NoFap Women Attraction: Is It True? Let’s Find Out

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  • Published: September 22, 2019
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nofap women attraction

Nofap Women Attraction: I was watching some videos and reading blog posts about this topic and get to know that people are claiming women are attracting towards them since they went on nofap, so I was curious to know, whether is it true or not.

In my personal opinion, Nofap women attraction is true, Why? because after completing a month on nofap I felt that my confidence level is way high as compare to those days when I used to fap a lot.

Nofap affects our personality, our way of observing things, and our mindset of handling situations which helps us to become a perfect men.

When we jerk off to such things, it decreases our self-confidence which is important to have otherwise you can’t impress anybody with your personality.

Nofap Women Attraction: PMO snatches your self-esteem.

A hot girl would not be going to impress you until you have that Karisma inside you.

I don’t know how but nofap really provides that special power that is needed if you really want to get a hot girl in your arms.

I had been on that stage when I used to scare a lot to talk with girls, don’t know why. still, wondering why I was that nervous in those days.

Porn makes us feel guilty which destroys our moral values, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Many people are going through this stage and there is only one way to get out of this embarrassing position, which is NOFAP.

Nofap removes the negativity which is stopping you to gain self-confidence.

Once you start nofap, you will definitely be going to notice that your self-confidence is getting high after each successful day.

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NoFap Makes Dopamine Levels Back To Normal

nofap dopamine

When we fap a lot, it affects our dopamine and dopamine is crucial for happiness.

Nofap helps dopamine levels back to normal in just a short amount of time.

After completing some successful days of nofap you will notice that you are feeling happy in every little thing of life.

You can make anyone happy if you are also happy, but you can’t make anyone happy if you are not happy at all.

Girls want a person who can make them smile, even if they are feeling sad, they don’t want a guy who forgot what happiness is.

Nofap Women Attraction: My Story

I had a crush on a girl, I can’t say her name but yeah she was gorgeous. I decided that I’m gonna ask her if she is interested to watch a movie with me.

She was a busy girl, always working on something. One day she was sitting alone, I thought that this is the opportunity which I was looking for.

I went towards her, suddenly my heart started to pump really fast, so much nervousness.

I decided, let’s not approach her today, wait for the right moment.

After waiting for some days, I got a good opportunity and again the same story repeated.

I started preparing myself, I started to watch some random videos on how to approach a girl in the best way.

But still, nothing was working for me.

It may sound really fake but it’s true after when I started the nofap, my self-confidence begins to come back.

After 5 days of nofap, I asked that girl if she was interested to hang out sometime with me.

She said yes.

But when I told her that I love her, she denied my proposal and said she likes someone else.

But I wasn’t too sad because I approached her without any hesitation and that’s what I wanted for so long.

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NoFap Girls Attraction: Best Tips To Approach A Girl

nofap girls attraction

Throughout this journey, I discovered some good tips available on the internet which really helps.


1:- Look For Go Signals

Before you worry about what you are going to say and do to approach girls, you first need to know when you should approach them.

Many times, timing can determine the difference between being ignored and winning a date.

Here are a few examples of when you should and shouldn’t approach a girl:

What To Do

Approach a girl if she is sitting, standing, and looks relaxed. People who are in a positive mood and show open body language tend to be more ready to have conversations.

What To Do

If you’ve noticed her sending several glances and or smiles your way. If this happens, she likely is interested in you and wants you to start a chat.

What Not To Do

Approach a girl if she looks upset or sad. Chances are if she is having a bad day, she’s not going to reply positively to getting hit on by a stranger or an unknown person.

What Not To Do

Approach a girl if she is intensely preoccupied with something. Interrupting her won’t make a good first impact.

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2:- Show Her That Your Are Interesting And Worth Talking To

Researches have found that people are especially judgmental and hesitant when they first meet people.

Girls particularly often are raised to be wary of guys they don’t know.

They instantly look for answers to questions such as the following before determining whether they should talk to someone:

(1) What do they want from me?

(2) Is this someone I can trust?

(3) Are they worth my time?

The quicker you can help girls answer those questions, the quicker they’ll become happy with you and be willing to engage in a conversation.

Here are amazing examples of conversation starters with easy to understand intentions:

Ask them for information.

“Where’s a great place to eat around here?”

“Is it worth signing up at this gym or yoga classes? What’d you like about it?”

This is a great way to determine if you share a common interest.

Be playful.

“I have an urgency. [Dramatic pause.] I can’t decide whether to order the cafè latte or the cafè Americano. Which do you think I should get?”

Bonus: If you’re both at a coffee shop, it’s reasonable to assume the other person is a coffee addict too and is likely to discuss their preferred drinks with you.

Ask them for a favor.

Hey, can you take my jacket for a sec while I grab these drinks?

Make a stand but don’t overdo it.

Warning: For upper-level students only. This isn’t about being a stupid jerk.

That said, you’re attractive when you’re passionate or enthusiastic about something and have an opinion about it.

Evade religion and politics. Safe topics like movies, music, food, and anything else you’d feel comfortable talking with your grandma.

“Texas BBQ is the most reliable and no one can convince me otherwise.” Say it with a smile so people don’t take you too seriously.

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3:- Talk to her even when she’s with her friends

If her friends aren’t leaving her side, then you simply have to gather enough courage to approach her.

Walk positively towards the group while keeping your eyes just on her.

Walk up to her and say something like, “Hey. Do you mind if I take three minutes of your time? My eyes have been following you around from the moment I saw you, and I really want to get to know you.”

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NoFap girls attraction: Many people noticed that after starting the nofap they are getting attention from women. so, I was curious whether it is true or not and come to know that it is 101% true.

The main reason behind it is that nofap boosts our self-confidence increases dopamine and removes the feeling of guiltiness which makes us confident and positive people.

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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