How To Pass The Toughest Days Of NoFap Painlessly

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  • Published: May 4, 2020
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Hey, are you about to quit the nofap journey?? Don’t do this because NoFap is like a roller coaster, someday you feel like you can pass this day easily, it is a cakewalk, and someday you feel like nofap challenge is not for you.

Why does this happen? It’s all the game of motivation. This means, if you have that motivation inside you to touch the 90-day mark at any cost, then you could pass any day of nofap but when you don’t have any motivation left inside you, you can’t even pass one day of nofap.

During nighty days you gonna encounter so many days in which the chances of relapse would be the greatest. You have to be prepared for it.

Here is the list of the days in which I was an inch closer to a relapse.

Day 3, write the benefits

Day 3 is also known as the first step of nofap. The reason why so many people relapse on this day is, they can’t handle the urges, they find it very difficult to control their mind and stop thinking about Pornography because they have just started their nofap journey, and it takes time to restrict those kinds of thoughts coming in the mind.

What to do? If you are on day 3 and fighting with urges every second then you should do one thing, write the benefits you imagine you would get after completing the nofap challenge. If you will do this, you will get a motivational boost and it will give you the reason to stick to nofap.

I have tried this method and it works on any day, whether it is day one, two, three, or day ninety.

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Day 7, don’t expect benefits this soon

Also known as the first stage of NoFap. After day 7, you’ll start to see benefits like a heavy voice, the feeling of power, and smooth hair.

But almost 50% of people who start nofap, fail before even completing a week on nofap, and the main cause is, they start to expect benefits pretty soon and when they don’t get it, they start to think, whether nofap works or not.

Day 7 is not even 10% of ninety days. So, you need to wait a little bit before seeing any notable benefits. It is good to expect benefits, and the changes you’ll get after nofap but always thinking about that makes you more prone to relapse. Everything is good at a limit but crossing the limit only harms you.

Day 9 to 30, be productive

Just after completing day 7, you meet day 9 and the strong urge as well. It becomes almost impossible to suppress the wave of cravings building inside you.

The main reason why people quit on day 9 is they find it very boring to not watch pornography. Nofap provides you free time and at that time either you can do something productive to build your future or you can lay on the couch and restraint from watching porn.

Life is short, and only you can make it big with your hard work, I know nowadays it is difficult to become successful because the competition is getting higher and higher day by day. And in the world of hard struggle, you need high motivation to work hard and achieve everything you ever wanted. But when we masturbate, we not just lose semen but we also lose motivation and confidence.

Day 15 to 30, Flatline?

When you’ll reach day 15, you may start to see some major benefits of nofap like high confidence and less social anxiety. But some people also go to a state called “Flatline”.

During flatline, you may see opposite effects of nofap like, high anxiety, less confidence, no desire of sex, and in some rare cases person may also feel depressed.

But the flatline phase doesn’t last long. It may end in just a week, and after that, all will be good. During flatline, your mind and body start to reboot themselves.

You can enjoy your flatline phase by reading books, listing to songs, and learning a new habit because your mind will focus on what you are doing. After all, now the desire of watching porn or jerking off will not distract you.

DO NOT RELAPSE! If you relapse on day 15 then it would not be good for your body and mind because then you will have to start it from the beginning, and you may get thoughts like, you can’t pass the nofap challenge and you may feel depressed.

Day 30 to 45, Go outside and enjoy life

Almost 90% of people fail on nofap before completing a month. If you reach this day then you can pat your back because you have reached a milestone.

I am repeating it, don’t relapse. Completing a month on nofap only means, you have only complete 1/3 of the whole journey, there is still so much left.

I have written an article on nofap day 30, you can read it. In that article, I have discussed the benefits that I have noticed after one month.

People start to think that they have completed the nofap challenge now and no they can do whatever they want to like watching porn, etc but the journey doesn’t end here.

Your dopamine levels take around 90 days normally to get normal. Quitting the journey after just completing a month doesn’t gonna benefit you for longer, the benefits that you’ll get after completing a month will last around 7 or 8 days, and after that same cycle will repeat. So, you should think twice before masturbating after day 30.

What you should do on day 30 to stop a relapse? Simple, enjoy your day man. You have achieved a milestone, go outside, chill with friends, flirt with girls, read something mind-blowing, and enjoy your life.

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Day 45 to 60, Write down all the benefits you’ll lose after relapse

Reaching day 45 should be your ultimate goal because this is the day when you will start to see some incredible changes in yourself. You’ll see those amazing benefits on nofap that you were reading on websites and watching YouTube videos.

It would be easy for your brain to control your thoughts and emotions. Ultimately, it will be easy for you to continue the journey but what if cravings hit you and you are unable to control them?

Again repeating, DON’T RELAPSE! In case you relapse after day 45, it would be really hard to come back. Losing the battle after completing half journey will make me feel disgusted and terrible.

Write down all the benefits you will lose after relapse. It will make you realize why you should continue on the track.

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Day 60 to 90, Feeling Like GOKU

This phase is the ultimate goal of every nofapper. After 60 days, you’ll start to see some shocking changes in yourself like you won’t be afraid of taking big and bold actions, and the guilt which was inside you for years will fade away.

When I was in this phase, I was feeling like GOKU from Dragonball zee because of the immense power inside me.

Don’t quit before reaching this stage because you don’t know how it feels like to be in this stage, you’ll be proud of yourself. It would be easy for you to concentrate on any work you are doing. Nothing will stop you from achieving success if you’ll reach this stage.

If you are already in this stage and about to relapse then let me tell you, it could be the biggest mistake, the whole journey, all the sacrifice that you did to reach this stage will drown.

Whenever you’ll feel like quitting, try deep breathing and try to concentrate on other things, it could be anything but just shift your focus from porn.

Deep breathing makes your mind calm and helps to stop the dirty thoughts coming into your mind. If you can do meditation then that would be super awesome.

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In the bottom line

People like us can only motivate you to keep going on your journey but still, it totally depends on you whether you gonna fail or succeed on nofap. If you have decided to reach 90 days milestone then you should know how to pass the toughest days you’ll encounter in the journey later. There are hundreds of ways that can help you fight the urges but if you’ll lose the motivation then nothing can help, you have to feel motivated and confident all the time that you can pass this challenge.

Remember, porn is garbage.

“Thanks For Reading”

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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