Nofap Day 1: Be Unstoppable

  • Author: Sumit
  • Published: November 17, 2019
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I failed after 109 days but I didn’t feel bad because now I have a belief that I can do this again and here we go again.

Now I’m gonna post about every successful day of mine on nofap.

I know we all fail sometimes and it hurts but it depends on you whether you stand up and fight again or accept defeat. I’m not gonna accept defeat at any cost because the journey doesn’t end here.

never give up

It doesn’t matter you relapse on the day, 1, 2, 45, 74, or even day 89. Only one thing matters, did you start again?

I had been practicing nofap for a while like 109 days and it’s quite a big achievement for a guy like me who used to spend most of the time fapping.

Nofap provided many incredible benefits to me and when I relapsed I felt my superpowers are going away and I don’t wanna lose them.

I know I’m gonna achieve 90 days milestone again and that’s my confidence which I have got just because of nofap.

I remember when I used to get depressed whenever I relapsed but this time it didn’t.

I am a positive guy now. I try to find something positive every time and that is why I never feel sad. All is because of nofap.

I heard lots of people say nofap doesn’t work but it’s quite the opposite of that. Actually, those people who are claiming nofap are fake, they never went on nofap, they sound stupid to me because believe me or not I have seen myself changed after nofap and that is why I believe in nofap.

(Hey, are porn and masturbation preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself? If yes then please check out Reboot Cure once Featured in TheGuardian, Inc, Forbes).

nofap workout

Have you ever faced a situation where you know you have to work hard because it is your exam or assignment or some other work but your mind tells you to fap? That’s happened a lot when you masturbate and watch porn too much but it could be resolved if you start nofap.

Think about it, how many things you can do in that free time. You can develop new good hobbies or you can work on your talent or anything you like most.

You could be a dancer, singer, sportsman, etc but for that, you need motivation and porn destroys your self-motivation, it makes you think like you are nothing you are just a dumb guy who thinks a lot but does nothing.

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In my case, I was deeply affected by PMO, I was really depressed about it but you know, “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

So stop it and start nofap to change your beta self to alpha. Forget those shitty days when you fapped and felt good.

90 Days complete guide, build only for you, —–> Reboot Cure

I wanna give you a challenge, are you ready?

30 Days, No Porn, No Masturbation, No Time Wasting.

I know it is not easy but if you really wanna get out of this shitty trap then this is the only option to choose.

Many people had already failed in it but some people are purposeful, they never lose, so make yourself like them and be unstoppable.

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Sumit is a chemical engineer and a motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to


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