting those thoughts in my head which I keep removing ,the entire day.
    PS:I have been a porn addict for more than 6 years and I am a 20y/o male, doing ECE enginnering.

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