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  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: April 30, 2020
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What makes a man handsome? I know most of you will say, a nice-looking face, good dressing sense, and etc and it’s true, we cannot say it’s false but there is another thing which is way more important than any other thing, and it is your confidence.

Without confidence, you cannot impress anyone. I have tried hundreds of methods to boost my confidence but I failed most of the time. Only NoFap helped me to increase it.

Porn is the enemy of your confidence, and nofap stops porn from destroying it.

Jerking off to porn makes you feel like a loser after you finish the session because it throws you to the real world. When we watch porn, we lose control over our brain and body, it forces us to believe we don’t have any work pending, we can enjoy this moment but the truth is, your pending work isn’t going anywhere, it is there at its place, you’re just delaying it by watching porn.

Porn makes you so engage in it that you start to search for more nasty kinds of stuff and this hurts your rewarding system called dopamine badly.

Think twice before masturbating to any porn because it is your life and you have to make it big. Porn won’t gonna help you pass a job interview or scoring good marks, it will only provide you anxiety, procrastination, less confidence, and depression and most of us know that but still, we bust our nut every night, why?

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Sharing my story with you

looking into the mirror

In June 2019, I was searching for a job but wasn’t getting any. I applied many times but every company rejected me stating, I am not looking confident while speaking and convincing people to buy the products. However, they said, I just need to polish my communication skills a bit and then I will be ok for the job.

I knew I have the potential to pass any job interview, however, whenever I used to enter the interviewer room, my confidence vanishes, anxiety starts to develop, and that leads to the failure.

Now, I work with an MNC (multinational corporation) and they pay me good. It is all because of NoFap.

NoFap provided me the confidence to speak in front of anyone, nofap gave e confidence to speak with people with eye contact.

Now, i dont feel afraid in even speaking in front of hundreds of people on a stage because i dont hurt my self anymore by consuming porn and ejaculating.

I understand how powerful our semen is for us, and you should also understand it before its too long.

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Nofap effects on face

I used to have a dull face but now my skin looks youthful and fresh. I don’t have any scientific explanation about whether nofap makes your skin better but there many people who have noticed this benefit in them after some days on nofap.

Watching too much porn spoils your daily routine. You start to spend more time on youtube, Facebook, Instagram but you don’t do anything productive. I also find that people who watch porn excessively also procrastinate, sleep, and daydream more.

People who work hard to achieve their goals look more attractive as compared to those who just dream and don’t do anything to achieve it.

I also used to dream a lot but now I don’t. I just have one dream, and I work my as$ off to achieve it.

I know how it feels after a relapse, and that is why I have created a program that’ll help you quit porn and masturbation addiction, check out Reboot Cure (Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes)

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Porn Makes You Feel Ugly From Inside and From Outside

By inside means, you feel ashamed of yourself. Porn limits your brain strength and makes you look like a fool in the real world.

By outside means, you will become lazy and you find easy tasks hard like cleaning your face and getting a shower. You will get difficulties in having conversations with people and especially with girls.

We know very well, if we stop watching porn, we will become happy, successful, confident but still, and all these things will make us look handsome but still, we don’t stop watching it.

Like I said earlier, think twice before opening a porn site, think twice before masturbating, and think twice before letting your dopamine hurt by PMO.

You have the power to write your destiny by yourself. Everything you think about your future life, dreams, and the girl you love, could become a reality by just stopping wasting your time watching porn.

I Have Worked My Ass Off To Create This Porn Recovery Program For You, —–> REBOOT CURE

5 Minute Porn or 50 Years Of Happiness?

If you are reading this and already 80 years old then this point is not for you. No, I am just kidding.

Those porn videos that have a duration of just 5 minutes could make you feel sad whole day and when you feel sad, you feel less confident, and when you don’t feel confident, you don’t look attractive. That means, your whole day got ruined by just 5 minutes.

Why we are letting those 5 minutes destroying all the plans that we have made for the day? You have to master your brain because when you start nofap, you just begin to battle with the world’s most addictive addiction, addiction to pornography.

“Thanks For Reading”

Discover How To Finally Put An End To Your Porn Addiction!

Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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  1. Thank you for this! You are doing God’s own work.
    Porn is political because it is intended to keep the masses submissive and weak and therefore more easy to control.

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